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How to Design the Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

How to Design the Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

The organic fertilizer powder production line has the advantages of simple equipment and technology, convenient operation of the production line, low investment cost, convenient maintenance and so on. As the preliminary process of the granular organic fertilizer production line, the powdery organic fertilizer production line is simply crushing, fermenting, and packaging. The chicken manure organic fertilizer powder production line requires two steps to process commercial organic fertilizer: pre-fermentation and powder processing. After the chicken manure has been fermented and decomposed, organic waste with a moisture content of about 30%-35% is crushed and screened. The finished product is conveyed to the finished product silo by a belt, and is measured and packed into the warehouse by a computerized quantitative packaging system.

What is the powder organic fertilizer production process?

The technological process of organic fertilizer powder production line can be simply divided into three processes: pre-treatment, one-time fermentation, and post-treatment.

Pre-treatment: After the compost raw materials are transported to the storage yard, they are weighed on a scale and sent to the mixing and mixing device, mixed with the factory-manufactured and domestic organic wastewater, added with compound bacteria, and roughly adjusted the moisture and carbon-nitrogen ratio of the compost according to the composition of the raw materials , After mixing, enter the next process.

One-time fermentation: The mixed raw materials are fed into the primary fermentation tank with a loader, and piled into a fermentation pile. A fan is used to forcefully vent air from the bottom of the fermentation tank to supply oxygen. At the same time, the pile is turned over for 2 days, and water is added ( Mainly based on in-plant manufacturing and domestic organic wastewater) and nutrition. Master the fermentation temperature between 50°C and 65°C, and hold aerobic fermentation. The fermentation cycle of this project is 8 days. Every day, one pool of raw materials and one pool of semi-finished products are fed. After the good semi-finished product is discharged, it is ready to enter the next process.

The organic fertilizer fermentation equipment used in this set of organic fertilizer production line is aerobic fermentation bacteria, which has the characteristics of fast heating, good deodorization effect, and maturity. It is suitable for static fermentation and dynamic fermentation mode, and can effectively treat livestock and poultry manure and waste solids. Organic matter such as crop stalks, rice straw, pine husks, peanut shells, rice bran, sawn wood, leaves, mushroom scraps, medicine residue, sugar mash, distiller’s grains, bagasse, monosodium glutamate residue, furfural residue, protein and crude fiber in municipal solid waste Perform rapid heating, deodorization, sterilization, decomposition, and constant temperature control for about 15 days, which can kill viruses, germs, eggs, and weed seeds, and achieve harmless treatment to effectively control the occurrence of soil diseases and insect pests and reduce the amount of pesticides.

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