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What Are the Steps Required to Make Pig Manure Organic Fertilizer?

Pig manure organic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made from pig manure after a series of processing. The fermented pig manure is an ideal fertilizer, which can make the soil loose and fertile and provide sufficient nutrients for the growth of crops. So what steps are required for the production of pig manure organic fertilizer? The following FPC pig manure organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers will take you to find out.

Granular and powder organic fertilizer production line

First, the raw materials such as pig manure should be fermented and decomposed. The whole fermentation process can kill the harmful bacteria in it. The fermentation process is a more important step in the production process of organic fertilizer.

Second, the next step is material crushing, using organic fertilizer semi-wet material crusher to preliminarily decompose the raw materials.

self propelled compost turner

Third, ingredients are a key step in fertilizer production. It is mainly to add appropriate ingredients in proportion to enrich the organic matter content of organic fertilizers and improve the quality of fertilizers.

Fourth, after the material is evenly stirred, it is the granulation step. The mixed material is made into the required granules, which is especially suitable for materials with relatively high viscosity. The effect of granulation will be directly related to the quality of the finished organic fertilizer, so this is also the whole process. Important steps in the production process.

Fifth, the temperature of the material will become very high after the drying process, and then the temperature needs to be lowered, and cooling equipment is required here.

Cow Manure Granulation Machine

Sixth, screening is to screen out unqualified material particles, and unqualified materials will be returned to the production line for reprocessing. The use of organic fertilizer screening equipment here can save labor and has the advantage of high efficiency and easy operation.

Seven, the container used for stirring must meet the requirements of the production process, such as pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, medium corrosion resistance, and ensure the cleanliness of the product. Because the materials are different, the manufacturing process and structure of the mixing container will also be very different.

Eighth, the transportation is to transport the finished organic fertilizer to the place where the terrain is relatively high, and prepare for convenient storage.

Vertical Fertilizer Material Crushing Machines

Vertical Fertilizer Material Crushing Machines

Nine, packaging is the last link in the production of pig manure organic fertilizer, in order to protect the finished product during the circulation process, and at the same time to facilitate sales.

Fermentation turners, pulverizers, mixers, granulators, dryers, screening machines, packaging machines, etc. are needed in the process of producing pig manure organic fertilizer. The above are all the steps for producing pig manure organic fertilizer. You can refer to it and hope to bring some help to your work. If you still have questions or needs about organic fertilizer production, please feel free to visit FPC organic fertilizer equipment factory.

What are Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Rounding Machine?

Organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers have different shapes and sizes when they first form fertilizer particles. In order to make the fertilizer particles look more beautiful, an organic fertilizer rounding machine is needed. The organic fertilizer rounding machine is a rounding device configured on the basis of the compound fertilizer granulator, which makes the cylindrical particles roll to the ball at a time, without returning the material, high balling rate, good strength, beautiful and practical. It is the current organic fertilizer ( Biological) ideal equipment for making spherical particles. Single or several pelletizers can be used at the same time, which solves the disadvantages of complicated process and large equipment investment brought by the past pelletizers that must be equipped with a rounding machine.

  • The organic fertilizer rounding machine rolls the cylindrical particles to a ball at a time, has no return material, has a beautiful appearance, simple and reliable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and can be operated and used according to the instructions.
  •  The machine is composed of two or more throwing cylinders arranged in sequence. The materials are discharged from the discharge port after being rounded for many times. The finished products have the same particle size, high density, roundness and smoothness, and high yield.
  •  Strong anti-overload ability, able to adapt to work in various environments. The power consumption is small, the production cost is low, and the economic benefit is high.
  • The organic fertilizer rounding machine is composed of two or more rounding cylinders arranged in sequence. The materials are discharged from the discharge port after multiple centrifugal rounding. The finished particles have the same particle size, high density, roundness and smoothness, and yield Up to 95%
  • Organic fertilizer rounding machine can effectively improve the appearance quality of particles, and can be flexibly configured according to product needs in the production process. It is used in conjunction with a granulator to make up for a series of inhomogeneous particle sizes and product differences caused by the granulator during mass production.

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