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Comparing the Latest Varieties of Fertilizer Blenders available for sale

Some of the latest types of fertilizer blenders on the market offer features that you just won’t get in older products. Investing in a newer model will help you to produce high-quality fertilizer while meeting your production goals. Keep these matters in your mind when you compare several of the newer models available on the market.


Consider Which Features You’ll Utilize


You’ll learn that lots of the best models out there offer a number of appealing features. Although these traits will help products to stand out, not all of these characteristics will probably be helpful to you. Don’t pay more for any feature unless it has real value to you.


When you’re comparing various modelsof fertilizer blending machines, you shouldn’t just check out the quantity of features these designs have. You should also think of how you’ll have the capacity to utilize these features. If features aren’t useful to you at all, you may go ahead and ignore them.


Focus On Options That Fall Affordable


It’s likely which you have a specific cost range in your mind for this particular purchase. There’s no reason to hang around looking at models that you just won’t have the ability to afford. Instead, you should spend your time evaluating models that happen to be affordable for you personally.


Decide what you’re willing to spend on buying a fertilizer blender. Once you have a value reason for mind, you can take advantage of resources like price filters to enable you to limit your choices. You’ll have the capacity to closely evaluate models that you can comfortably afford.


Look at the Value Different Types Provide


Price is likely to be a major consideration in almost any purchase, but it should not be your only consideration. Consider just how much value various models are able to provide you. From there, you will discover the blender that might be the most effective use of your financial allowance.


One of many questions you’ll want to ask yourself while evaluating these blenders is when well the various models fit your needs. Which blenders meet your production goals? Do most of these models meet your quality standards? Look closely at what you’ll be getting for your money prior to making one last purchasing decision.

New single shaft blending machine for fertilizer production

single shaft mixer for sale


Contrast Your Top Choices


If you’re taking a look at a wide selection of fertilizer blenders, you should work to slowly define your set of choices. After that, you need to contrast the models on top of your list against the other person. Give attention to the pros and cons of specific models.


When you’re considering numerous blenders, the comparison process can feel overwhelming. If you’re capable of simplify your choices and take more time considering options that get noticed for you, you’ll have an easier time finding some of the best new models out there.


Take a close look with the 5 latest forms of fertilizer blenders on the market. Once you’ve found 5 newer models which could meet your needs, follow this advice and compare your options. With these suggestions, you have to have no issues finding the right model for you to buy.

Process Flow of Sheep Manure Processing Organic Fertilizer

Judging from the current information, the sheep manure organic fertilizer making line is still relatively unfamiliar to everyone. In short, it is similar to the production and processing equipment of cow manure, pig manure and chicken manure organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer process:

  1. Mix sheep manure with crop straw, and determine how much to add according to the moisture content of sheep manure. According to the fermentation process, the moisture content is within 45%, that is to say, when the material is kneaded into a mass, water can be seen but the water will not drip. , if you loosen the group, it will disperse. Then, the cornmeal and the required strains are added, because the sugar content can be increased to promote the rapid fermentation of the strains.
  2. Add the configured materials into the material mixing machine for mixing, and the mixing is required to be uniform and transparent without leaving any lumps.
  3. Then, stack the mixed materials in the fermentation tank or fermentation tank with a width of about 2-6 meters and a height of about 1-1.5 meters. throw.
  4. Under normal circumstances, the temperature will rise after 2 days of stacking in the fermentation tank, there will be no odor after 2 days, and it will become fluffy and loose after 3 days, and finally after 2 days, the compost will emit fragrance, usually 10 to 15 days to become fat.
  5. The material moved by the forklift to the crushing process is crushed by the semi and high humidity material crusher, then mixed by the mixer, and transported to the fertilizer granulator by the conveyor for granulation. It is sent to the granules drum dryer by the belt conveyor for drying and drying, and then enters the cooler for cooling, and then the conveyor is sent to the screening machine for screening. More than 95% of the required particles will enter the next process, while about 5% The granules will be transported to the pulverizer to be crushed and re-granulated again, and the granules that meet the standard will enter the coating machine for coating.

Even if the sheep manure is completely processed through the above process, it can be packaged and stored for sale. This is of great benefit to manufacturers and society. Animal manure is not only beneficial to production, but also plays a role in environmental protection.

What Are the Options for Organic Fertilizer Mixer?

There are also many types of mixers. For different materials and industries, different types have different performances, and the mixing process will also be very different, as well as the effect on the finished product. Today, I will introduce the working principles of various forms of mixers.

single shaft organic fertilizer mixing machine

Single shaft horizontal mixer

This type of mixer is a batch type discharging, and its feeding and discharging system is carried out in a certain cycle cycle. The material enters the mixing chamber, and the unloading system is turned on to discharge the material after being fully stirred and mixed. The continuous discharging is the simultaneous mixing operation of the material from the feeding port to the discharging port. Therefore, in terms of the mixing quality, the mixing quality of the batch mixer is better than that of the continuous mixer.

In the process of mixing and mixing materials, in order to obtain better mixing and mixing effects and save energy. It is required that the materials cannot be thrown up in series during the mixing and stirring of the materials. Because the movement of the material is affected by the rotating spiral blade, the movement of the material is not simply along the edge.

It moves linearly along the spiral axis, but moves back and forth in space along the spiral axis. The material is affected by the friction between the spiral blades and the friction between the materials.

In the whole mixing and stirring process, when the spiral speed exceeds a certain speed, the material will jump in the direction perpendicular to the axial direction due to excessive centrifugal force. The weakening of the axial thrust will affect the convection of the material, thereby reducing the uniformity of the material mixing.

double shaft mixing machine

Double shaft mixer

Compared with the single-shaft horizontal mixer, the double-shaft organic fertilizer mixer is a continuous discharge. It is suitable for use in mass production. Because the single-shaft horizontal mixer cannot provide enough mixing materials for production due to the limitation of its own volume and the limitation of mixing time, the double-shaft mixer that can continuously discharge the material plays a great role in this case.

Similar to the double-shaft screw conveyor, the two horizontally arranged augers inside the machine are the main working parts of the mixer. The motor transmits power through the auger shaft to drive the auger blades to rotate, and the auger blades are fixed on the auger shaft by a screw rod. , Its angle can be adjusted according to production needs to control its discharging speed and mixing quality. The centering design of the spiral blades of the double auger realizes multi-directional circulation such as axial horizontal stirring and circular movement of the material. The mixing mode includes a variety of mixing processes.

The two counter-rotating auger shafts drive the blades to rotate relative to each other, so that the mixture can realize tangential and axial compound movements. The stirring device enables the components of the mixture to be sheared, kneaded and evenly mixed. The discharged materials are all in the form of granules or powders. They are adhesive materials with good scattering properties and are beneficial to the later granulation.

vertical type mixing machine

Vertical mixer machine

Different from the cylindrical gear reducer used in the horizontal mixer, the reducer of the vertical organic fertilizer mixer adopts a vertical cycloid reducer. The mixing chamber is a low cylindrical structure, and the materials are spread in a thin layer. Therefore, the required power is not very large, and it is more suitable for mixing fertilizer raw materials.

Because the fertilizer raw materials are easy to absorb moisture and have a certain viscosity, they are easy to stick to the wall of the pan during production, forming a dense material bonding layer, resulting in high internal friction of the machine and making the blending mixer bear excessive load. In order to avoid causing the motor overload to affect production, movable protective nets are installed at the feeding ports. On the one hand, it prevents too much material from entering the mixer, on the other hand, it is used as a safety protection measure to prevent accidents during operation.

The inside of the silo can also be lined with plastic plates to reduce material adhesion and friction, and it is not easy to cause corrosion of the disk body, which extends the service life of the whole machine.

The Organic Fertilizer Granulator Manufacturer Tells the Characteristics of the Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The emergence of organic fertilizer production lines has greatly improved the efficiency of organic fertilizer production. Nowadays, many manufacturers have established organic fertilizer production lines in order to speed up the production of organic fertilizers. So today, organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers will talk about organic fertilizer production. Features, let everyone know more about the organic fertilizer production line.

organic fertilizer pan granulation line

The organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer summarizes the characteristics of the six organic fertilizer production lines:

(1) Fully automatic. The organic fertilizer production line is composed of three parts: an automatic batching system, a mixing system, and a quantitative packaging machine. It is controlled by a computer and is fully automated. Greatly reduce the staff and labor intensity.

(2) High precision. The batching system is computer controlled, electronic weighing, and the ratio is strictly controlled. For various ingredients, the error after electronic quantitative packaging is less than one thousandth.

(3) Large output. The designed output of organic fertilizer production line is 8T~30T per hour, and there are three specifications to choose from. This fully solves the contradiction of organic fertilizers due to the strong seasonal concentration of ingredients.

(4) New technology.

(5) Easy to manage. The main control room of the production line can monitor the running status of each component equipment, high-speed 485 or 232 communication interface, convenient to connect with printers and computers, can store 20 kinds of formulas, and truly modernize production management.

(6) Strong adaptability. Suitable for a variety of harsh site environments, including alpine and humid areas.

Cow dung organic fertilizer production line

The above is the explanation of the organic fertilizer production line by the organic fertilizer pelletizer manufacturer. Only by understanding the organic fertilizer production line can we produce high-efficiency and high-quality products.