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Where Can You Buy Commercial Composting Machines?

Once you want to start an organic fertilizer making business, tend not to rush to get started on it. It is actually now the perfect time to look for high-quality equipment for producing organic fertilizers. Getting a quality compost turner can improve your productivity and improve your profits.

It is possible to utilize a compost turner to make agricultural waste and animal manurer into high-quality organic fertilizers. You should use your compost turner to create the type of material more uniform and looser to boost the standard of your compost. It is, therefore, vital to purchase a quality compost turner.

Here is how you can invest in a quality compost turner:

Order from a Manufacturer with A Few Years of expertise

There are numerous supplier of compost making machine. The best manufacturers have already been making compost turners along with other equipment for quite some time. And they usually have a great reputation.

You could buy their compost pile turning machine. These compost turners are more likely to go longer. It is sometimes complicated to trust new manufacturers, especially if they do not have an established reputation.

commercial composting machine for sale

cow dung fertilizer making machine

Read Testimonials Before Purchasing a Compost Turner

It is possible to find online reviews. Online reviews will help you make your right decision. Individuals, who write online reviews, have used these appliances. They search on the internet to discuss their experience.

High-quality compost turners get good reviews. People love making use of them. They strongly recommend these compost turners. It is crucial to purchase commercial compost making system with good testimonials.

Get a Quality Compost Turner Online

Should you not wish to spend your time speaking with different local sellers and manufacturers, you can buy an excellent compost turner on the net. There are many websites selling compost turners.

It can be, however, better to check the reputation of the internet sellers. It is easy to get scammed online. When the online seller has a strong reputation, it means they sell high-quality automatic compost making system.

Be Willing to enjoy More Cash with a Quality Compost Turner

It is easy to find cheap and expensive compost turners out there. Unfortunately, a lot of people purchase the cheapest compost turners to economize.

When you are intent on growing your manure fertilizer production process, you have to buy high-quality compost turners.

It is, however, expensive to find the highest-quality compost turner in the marketplace. Will not be concerned about the fee for a quality compost turner. The compost turner may help you recover money. You are going to make much more money using your compost turner.

Commercial compost making machine for sale

Compost machine for horse manure

Get Recommendations

If you investing in a compost turner for the first time, speak with people who have more knowledge about this equipment for making organic fertilizer. They are able to recommend the proper manufacturer because they might have used compost turners from different manufacturers.

Moreover, they do not recommend certain compost turners because they possessed a bad exposure to these compost turners. Getting recommendations is one of the easiest ways of getting a top quality compost turner.

To Sum It Up

A top quality compost turner not only improves productivity. Additionally, it produces high-quality organic fertilizers. It is actually, therefore, beneficial to invest in a top quality compost turner. It is far better to purchase your bio organic composting machine from your reliable and experienced manufacturer.

Two Methods of Making Bio-Organic Fertilizer Using Bio-Organic Fertilizer Equipment

With strip or trough compost, the compost temperature can rise to about 50℃. Within 48 hours, the stack temperature can rise above 60°C, or even as high as 70°C. Such a temperature in spring, summer, and autumn can make all the raw materials in the pile decompose in 5-7 days, the odor disappears, and all the pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, and grass seeds in the raw materials are killed. Fertilizer fermented by this method can be called ecological organic fertilizer or pollution-free organic fertilizer, which can be directly used on crops.

Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Process Flow Chart

Two methods and production processes for making bio-organic fertilizer using bio-organic fertilizer equipment

There are two common production methods for bio-organic fertilizer, namely, mixed fermentation of manure straw and fermentation of livestock and poultry manure. The equipment for making bio-organic fertilizer includes composter equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, granular equipment and so on.

  1. Use livestock manure and crop straws and other wastes to mix and ferment organic fertilizer. When using crop straw and other raw materials for fermentation, about 20% of livestock manure can be added, and when using livestock and poultry manure as the main raw material, about 20% of straw powder can be added. The fermentation method is the same as described above.

If fermented with more acidic raw materials, 1-3% lime powder should be added during fermentation to adjust the pH to neutral. The organic fertilizer fermented by this method is suitable for various crops and various soils.

  1. Use livestock manure to ferment organic fertilizer. Use chicken manure, pig manure, sheep manure and other livestock manure as raw materials. The water content is controlled at about 40%, and it contains about 1.6 tons of raw materials + 5 kg of probiotic liquid + 2-3 kg of corn flour mixed and mixed and crushed.

The Mechanism And Effect of Bio-Organic Fertilizer-Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Bio-organic fertilizer is very effective

Bio-organic fertilizer is organic solid waste (including organic waste, straw, livestock and poultry manure, cake, agricultural and sideline products, and solid waste from food processing) that is processed by biological fertilizer strains after fermentation, deodorization and complete decomposing. . It can regulate the soil, activate the activity rate of microorganisms in the soil, overcome soil compaction, and increase soil air permeability. Bio-organic fertilizer can also improve the fertility of the soil and greatly increase the production of food crops, cash crops, vegetables, and fruits.

Whole bio organic fertilizer production line

The process of making bio-organic fertilizer

The production of bio-organic fertilizer for animal manure can be divided into two methods: static processing and dynamic processing. Generally, the method used by households to make organic fertilizer is static processing, which is simple in method, easy to operate, low investment, and suitable for small-scale farming specialized households to operate.

  • Preparation of raw materials and auxiliary materials

Choose a piece of land with a flat ground and no water accumulation, and stack the livestock and poultry manure and auxiliary materials separately. Generally, granular or powdered wheat bran, peanut shell powder, etc. are used as main auxiliary materials. If you use corn stalks, cotton stalks, etc. as auxiliary materials, you must first cut them into lengths of 5-10 cm. Too long will make mixing inconvenient. The purpose of adding auxiliary materials is to adjust the water content and carbon-nitrogen ratio of chicken manure and increase the air permeability of the fermented product.

complete organic fertilizer production line

  • Operation steps

Sprinkle the bacteria evenly on the prepared chicken manure and stir evenly. During the mixing process, the moisture content of livestock and poultry manure should be adjusted to about 60%. If the water content is too high, it is necessary to sprinkle auxiliary materials such as wheat bran and corn stalks on the livestock and poultry manure to reduce the water content of the raw materials. If the water content is too low, you should add fresh raw materials or sprinkle some water. Stack the mixed materials on the fermentation platform in a stack, at this time, the height is about 1-1.2 meters.

  • Management of fermentation process

During the fermentation process, the control of temperature is very important. The temperature is too low to reach the maturity standard. When the temperature is too high, the nutrients in the compost are easily lost. Turn the pile properly when the temperature reaches about 60 degrees.

Self Propelled Windrow Compost Turner For Sale

Requirements for fermentation temperature and time:

After composting, the raw materials enter the first fermentation stage. It will automatically heat up to above 55°C and maintain it for 5 to 7 days. At this time, most of the parasite eggs and harmful bacteria can be eliminated, reaching the harmless treatment standard. Turn the pile once in about 2 to 3 days, which is conducive to ventilation, heat dissipation, and even decomposing. After 7-10 days of fermentation, the temperature in the compost drops below 40°C, and the color of the bio-organic fertilizer changes to dark brown or yellow-brown. The organic fertilizer inside the compost has a large amount of white mycelium attached to the surface, which is odorless and has a slight ammonia smell, which has reached the maturity standard, and can be directly used as a base fertilizer or top dressing in the field.

Wheel type Compost Turner for Large Scale Composting

  • Matters needing attention in the fermentation process

In the process of manufacturing bio-organic fertilizer by static method, attention should be paid to:

Covering the surface of the fermented material with a layer of about 10 cm of finely chopped straw or sprinkling a layer of calcium persulfate can reduce the evaporation of ammonia and avoid the loss of nutrients. In case of strong wind during the fermentation process, the top should be covered with breathable materials such as straw to reduce the evaporation of water and the loss of temperature. Livestock manure is stored for too long or there are more straws and weeds in the manure, and there is less manure. You can add some rapeseed meal, urea or fresh livestock manure to increase the nitrogen content, increase the carbon-nitrogen ratio, and speed up the fermentation speed. , Improve the quality of fertilizer. The pH value of the compost should be controlled at 5.5-8.5. If the pH value of the compost is lower than 5.5, it is too acidic and can be adjusted by adding quicklime appropriately. It is necessary to avoid making bio-organic fertilizer in the open air during the rainy season to prevent the moisture from being too high. If there is high moisture content and poor air permeability during the, a few straws can be inserted in the middle of the fermentation pile to help air permeability.