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Fertilizer Machine for Organic Fertilizer Granulation

The granulator granulates better quality particles, users can external vacuum cleaner, meet the requirements of environmental protection.
This new two in one organic fertilizer granulator is used in the 200 t / D organic fertilizer combination granulation production line with a production capacity of 1-20 T / h.

Pan Granulation Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Pan Granulation Compound Fertilizer Production Line

It is a two in one granulator for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, so it is also used in the 200 t / D compound fertilizer combination granulation production line.

Its working powder is 42.6 to 80 kW, easy to clean the inner wall of the shell. Working principle: the material first enters the first granulation section from the uniform feeding section, and then is prepared for granulation through the high-speed adjustable mixing knife, and then pushed to the second granulation section.

Granulation material in the secondary granulation section, through the internal mixed teeth secondary granulation and outer cylinder forming, to achieve the purpose of granulation, so that the particles have better quality assurance.

We have designed the suction and discharge ports in the silo, users can connect the vacuum cleaner to meet the environmental emission requirements. We also designed the nozzles for observation doors and spray pipes. Users can spray liquid into the particles in the roller according to the particle size requirements.

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Organic Fertilizer Granulation Plant Equipment Configuration

What kind of organic fertilizer equipment must be equipped to produce granular organic fertilizer? First, the raw materials of organic fertilizer are fermented, and then they are crushed into powder by the organic fertilizer grinder, and then the powder is mixed by adding auxiliary materials in the organic fertilizer mixer, and then they are granulated and made into granules by the drum granulator.

The particles enter the dryer to reduce the moisture content of the particles to 10-20%, and then enter the cooler for cooling. After cooling, they enter the screening machine for screening, unqualified products are screened and transported by the return belt, the machine will re-enter the pulverizer for crushing, and the screened products can be directly packaged.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The production process of granular organic fertilizer production line and necessary organic fertilizer production equipment have the following equipment and functions:

1. Organic fertilizer fermentation throwing machine
Function: ferment and flip the material in the fermentation process;
2. Organic fertilizer crusher
Function: crushing and pulverizing high humidity materials and other raw materials in the production process;
3. Organic fertilizer mixer
Function: mixing all kinds of raw materials;
4. Organic fertilizer granulator
Function: granulating mixture; Easy to classify and pack.
5. Organic fertilizer dryer
Function: drying granular materials with humidity;
6. Organic fertilizer cooler
Function: cooling and drying materials quickly to improve production efficiency;
7. Organic fertilizer screening machine
Function: to screen and grade the finished fertilizer;
8. Organic fertilizer coating machine
Function: coating on the outer coating of the particles to effectively prevent fertilizer caking;
9. Automatic weighing and packing machine
Automatic weighing and packing machine
Function: quantitative packaging and finished product packaging