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Take You to Understand the Use Characteristics and Precautions of the Organic Fertilizer Double-Die Granulator

Organic fertilizer double-die granulator is one of the production equipment for producing organic fertilizer at present. It is a fertilizer equipment carefully manufactured by technicians on the basis of advanced existing equipment and after years of improvement. This machine has sophisticated technology and is easy to operate. , and designed a variety of models of different models, which can meet various production and processing needs, so what are the characteristics of the organic fertilizer double-die granulator? What should be paid attention to in the process of use? Today, FPC organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer will take you to find out.

Double Rolloer Granulator for Sale in SX

First, the granular material processed by the organic fertilizer double-die granulator has a smooth surface and moderate hardness. During the processing, it can better maintain the internal nutrition of the material. It integrates a feeder, a mixer and a granulator. While feeding evenly, it can also carry out secondary fermentation of the material. The feeder is equipped with a governor, which adjusts the feeding amount according to the dry humidity of the material during production, so that the host is not easy to get stuck. The main machine integrates the ring die and the flat die, which is equivalent to the work of two granulators.

Second, the organic fertilizer double-die granulator has uniform particle composition and neat shape. The pore size of the particle size can be divided into 05, 06, 07, 08, etc., users can flexibly choose according to their own production needs.

Third, the mold, stirring and conveying blades of the double-die granulator are all made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Thereby effectively increasing the output and reducing the loss of equipment.

Double Roller Granulator in Manufacturing

The following is an introduction to the correct use of the double-die granulator:

  1. Fill the gearbox with 40# or 50# mechanical oil. If the temperature is low, add 70# or 90# gear oil before starting the machine;
  2. Install the granulator smoothly, adjust the steering is normal, check whether the screws between the various parts are loose, pay attention to the gap between the pressing spoke and the mold in the season, the gap between the roller and the template is 0.1-0.3 mm, so that the machine It can be used after it is in a no-composite state and starts normally. The starting sequence is: 1, start the granulator; 2, start the feeder; 3, feed and adjust the speed of the feeder.
  3. When the new double roller press machine is used for the first time, gradually add oily materials. The relay of chicken and duck is repeatedly squeezed to make the die hole lubricated and smooth, and then slowly add the materials to be processed and mixed for processing. If you feel that the resistance of the die hole is relatively large , When the output is low or no material is produced, the template can be repeatedly ground according to the method mentioned above, so that the die hole is lubricated and smooth before processing.
  4. In the process of material processing, if there are more refined fibers, about 5% of water should be added. If there are more refined fibers in the mixture, the amount of water added can be appropriately reduced. Water will evaporate during the extrusion process. When adding compound fertilizer, attention should be paid to the chemical reaction of the material and the degree of dryness and wetness.
  5. After the processing is completed, the feeder must be running at no load, and the host material cannot be accumulated. Pay attention to the minimum value of the current before it can be turned off. The correct sequence of shutdown is: stop feeding – close feeder – close granulator.

The above is the introduction of the use characteristics and correct use methods of the double-die granulator. You can refer to it. Only by mastering the scientific use method can ensure the high efficiency of production work and effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.

Non-Drying Extrusion Granulation Process and Characteristics of the Double-Roll Extrusion Granulator

The dry-free extrusion granulation process of the pair-roller extrusion granulator has a wide range of applications in powder processing granules. Its characteristic is that it does not need to humidify or heat the material, and it can directly process the particles. It can be used for the processing of organic and inorganic fertilizer particles, and also for the processing of feed particles.

Utilizing the non-drying extrusion granulation process, no waste water or waste gas is discharged outside during the production process, and it will not pollute the environment. The extrusion granulation process is short, the operation is simple, and it is convenient to realize the automatic control of production and improve the production efficiency. There are no special requirements on the properties and particle size distribution of the raw materials, so the source of raw materials is relatively wide.

Double Roller Powder Granulator

The five process stages of the production process of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer by roller extrusion granulation

  1. Add the qualified raw materials into the mixer according to the ratio requirements and mix them evenly.
  2. It is transported to the disc feeder, and the metallic substance in the material is removed during the transporting process.
  3. The material in the disc feeder evenly enters the extrusion granulator. The material is forced to pass between the two pressure rollers to be squeezed into flakes. The flakes are broken into pieces by the coarse crusher under the pressure rollers. Sieving. The materials on the screen continue to be crushed and sieved.
  4. The semi-finished products are transported to the finished screening machine. The fine particles after screening are returned directly to the disc feeder. The large particles are crushed by the pulverizer and then returned to the disc feeder.
  5. The qualified products after screening are transported to the automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging, and storage.

Double Rolloer Granulator for Sale in SX

The non-drying pair-roll extrusion granulator has the following characteristics in the production of granules:

  1. Extrusion granulation does not require heating and humidification of the materials, which saves investment and energy, and can also be adapted to the granulation of ingredients containing heat-sensitive materials, such as ammonium bicarbonate and certain organic fertilizers.
  2. No waste water or waste gas is discharged outside during the production process, and it will not pollute the environment.
  3. The extrusion granulation process is short, easy to operate, easy to realize automatic production control, and improve production efficiency.
  4. There are no special requirements on the properties and particle size distribution of the raw materials, so the source of raw materials is relatively wide.
  5. The production is more flexible, and the product plan can be changed at any time, which is conducive to the production of special fertilizers in small batches.
  6. The product has uniform particle size distribution, no segregation or agglomeration.
  7. The shape of extrusion granulation product is uniform and not round. Usually, if you need a more round product, you need to further shape the particles.

Double Roller Granulator in Manufacturing

The non-drying extrusion granulation process basically uses a pair-roll extrusion granulator as the main machine of the granulation. FPC has rich experience and good design concepts in the process design of the double-roll extrusion granulator. It has made considerable progress in the upgrading of equipment. Relatively speaking, the granulation rate is high and the return material is low. It is the most popular non-drying extrusion in the market. Pressure granulator process equipment.

Introduction to the Characteristics And Price of the Roller Extrusion Granulator

The roller compactor machine for dry granulation is the main equipment for making compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer compound fertilizer. The granulation equipment adopts the normal temperature extrusion process to extrude various raw materials at one time, with high ball formation rate and very little return material, so it is widely used. Moreover, the design of the roller extrusion granulation equipment is reasonable, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the operation is stable. The most important thing is that the investment cost is the lowest compared to other pelletizers. The applicable materials are also relatively wide. It can not only process materials in dry powder state such as ammonium chloride, urea, ammonium phosphate, etc., but also process other raw materials for organic fertilizer machines. It has a significant effect in reducing production costs and efficiency, and the price of such a practical double-roll extrusion granulator ranges from three thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars.

Our company has been established for nearly 20 years, specializing in the development and production of fertilizer granulation equipment. The double-roller extrusion granulator produced by our company has reliable quality, real materials and reasonable prices. The main features are as follows:

  • Using dry granulation technology to realize the granulation process of various organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers, eliminating the need for drying equipment for wet granulation.
  • Compared with the traditional wet granulation process, this process will reduce your investment cost by more than 30%.
  • The granulation success rate is as high as 98%, and there is almost no return of materials, which saves production costs.
  • The organic fertilizer compound fertilizer particles produced by this equipment have high strength and high density, which are more conducive to transportation and storage.
  • Special abrasive tools can be customized according to user needs. The shapes of abrasive tools are diversified and suitable for a variety of industries.


There are a variety of specifications for the roll extrusion granulator, which are mainly determined according to your annual output requirements. Our company has always adopted the factory direct sales model. We are not only selling equipment, but more importantly, solving various production technical problems for customers. We have experienced fertilizer production technical engineers to plan and guide the whole process. You are welcome to call for detailed consultation at any time and let me be your free technical consultant.


Roller Extrusion Granulation Equipment How to Operate

The reason of wear of the shell of double roller granulator
Zhengzhou SX professional technicians will analyze the reasons for the wear of the roller shell on the compound fertilizer production line on the roller granulator

1. raw material moisture, pH

The roller sleeve is made of stainless steel. It reacts strongly with the pH value of the substance. Improper moisture and pH of the material will cause acid-base corrosion on the roller surface and damage the roller surface.

2. material factors

Roller extruder mainly deals with dry powder materials. Due to the different hardness of the material, uneven forces will be produced during extrusion and ball formation, which will increase the wear of roller skin. From the perspective of material factors, the other factor is the uniformity of the raw material particle size. Different sizes of raw materials also lead to uneven force and wear of roller sleeve.

3. feed uniformity coefficient

The center of the axis of the parallel bar of the extruder is parallel to the surface of the roll skin. If the feed is seriously uneven, one end feeds more and the other end is fed less, it will cause uneven force at both ends of the roller, increase the friction between the roller and the material, and cause the roller to wear.

Measures to reduce the wear of the roller shell in the compound fertilizer production line of the roller extruder:
In the process of pelletizing of the roller extrusion granulator, the roller skin is inevitably worn.

However, if used properly, it can effectively reduce the wear of the roller skin, thus extending the service life of the roller skin. According to the above factors, the following aspects can reduce the wear of the granulator.

1. for materials with high moisture content and high pH value, inspection and adjustment shall be carried out.

2. roller material, it is very necessary to select the cylinder cover with good material, wear resistance, torsion resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. in order to supply working materials, the uniformity of feed must be controlled to avoid wear caused by uneven axial force of roller.
Effective maintenance is an important means to reduce wear.

In conclusion, the damage factors should be avoided in the daily operation of the compound fertilizer production line from to the roller extruder. Therefore, manual and conventional use can reduce the wear of the pelletizing roller of extruder, prolong the service life and reduce unnecessary waste.