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Features and Working Principle of Cow Dung Dryer

Features and Working Principle of Cow Dung Dryer

Detailed introduction and main uses of cattle dryer:

Along with the development trend of agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural and sideline food has been paid more and more attention by everyone. The environmental pollution of poultry excrement to the natural environment is more and more serious, but cow dung is a very good organic fertilizer with rich and colorful nutrients and nutrients. The development and design of cow dung as a compound organic fertilizer can not only utilize waste, but also reduce air pollution and prevent the spread of diseases, which has good economic and social benefits. FPC manufactures cow dung dryer as a supporting facility and equipment for organic chemical compound fertilizer production line. The finished product has fine particles. It can be used as a culture solution for growing edible fungus bisporus bisporus, as well as for feeding turtles, fish, small turtles, Concentrated feed for chickens, ducks, etc. is sold.

manure rotary dryer machine in organic fertilizer production line

Cow dung dryer principle:

The cow dung drum dryer can air-dry the excrement with a moisture content of 70%-80% to a safe storage moisture of 13% at one time. The whole process is carried out in a closed system, thereby reducing the environmental pollution to the natural environment during the whole drying process. . The main equipment of the machine is composed of pyrogen, automatic feeder, feeder, rotary drum, feeder, material crushing equipment, centrifugal fan, star discharger and distribution box; After the pig manure dryer is rolled, the material is evenly dispersed in the dryer and the warm air is fully contacted under the rolling of the plate copying device evenly distributed in the drum, which accelerates the drying heat conduction and convective heat transfer. During the whole drying process, the material is discharged to the other part of the dryer by the star discharger of the other section of the dryer under the effect of the sloped copying plate and the hot air field to make the finished product.

Manure Dryer

Key Features of Cow Dung Drum Drying Equipment:

  1. The cow dung dryer has a high level of drying mechanization, a large production volume and sustainable operation.
  2. The structure is high-quality, simple, the material operates stably according to the friction resistance of the head, and the actual operation is convenient.
  3. Cow dung dryer has few common faults, low maintenance cost and low power.
  4. Wide application field and strong uniformity of drying of commodities.
  5. Drying can also exceed the purpose of sterilization and deodorization.

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