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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Choosing Organic Fertilizer Equipment Dryer?

With the rapid development of the agricultural industry, the demand for organic fertilizers continues to increase, and the production and processing of organic fertilizers has become a popular industry. Organic fertilizer equipment dryer is one of the indispensable equipment in organic fertilizer production, which plays an important role in regulating the moisture content of materials. So what problems should you pay attention to when choosing an organic fertilizer dryer? The following FPC organic fertilizer equipment dryer manufacturers will take you to find out.

Manure Dryer

First, the size of the dryer should be determined according to the moisture content of the processed feces and the drying amount of the finished product, not just the evaporation, which will be very inaccurate.

Second, after selecting the correct model of the dryer for organic fertilizer equipment, it is also necessary to select the corresponding model and specifications of the fan, Shakron and closed fan.

Third, the material and thickness of the organic fertilizer equipment dryer should also be well selected, because if the material and thickness are not selected properly, the dryer will be easily corroded and damaged during the working process, which will greatly shorten the service life.

Rotary Drum Dryer Used in Fertilizer Production Line

Fourth, the construction of the dryer hot blast stove, because the weight of the hot blast stove is very large, and the conventional hot blast stove weighs more than 20 tons, which is difficult to transport. Therefore, many manufacturers build hot blast stoves on their own sites. During the construction process, attention should be paid to the fire isolation measures for the selection of refractory materials and organic fertilizer equipment.

Fifth, because the temperature of the front end of the fire tube of the dryer is generally high, the front of the fire tube of the dryer should be built well. Here are some simple recipes for refractory cement for your reference: bauxite cement 15%, low fine lead powder 15% %, high temperature stone aggregate 70%.

The above are some of the issues that should be paid attention to when choosing organic fertilizer equipment dryers. You can refer to them. When choosing equipment, you should be aware of your own production volume and choose appropriate equipment specifications, so as to maximize the utilization of resources.