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Installation and Commissioning of Rotary Drum Granulating Machine


After the machine shows up at the production line, it is introduced as per the mechanical cycle. It is called attention to that height and flat position, slanted establishment, tendency is 2-5 degrees (which can be changed by clients). The section and transmission casing of the machine have foot openings, which can be introduced on concrete.

The all out thickness of the pad plate between the base and the establishment of the machine should be close to 30-35 inches.

1)The tallness of each base is changed by the bamboo pad plate to arrive at the tendency of the chamber;

2)The change of each base is appropriate for setting the chamber on the section and changing the supporting wheel;

3)Installing the transmission part of the granulator;

4)After the change of the supporting wheel, transmission gadget and chamber is appropriate, the concrete is poured. Following 8-10 days, the concrete is set, the no-heap test is begun;

5)Commissioning technique for body position:

a.Install two equal steel wires on the full length of the left and right sides of the body. The breadth of the steel wires is 0.5-1mm and check the degree of the steel wires with a flat instrument.

b.Put down two line drops digression to the wheel belt along the different sides of the granulator on the wheel belt.

c.Measure the good ways from the wire to the drop to identify the body’s flat position.

d.Detecting the overall vertical height of the most noteworthy purposes of the two wheels to check the situation of the body on the vertical plane;

e.Adjust the undercarriage towing boat to make the body in the correct position;

2.No-load trial:

1)The temperature of the orientation should rise consistently for 8 hours without ground break. The temperature of the direction ought not be higher than 50 C toward the finish of the trial.

2)The commotion of cog wheels should be uniform, not high or low.

3)No genuine wear and scraped spot of orientation will be seen in the wake of appointing.

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Rotary Drum Granulator For Large Scale Fertilizer Granulation Plants

If you would like to purchase materials for a large scale fertilization granulation plant, you will need to get all of the components for a large scale fertilizer granulation plant. It is within the drum that this process can occur. There are many different components that all work together for this specific process. If you would like to have the largest facility available, you must choose from many of the top models that are currently available. Here is an overview of how a granulating machine with rotating drum works, as well as where you can purchase a large scale fertilizer granulation plant for your business.

How Does A Rotary Drum Granulator Work?

These drums work through the process of rotation, taking a fine powder or material, and binding it together into something larger. This will create articles or granules which can be then sold to companies that need them. The speed of the drum, its size, and its overall capacity can contribute to how much material can be made. If you are looking for the largest one available, you may have to purchase this from a larger business that also sells fertilizer granulation plants.

What Is A Fertilizer Granulation Plant?

This is a plant that is designed to produce fertilizer balls through the granulation process. Effectively, it takes what would be fertilizer, and by placing it in a rotary drum granulator, will create pallets that can be sprinkled onto crops. As the pellets decompose, this material is going to be sent into the soil as long as the crops receive consistent watering. If this is done regularly, it is possible for farmers to see a higher yield in crop production as long as they can produce high caliber fertilizer pellets that can be used in their business.

It is very important for anyone with a large farming business to have their own rotary drum granulator. These are designed to work with the largest scale fertilizer granulation plants. It is essential that you obtain this from a business that has been in the industry for decades. They will be implementing the most pertinent technology that can help produce pellets of all different sizes that can be used for fertilizer. Once you have set everything up, it will be very easy to produce the fertilizer that you will personally need. Anything above this amount can be sold to businesses at the highest possible price point. However, even when doing so, you are likely going to help them save a lot of money when fertilizing their crops.

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