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Eight key points of organic fertilizer equipment in daily production

1. The bearings in the equipment carry all the loads of the machine, so excellent lubrication has a great influence on the bearing life.
2. Lubricating oil has a direct impact on the service life and operation rate of organic fertilizer production equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the lubricating oil required to be written, and the sealing is necessary to be outstanding. The primary oil filling place of this machine is rolling bearing, roll bearing, all gear movable bearing and sliding plane.
3. The tyre of new equipment is easy to loose, so it is necessary to check frequently.
4. Always pay attention to whether the operation of all parts of the machine is normal.
5. Pay attention to check the wear degree of easily worn parts and replace worn parts at any time.
6. Dust and other debris should be removed from the underframe plane of the movable equipment of organic fertilizer production equipment, so as to avoid that the movable bearing can not move on the underframe when the machine encounters materials that cannot be broken, resulting in serious accidents.

7. Pay attention to lubrication and maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment in production. Organic fertilizer itself is formed by the residual limbs of animals and plants or their metabolites, that is, the metabolites of manure and urine. It is also rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements, which can provide good nutrients for the makers, and most of these elements can be well absorbed to help the crops grow better. Now organic fertilizer has the characteristics of pollution-free, do not worry about polluting the land, better realize the sustainable production of agriculture. Therefore, we should pay attention to the maintenance of organic fertilizer equipment in the process of using organic fertilizer equipment to ensure the maintenance of all lubrication links of organic fertilizer equipment.
8. Therefore, the fermentation link of the organic fertilizer equipment is also very important, so we should pay attention to the maintenance of each link of the organic fertilizer equipment, the regular inspection of each part and the regular replacement of the bearing, so as to ensure the long-term use and stability of the organic fertilizer equipment.

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Selection of Organic Fertilizer Crushing Machine

Organic fertilizer material crusher is the crushing process equipment of organic fertilizer production line. There are many types of organic fertilizer material crusher, such as vertical and horizontal, but the main function is high humidity material crushing. The selection of organic fertilizer material crusher mainly considers the output, discharge and dust reduction. The effect of organic fertilizer processing line should also be considered. According to the actual situation, to buy shredder.

Most of the organic wastes used in the facilities of organic fertilizer production equipment are perishable substances, so in the collection and transportation stage, even if the closed carrier is used, odor will be generated when unloading in the raw material storage and storage places.

Vertical Fertilizer Material Crushing Machines

Vertical Fertilizer Material Crushing Machines

In addition, odors and dust will be generated in raw materials, auxiliary materials, composting sites, and platforms between fermentation facilities where trucks go in and out. Although rice husk, sawdust and other auxiliary materials will not produce odor, they will produce dust in the process of unloading raw materials.

In addition, when using the grinder to crush the rice husk, the process of moving the rice husk to the storage tank, around the grinder, and when the crushed rice husk is transported, dust and water vapor will also be produced. In the process of crushing and pruning, if the shearer is used, no dust will be produced, but if the high-speed rotary crushing and air conveying are used for crushing and pruning, a considerable amount of dust and noise will be produced.

In the agricultural organic fertilizer production equipment, when all kinds of raw materials are put into the mixer, especially when the compost return material with small water content and the mixed raw materials are discharged, the odor and dust will also be produced.