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How to choose suitable granulating method when making fertilizer?

1. Material characteristics: whether the material is powder or molten liquid and whether the material has heat sensitivity must be considered when selecting.
2. If the required production capacity is large, many methods can not be applied.
3. Some methods, such as spray drying granulation, can only obtain very fine particles, and the method of not agglomerating the powder can only obtain smaller particles, while other methods such as pressing can obtain large agglomerates.
4. The shape of the pellets is rolled, stirred and drawn to obtain a nearly spherical glume; cooling and solidifying granulation can obtain completely spherical particles; extrusion granulation can produce columnar particles. The possible influence of particles of different shapes on the follow-up work should be estimated.

5. The mechanical strength of the particles obtained by powder agglomeration and shot peening is weak. If high strength particles are needed, they need to be strengthened by pressing or sintering or roasting, and the binder with high strength should be selected for extrusion molding
6. The porosity and density of pellets are closely related to the strength. Some extrusion granulation processes can better control the porosity and density to meet the needs of some applications.

7. Wet granulation and dry granulation need expensive solvent, and drying after taking medicine may cause solvent loss. Some Synergetics may be sensitive to solvent and not suitable for wet granulation, and some materials may recrystallize into different shapes during drying, and wet granulation is not suitable for processing toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials.
8. Space limitation, such as extrusion method, can obtain higher production capacity with smaller devices, while other methods require larger space to install equipment.

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