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The Characteristics of Drum Granulator and Disc Granulator

In the organic fertilizer production industry, there are many types of equipment that can make organic fertilizer, and there are different supporting equipment according to different materials. We use poultry manure as raw material to analyze the two different organic fertilizer production of drum granulator and disc granulator.

The advantages and disadvantages of each granulator.

Disc granulation process characteristics:

The operation is intuitive, and the operation of the equipment can be grasped at any time. If an abnormality is found, the size of the particles can be adjusted in time. It is determined by the inclination and rotation speed of the disc, and the inclination and rotation speed of the disc can be adjusted. The control range of the particle size is wide, the adaptability is strong, and the ball formation rate is very high, which can reach 70% to 90%. The livestock manure organic fertilizer disc granulation process has short production process, simple structure, low investment and easy operation, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Characteristics of drum granulation process:

Steam is introduced into the material layer in the drum to increase the temperature of the granulated material, dissolve the salt of the granulated material, and achieve a high liquid phase volume under low moisture content to meet the liquid phase volume required for material granulation. At the same time, the amount of evaporated water in the drying process is reduced. The inner wall of the drum is lined with a number of soft rubber plates or polypropylene plates, and there are vent holes at the corresponding positions on the cylinder. When the inner lining turns from the bottom to the upper with the cylinder at the same time, the inner lining sags due to its own weight, thereby causing adhesion The material on the inner lining falls due to gravity to achieve the function of automatically cleaning the conglomerate. During the operation, the operator can observe the ball formation of the material at any time, and take corresponding measures in time as needed to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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How to make fertilizer granules at large scale with drum granulators?

If you would like to purchase materials for a large fertilization granulation plant, you need to get all of the components for a large fertilizer granulation plant. It is actually throughout the drum this process can happen. There are many different components that every come together for this specific process. If you wish to get the largest facility available, you need to choose between many of the top models that are now available. This is an overview of how the rotary drum granulator works, in addition to where you may get a large scale fertilizer granulation plant to your business.

Rotary Drum Granulato for npk fertilizer pelleting

Rotary Drum Granulato for npk fertilizer pelleting

How Exactly Does A Rotary Drum Granulator Work?

These drums work through the procedure of rotation, going for a fine powder or material, and binding it together into something larger. This will likely create articles or granules which may be then sold to companies that need them. The rate from the drum, its size, as well as its overall capacity can bring about just how much material can be created. If you are searching to the largest one available, you may have to purchase this from a larger business that also sells fertilizer granulation plants.

Exactly What Is A Fertilizer Granulation Plant?

This is a plant that was designed to produce fertilizer through the granulation process. Effectively, it takes what can be fertilizer, and through placing it inside a Rotary drum granulator, will create pallets that may be sprinkled onto crops. Since the pellets decompose, this material will probably be sent into the soil so long as the crops receive consistent watering. If this sounds like done regularly, it is entirely possible that farmers to discover a better yield in crop production as long as they can produce high caliber fertilizer pellets which you can use inside their business.

NPK Drum Granulation Line

NPK Drum Granulation Line

Where To Get The Greatest Handiest Rotary Drum Granulator

The greatest ones tend to be sold just by a number of companies. That’s because only some of them could have the technology required to produce them in high quantities. Likewise, people who are made by these companies may also be the most efficient at producing the most effective granulated fertilizer. When you have this put in place, you are able to produce your personal fertilizer which can help you save money when you are fertilizing your crops. Soon you may have the capacity to not simply make fertilizer on your own also for other companies that will get the left over pellets that you simply produce.

It is essential for any individual by using a large farming business to have their own Rotary drum granulator. These are meant to assist the largest scale fertilizer granulation plants. It is crucial which you obtain this coming from a business that has been in the industry for decades. They are implementing by far the most pertinent technology which will help produce pellets of all various sizes that you can use for fertilizer. When you have set everything up, it will be quite simple to produce the fertilizer that you will personally need. Anything above this amount could be sold to businesses in the highest possible price point. However, even if the process, you will be likely going to enable them to save a lot of cash when fertilizing their crops. More detailed info, go to