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Application and Technology of Cattle Manure Composting Equipment

Application of cattle manure composting equipment

  1. Cow dung compost fermentation turning machine in the process of raw material mixing is very powerful, can be a good combination of various raw materials.
  2. The equipment of cow dung composting fermentation and turning machine can adjust the temperature according to the needs. The raw materials are in full contact with the air and absorb a lot of fresh air.
  3. Cow dung composting fermentation machine can change the permeability of raw materials and make the raw materials more elastic and nutritious.

The technology of cattle manure composting fermentation turning machine is as follows:

The composting and fermentation process is mainly to mix the organic wastes such as cow dung with the fermentation bacteria and auxiliary materials (the moisture content is 50-60%), and send them to the front end of the fermentation tank with a forklift truck (1 / 8 of the original empty pool front end or 1 / 8 of the pool front-end vacated after turning the pile).

The thickness of fermentation materials in the tank is 1.5-1.6 meters. The forced ventilation by high-pressure fan and the oxygen provided by the material contacting with the air are continuous Oxygen fermentation, so that the fermentation materials quickly sterilization, decay, deodorization, dehydration, drying, fermentation cycle of 7-8 days. Under the action of longitudinal and transverse walking mechanism, the scraper of multi tooth plate structure conveyor with an angle of 45 degrees with the bottom of the tank will continuously and gradually pick up the fermentation materials and transport them to the highest point along the bottom of the tank, and then throw them down to make them pile up again and produce certain displacement.

After turning twice a day, the whole process of continuous aerobic fermentation was completed. The daily fermented materials (1 / 8 of the daily treatment capacity of the fermentation tank) are transported from the end of the fermentation tank with a forklift truck. The space vacated at the front end of the fermentation pot (1 / 8 of the daily treatment capacity of the fermentation tank) is supplemented with new fermentation materials, thus forming a continuous fermentation process. The materials out of the pool are piled into material piles and stored, and the secondary fermentation (10-15 days) is carried out to further decompose and remove some moisture.

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