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Present Situation of Rotary Drum Granulator-made Fertilizer

In recent years, with the rapid development of fertilizer manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises are producing fertilizer on a large scale. In order to improve the efficiency of fertilizer production, more and more people choose high-quality organic fertilizer production equipment. However, the single production technology and development mode of rotary granulator have been buried in the market. With the development of agricultural fertilizer industry, organic fertilizer equipment and organic fertilizer granulator need to be transformed to adapt to market changes and meet the diversified needs of different customers.

The fertilizer produced by drum rotating granulator has the advantages of improving fertilizer utilization rate, reducing production cost, reducing environmental pollution and improving the quality of crop products. The prominent feature is that its release rate and release period are organically combined with the growth law of crops, so that the effective utilization rate of fertilizer nutrients can be increased by more than 30%. Slow and controlled-release fertilizer is a kind of traditional fertilizer coated with a special membrane.

According to the nutrient demand of crops, the release rate and amount of controlled-release nutrients make the nutrient release curve consistent with the crop demand. The outstanding feature of this fertilizer is to supply effective nutrients synchronously according to crop growth law curve, so that the effective utilization rate of fertilizer nutrients can be greatly improved. On the premise of ensuring crop growth, compared with the same concentration fertilizer, the fertilizer efficiency utilization rate can be increased by more than 30%, and the amount of traditional chemical fertilizer can be greatly reduced.

Zhengzhou ShunXin fertilizer equipment dares to break through innovation, bold research and development of new organic fertilizer granulator, with its personalized design concept, simple operation, high output, obvious advantages, based on the market frontier, can meet the diversified needs of customers, welcome to contact us for free quote.

Odor Management in Composting

Some odor will be produced during composting, so odor control procedures should be included in the planning, design and operation of composting facilities. These odors mainly come from three sources: odorous raw materials, ammonia released from high nitrogen materials, and composting and anaerobic conditions in composting. But raw materials with strong odors can cause most odors. Sewage sludge and animal manure usually produce peculiar smell. By using organic materials composting equipment as soon as possible and maintaining aerobic conditions, odor can be minimized.

The following recommendations will help to minimize odour:

  • Make a good formula of raw materials and keep the raw materials mixed well
  • Store raw materials as quickly as possible
  • Keep the reactor height about 4 – 1 / 2 feet
  • Keep the pile humidity about 55%
  • Prevention of puddles and ponding (anaerobic activity pool)
  • Minimize dust (with odor)
  • Keep the stack dry
  • Keep the equipment clean (compost will become anaerobic)

Quality and end use of compost

In general, the following parameters are used to indicate compost quality:

  • pH(5.5 – 7.5)
  • Soluble salts (< 5 mmhos / cm)
  • Nutrients
  • Water holding capacity
  • stability
  • Organic matter content
  • Moisture content (35% – 55%)
  • Grain size (3 / 8-1 in)
  • Bulk density (< 1000 lbs / Cu YD)

The composting quality criteria for these parameters vary according to the end-user specifications. For example, it is recommended that the diameter of compost used as plant top fertilizer should be less than 1 / 4 inch. Composts less than 1 / 2 inch in diameter can be used for other purposes, such as soil amendments, potted media, or fine machining composting fertilizer to granules.

Aesthetic parameters, such as color and texture, are also important because people choose compost products mainly based on their appearance. For example, it is assumed that dark compost is better than light compost.

Compost can be used as a fertilizer mixed with soil, as topdressing for mulch, turf or other plants, as a modifier for growth mixtures, and as a mixture with topsoil. At present, the first use of compost is the planting bed. It is expected that compost will be widely used in field nursery production.

The benefits of mature compost on Soil and plants include:

  • Improving soil structure
  • Reducing fertilizer demand
  • Improve water penetration and drought resistance
  • Reduce soil compaction and crusting
  • Improve root growth and yield
  • Increase microorganisms in soil
  • Protect plants from disease
  • Slow release of nutrients to plants
  • Improve nutrient capacity
  • Increasing the difficulty of farming

Compost has also been shown to be useful for pollution prevention and remediation. It is used to prevent erosion on hillsides, embankments and roadsides. Composting can also combine with heavy metals in contaminated soil, degrade many pesticides, absorb odors and degrade volatile organic compounds. In addition, compost is also used to mitigate wetland damage, rainwater filtration and biofilter.

If you want to know more about composting, welcome to

Chicken Manure Pelleting Process

Through harmless treatment and resource utilization of feces, the green development of animal husbandry was implemented to realize the circulation of agriculture and animal husbandry and zero emission, and the pollution problem of livestock and poultry breeding was solved. Organic fertilizer comes from nature, and its nutrient release is uniform. It can obviously improve crop quality. It is an ideal fertilizer for producing high-quality agricultural products and engaging in ecological agriculture.

Some characteristics of chicken manure:

Chicken manure is rich in nutrients, especially nitrogen, because it contains urine.
They are more acidic than most fertilizer sources and are therefore particularly suitable for acid loving plants.
They are also often very hot and burn plants if applied fresh.
Cooling the composting chicken dungs and reducing the risk of pathogens is strongly recommended.
Chicken manure releases most of its nutrients into the soil in the first year of application.
By making chicken manure into granules, we can bring more nutrients with less load over a longer distance, thus providing value to farmers.
In addition to concentrated nutrients, chicken manure particles are easy to handle and store, making them a viable breeding option for almost any scale operation.

Chicken manure treatment method:

  1. The chicken manure was directly dried by a chicken manure drying machine;
  2. In traditional fermentation, it usually takes 1-3 months to reach the maturity of traditional fermentation (open-air). The odor around it is bad, and there are a large number of mosquitoes and flies. With the development of rapid fermentation with fermentation agent at home and abroad, it shows that adding specific microbial flora to chicken manure can effectively promote the degradation of organic matter, accelerate the decomposition rate of chicken manure, and help to eliminate the odor causing harmful bacteria substances and reduce the environmental pollution. The main fermentation bacteria and organic fertilizer fermentation and throwing equipment and organic fertilizer equipment play a key role in the fermentation of chicken manure, including chicken manure organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, organic fertilizer grinder, organic fertilizer mixing equipment, organic fertilizer granulating equipment, organic fertilizer dryer, organic fertilizer cooler, organic fertilizer drum screening machine, organic fertilizer coating machine, organic fertilizer packaging machine, etc

Cow Manure Fertilizer Granules Making Machine

We hope to draw your attention to our new type of cow manure pellet machine for organic fertilizer. These machines are easy to use and efficient. You may think, why not directly deal with organic matter through granular press, but directly treat organic matter. If organic fertilizer is not treated, its economic value will not be fully utilized. Our machines will provide you with economic value to become farmers or investors.

How to make fertilizer granules with cow dung?

Dung drying: due to the high moisture content of cow dung. Therefore, the first step in the granular fertilizer plant is drying. The drying process of animal manure is different from that of biomass. Otherwise, high moisture content will block the crusher. During this process, the moisture content of fecal waste should be dried to less than 40%.

Fertilizer crushing: fertilizer will become loose after drying. Then the vertical crushing machine can crush it into powder with diameter of 2-5mm.

Manure granulation: after crushing, feces can be granulated. In the fertilizer granulator, fertilizer will be extruded into granular products, called fertilizer granules or fertilizer granules.

Pellet cooling: a cooler is required to cool hot fertilizer pellets. Particles can then be stored or used.

If you are interested in purchasing our fertilizer granule manufacturing machine, or building cow dung granule production line. You can provide us with specifications based on the organic materials to be used, the source of power, the expected production of fertilizer granules per hour and the budget requirements. With this information, high quality talents in ShunXin Company are able to design and deliver efficient granulators customized to your specifications. No matter what kind of livestock or poultry manure you choose, they will provide your soil with organic matter, beneficial microorganisms and the benefits of essential nutrients.

Some Extra Advantages of Natural Composts

Slow Arrival of Supplements

At the point when composts are blended into the dirt, the supplements are consumed from the dirt by the underlying foundations of the plant. In manufactured composts, these supplements are in prepared to utilize structure and when blended into the dirt, can be quickly consumed by the roots and thus, the plant. There is anyway a genuine risk that the roots assimilate a bigger number of supplements than would normally be appropriate, making the roots and plant catch fire. Then again, natural composts don’t contain supplements in an effectively usable structure. At the point when they are blended into the dirt, the microorganisms like microbes that are in the dirt, need to chip away at the manure, split it up and discharge the supplements. This is a moderate procedure thus there is no peril that such a large number of supplements are ever accessible to the plant. As such there is low possibility for a ‘plant consume’ when natural manures are utilized.

Long haul Advantages to the Dirt

Compound composts are made with the sole motivation behind helping the development of a plant. Therefore while they may contain a superior parity of all the significant supplements that a plant needs, they additionally contain certain hurtful components that can cause corrosiveness in the dirt. This can execute the supportive microorganisms that live in the dirt and studies show that drawn out utilization of substance manures can cause incredible damageto the dirt. Then again, since natural composts need these organisms to take a shot at them to discharge the supplements, they wind up invigorating the development of these microorganisms, guaranteeing long haul ripeness of the dirt.

Long haul Advantages to The earth

Engineered composts additionally will in general discharge numerous synthetic compounds into the dirt that contain supplements supportive to soil yet may likewise contain components that are not effectively biodegradable. These may proceed to pollute our properties and our water. Then again, by definition, natural manures quite often have just biodegradable substance.

Modest and Financially savvy

Natural Composts can be delivered at home or on ranches by utilizing a blend of dairy animals, sheep, chicken, and pony fertilizer alongside squanders like leaves and dead plants. This is an extraordinary method for disposing of waste from your nursery or ranch and positively a less expensive option in contrast to buying compound composts.


At the point when yards and nurseries are splashed with concoction manures, one must be cautious that the relatives, particularly children and pets who frequently play on gardens, don’t ingest the hurtful synthetic substances. Be that as it may, there is no keeping from nearby natural life from being influenced. Natural composts can be a more secure other option.

Is it efficient if you mix the vermicompost and natural manure compost?

Assembling of Vermicompost and Natural Compost. Beneficial Interest in Natural Characteristic Plant Supplement Industry.


Vermicompost is the result of the decay procedure utilizing different types of worms, generally red wigglers, white worms, and different night crawlers, to make a blend of breaking down vegetable or nourishment squander, bedding materials, and vermicast. Vermicast is the finished result of the breakdown of natural issue by worms. Vermicomposting is a sort of fertilizing the soil wherein certain types of worms are utilized to improve the procedure of natural waste transformation and produce a superior finished result.

Vermicompost, or castings, is worm compost. Worm castings are considered by numerous individuals in agriculture to be extraordinary compared to other soil alterations accessible. The supplement substance of castings is relies upon the material taken care of to the worms- – and worms ordinarily feed on exceptionally nutritious materials, for example, nourishment waste and fertilizers. Vermicompost (vermi-fertilizer, permaculture) is the result of the deterioration procedure utilizing which is utilized to evacuate natural issue, pathogens and oxygen request from wastewater or straightforwardly from dark water of flush toilets.

Vermicompost is the result of the composting utilizing different types of worms, normally red wigglers, white worms, and different night crawlers, to make a heterogeneous blend of disintegrating vegetable or nourishment squander, bedding materials, and vermicast, additionally called worm castings, worm humus or worm excrement, is the finished result of the breakdown of natural issue by a worm. These castings have been appeared to contain decreased degrees of contaminants and a higher immersion of supplements than do natural materials before vermicomposting. Vermicompost, or vermiculture, regularly utilizes two types of worms. Kind of Vermicompost: – Africa Night Crwlers Vermicomposting, Lumbricus Rebellus Vermicomposting, Others.

Vermicompost is the finished result of the breakdown of natural issue by certain types of night crawler. Vermicompost is a supplement rich, natural manure and soil conditioner. The way toward delivering vermicompost is called vermicomposting. It is the excreta of night crawler, which is wealthy in humus. Worms eat cow fertilizer or ranch yard excrement alongside other homestead squanders and pass it through their body and in the process convert it into vermicomposting.

Natural Fertilizer

Natural composts are composts gotten from creature matter, creature excreta (fertilizer), human excreta, and vegetable issue (for example fertilizer and yield buildups). Normally happening natural composts incorporate creature squanders from meat preparing, peat, fertilizer, slurry, and guano. Natural fertilizers are common items utilized by ranchers to give nourishment (plant supplements) for the yield plants. There are various natural fertilizers like barnyard excrement, green excrements, manure arranged from crop deposits and other homestead squanders, vermicompost, oil cakes, and organic squanders – animal bones, butcher house deny.

Natural compost is a blend of rotted natural issue. It is normally made by social event plant material, for example, leaves, grass clippings, and vegetable strips and creature squander into a heap or container and letting it break down with the assistance of worms, parasites or microbes.

There are three kinds of natural excrement creature, green, and wood remains. Utilizing a portion of each will give your nursery the most ideal soil and develop the best vegetables.

What materials are applicable for making organic fertilizers?

On the off chance that you have a natural nursery, you should realize that there is no compelling reason to utilize compound manures for bother control (natural composts versus substance composts). At that point you will realize that there is a decent measure of characteristic manures that we can use for this reason. Today we show you the five most utilized natural manures and its advantages for our trees:

Manure as a natural compost

Manure is natural issue that has been decayed and reused as a compost and soil revision. Fertilizer is a key fixing in natural cultivating.

At the easiest level, the way toward fertilizing the soil just requires making a load of wetted natural issue known as green waste (leaves, nourishment waste) and trusting that the materials will separate into humus following a time of weeks or months. Present day, efficient fertilizing the soil is a multi-step, firmly observed procedure with estimated contributions of water, air, and carbon-and nitrogen-rich materials.

Manure is wealthy in supplements. It is utilized in gardens, finishing, cultivation, and farming. The manure itself is valuable for the land from numerous points of view, including as a dirt conditioner, a compost, expansion of essential humus or humic acids, and as a characteristic pesticide for soil.

Espresso as a natural manure

Espresso utilized as a manure isn’t actually another thought. Numerous planters add espresso beans to compost heaps where it breaks down and blends in with other natural issue to make some incredible supporting soil.

Commercial Espresso beans are around 2 percent nitrogen by volume, nitrogen being a significant part for developing plants. Fertilizing the soil grounds presents microorganisms that separate and discharge the nitrogen as it raises the temperature of the heap and helps in executing weed seeds and pathogens. Prepared espresso additionally contains quantifiable measures of magnesium and potassium, which are building hinders for plant development too.

WOOD Debris as a natural compost

Wood debris is a phenomenal wellspring of lime and potassium for your nursery. Not just that, utilizing remains in the nursery likewise gives huge numbers of the follow components that plants need to flourish. However, wood debris manure is best utilized either softly dissipated or by first being treated the soil alongside the remainder of your fertilizer. This is on the grounds that wood debris will deliver lye and salts on the off chance that it gets wet. In little amounts, the lye and salt won’t cause issues, yet in bigger sums, the lye and salt may consume your plants.

VERMICOMPOST as a natural manure

Vermicompost is the item or procedure of fertilizing the soil utilizing different worms, normally red wigglers, white worms, and different night crawlers, to make a heterogeneous blend of deteriorating vegetable or nourishment squander, bedding materials, and vermicast, additionally called worm castings, worm humus or worm fertilizer, is the finished result of the breakdown of natural issue by a night crawler. These castings have been appeared to contain decreased degrees of contaminants and a higher immersion of supplements than do natural materials before vermicomposting.

Containing water-dissolvable supplements, vermicompost is a fantastic, supplement rich natural manure and soil conditioner.

EGG SHELL as a natural manure

Whenever you split a couple of eggs to make breakfast or a prepared decent, don’t hurl away the shells. On the off chance that you garden, the supplements found in eggshells give a not too bad and economical wellspring of manure for your plants. In contrast to manufactured composts, when you use eggshells in your nursery, you don’t need to stress over going over the edge. Remember that eggshells alone won’t give satisfactory sustenance to plants.

Plants need calcium to flourish. Calcium enables the plants to build up a solid cell structure. Calcium insufficiency is noticeable in youthful plants, on the grounds that the leaves are contorted or have dark spots. In fruiting plants, for example, tomatoes, an absence of calcium is clear when the organic products create bloom end spoil, or a slim, dull spot on the base of the natural product. An extra advantage of eggshells in the nursery is that bigger shell pieces help dissuade slugs.

How to manage the plant in your garden for better effects?

There is a feeling of pride and possession that a wonderful yard starts in us. Each mortgage holder adores a pleasant looking and green garden; none of us are fulfilled until the grass on our yards are sufficiently green.

An all around kept garden fills different needs. To begin with, it adds excitement to a home by making it look awesome. Not exclusively would this be able to increase the value of a property, yet it gives a decent impression of the proprietor. Most houses are structured with the yard in front. Your visitors will consistently recognize you for having an incredible looking garden. Additionally, a green garden welcomes the inclination to invest some quality energy in the yard with your loved ones. Truth be told, 75% of Americans showed that it is important to invest energy in their yards.

Nonetheless, the miserable the truth is that your yard won’t stay green for all seasons without you placing some significant work into it. The lovely gardens you see around you are a result of persevering commitment and appropriate consideration. For example, applying the right manure can have a critical influence in a garden’s appearance.

Grass draws its supplements from the dirt, so you need to initially take incredible consideration of your dirt. The most ideal approach to guarantee that your dirt is solid and supplement rich is by applying natural composts. By utilizing regular yard manures as fluid fertilizer, you support the miniaturized scale living beings and organisms in the dirt. Grass gets its supplements from these two mixes. At the point when you deal with your dirt, the dirt deals with your grass. The final product? You get an amazing garden during all periods of the year. Other than keeping your yard grass green and alluring, there are considerably more advantages of using fluid manure and other natural compost choices.

1. Liberated from Lethal Synthetic substances

Natural garden care guarantees that your grass isn’t presented to the harmful synthetic compounds and salts that are regularly found in inorganic composts. The nearness of these synthetic compounds in your dirt may influence the nature of your grass in negative manners. Some portion of the grass in your yard may turn dark colored. These synthetic concoctions would likewise hinder the development of your grass and cause it to be hindered. Utilizing natural manures guarantees that you keep the poisonous mixes under control.

2. Low Over-Treatment Hazard

Property holders who take care of their gardens with inorganic manures may apply only somewhat a lot of it. This winds up destroying the grass. In any case, when you utilize fluid fertilizer, it is impossible that over-preparation occurs. At the point when natural mixes are caught up in the dirt, they discharge supplements in a controlled way and over-treatment is deflected.

3. Safeguarding and Enhancement of Soil

Since all the supplements contained in the natural manure and fluid fertilizer are consumed by the dirt, the fruitfulness and extravagance of the dirt is drawn out. Accordingly, your grass will remain green quite a long time after year, regardless of whether you skirt a season without treating. As the supplements in the dirt are protected up and down, the dirt will at present be feasible in the event that you choose to turn your grass to a nursery and plant something different.

4. Significant Levels of Bio-Agreeableness and Maintainability

Since they’re biodegradable and inexhaustible, natural composts don’t make hurt the earth. It’s likewise generally simple to make natural manures, particularly in the event that you live in a homestead with a few creatures. You can likewise visit cultivates close to you and most ranchers will effortlessly sell you fertilizer compost at a moderate rate. You can blend it up with degradable materials, for example, tree leaves and make your own natural manure. In any case, there are a lot of suppliers that will sell natural yard manures in a store or online for your benefit.

By utilizing fluid manure, you’ll keep your yard green and limit the expense of showering pesticides and spending on weed control administrations. Since the dirt stays wealthy in supplements, it can deal with most weed and irritations. Be that as it may, dealing with your grass without anyone else possibly a great deal to deal with particularly on the off chance that you have enormous gardens. You can generally look for characteristic yard care administrations from the expert grass and arranging treating organizations.

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