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How Can the New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Revolutionize Your Fertilizer Manufacturing Process?

Are you in the business of fertilizer manufacturing and looking for innovative ways to enhance your production process? Look no further! The new type organic fertilizer granulator offers advanced technology and numerous benefits that can revolutionize your fertilizer manufacturing process.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator


1. Enhanced Granulation Efficiency

The new type organic fertilizer granulator is designed to optimize the granulation process. With its unique combination of high-speed stirring and centrifugal force, it ensures efficient and uniform granulation of organic materials. It maximizes your production efficiency by minimizing material wastage and reducing processing time. This leads to higher production capacity and improved granule quality, allowing you to meet the growing demand for organic fertilizers effectively.


2. Versatile Application

One of the standout features of the new type organic fertilizer granulator is its versatility. And its versatility makes it a perfect fit for various organic materials. Whether you are using livestock manure, agricultural waste, or other organic resources, this granulator can handle them all. By offering flexibility in processing different materials, it allows you to adapt and optimize your fertilizer recipes to meet the specific nutritional needs of different crops and soil conditions.

Materials for New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Materials for New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator


3. Customized Granulation for Varied Crops

Different crops have different nutrient requirements. This granulator offers flexibility in granule size and composition, allowing you to customize the fertilizer according to the specific needs of various crops. That means creating healthier plants and higher yields. Powered by advanced technology, this machine provides precise control over the granulation process, ensuring consistent size, shape, and density of the granules.


4. User-Friendly Operation

New type organic fertilizer granulator is designed with user convenience in mind. Easy operation and maintenance make it accessible even to those new to fertilizer production. Its intuitive interface and hassle-free maintenance ensure a seamless user experience.


5. Cost-Effectiveness in Production

As a farmer or fertilizer manufacturer, cost-effectiveness is always a crucial factor. The organic fertilizer granulator can be your ally in achieving significant cost savings. By improving granulation efficiency, minimizing material wastage, and reducing processing time, it optimizes the utilization of your resources. Furthermore, producing organic fertilizers on-site reduces dependency on expensive commercial fertilizers, allowing you to save on procurement and transportation costs in the long run.



By embracing this new type granulation machine, you can enhance granulation efficiency, accommodate various organic materials, improve nutrient retention, promote sustainable agriculture, and provide cost savings, which create an invaluable asset for farmers and fertilizer manufacturers. For specific product features and details, please refer to: and consult with us.

How To Dispose Of Your Poultry Manure?

Should you own a farm, and you will have access to a good amount of animal manure, you really should consider producing your own fertilizer pellets. It’s a wonderful way to fertilizer soil without needing to spend a great deal of money fertilizer. Other businesses may provide this for you personally, yet it will almost always be a lot more expensive than when you produce it all by yourself. In case you are ready to invest in an inexpensive animal manure pellet machine, there are many the latest models of to choose from.

How Do These Machines Work?

A commercial business associated with farming will usually require a large amount of fertilizer. In some instances, these same businesses may also be raising animals including sheep, cattle, goats, as well as other animals that people consume. Whenever you get a granulator, you may use the manure that is made by animal manure as organic fertilizer. They may be produced as spherical pellets, or elongated pellets, depending on the appliance you might be using. Furthermore you will require a way of storing the pellets as soon as they are designed, or transporting them if you are intending to market them to other businesses.

Animal manure granulating machine for sale

Organic fertilizer mkaing machine for sale

Four Different Types Of Manure Pellet Machines

Possibly the most recognizable manure pellet machine is the pellet disc. This is caused by its unique design and size. It might be added quickly to your production line for the development of fertilizer pellets. Very compact in design and size, it uses a very simple working process. The mixture water, the fertilizer, and the rotating disc, allows these pellets to get produced. The three other manure pellet machines incorporate a rotary drum churning granulator, a granulator machine for fertilizer, as well as a standard rotary drum granulator.

How Do These Machines Work?

Many of pan granulator design are in the same manner. They use centrifugal force to create the pellets. The spinning motion in the drum, or even the pan, can offer this kind of rotation. You will find different components based upon one that you want to use. There will definitely be a rolling belt, driving mechanism, gears, along with the machine body itself. As being the powdery manure agglomerate, coupled with water, begins to rotate, the pellets can be created in the process of preparation of organic fertilizers. Once they have dried and solidified, they are often stored or used for your crops.

Disk pelletizer for making animal manure fertilizer

organic fertilizer granulator for sale

Where Can You Locate These Available For Purchase?

It really is easy to obtain more than one of these systems from many reliable businesses. In case you are willing to pay more money, you may have one delivered quickly by working with your local business. Another choice is to have one coming from a company which is outside of your. Foreign businesses have been producing these for several years. It will enable you to produce just as much in the fertilizer pellets as you have in the exact consistency required for your soil. By combining these materials each and every day, you can feel positive that you will never need to worry about needing fertilizer for your crops.

Whether you are employing a pan granulator, or even a rotary drum granulator, these are typically unique systems for produce organic fertilizer from manure. If you absolutely have access to plenty of manure from farm animals, you will likely never run out of fertilizer for your personal business. No matter the kind of animals that you raise, each one of that can be used with this process. Once done, you may trust the standard and quantity of the fertilizer you might be producing to improve your crops every single year.

Buying Poultry Manure Pellet Machines From A Reliable Supplier

When you have a poultry farm, maybe you are thinking of how to deal with the chicken manure. Do not get rid of the chicken manure. The chicken provides various trace minerals and boron. It really is, therefore, better to use chicken manure to produce fertilizers.

Once you want to turn the chicken manure into fertilizer, you may now get a poultry manure pellet machine. It can be, however, necessary to find the machine from the reputable source. If you choose the incorrect seller or manufacturer, you may lose your hard-earned money.

Continue reading to discover where you can buy poultry manure pellet machines:

Buy Straight from the company

It really is cheaper to purchase a poultry manure pellet machine for sale right from the manufacturer. The issue is selecting the best manufacturer. An excellent manufacturer sells high-quality machines and it has a long period of expertise. You can get a high-quality poultry manure pellet machine through the right manufacturer.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers are unreliable. They may have poor customer care and then sell on low-quality machines. It can be expensive to use and keep their machines. In fact, they generally do not honor their warranty. Do not choose one of these simple manufacturers.

Poultry manure fertilizer granulaator for sale

machine for making poultry manure fertilizer

Buy from a nearby Supplier

If you cannot find domestic manufacturers, you may get poultry litter granulator machine from local suppliers. The local suppliers have their machines from various overseas manufacturers. If you are already aware a reliable overseas manufacturer, you can check should they work together with suppliers inside your country. You can get their machines through the local supplier.

A neighborhood supplier can even assist you to import your chosen poultry manure pellet machine. The neighborhood supplier will pay all of the fees and taxes when importing the machine for your benefit. In case you are paying for everything by yourself, you are more inclined to spend more money to import the device. It can be cheaper to employ a supplier.

Purchase a Second-Hand Machine

It can be expensive to buy a brand granulator machine for poultry manure. If you have a poultry business, you may not have a lot of money to pay about this machine. It really is cost effective for purchase a second-hand machine. The appliance can help you save time and cash, particularly if bought the proper second-hand machine.

It can be, therefore, crucial to discover the condition of the second-hand machine before purchasing. You are able to ask the owner to tell you the service past of the machine. In the event the machine remains to be in great condition, you can use your machine to make more cash.

Organic fertilizer granulator for poultry manure

Poultry manure pellet machine for sale

Get Your Machine Online

Individuals are no more scared of buying poult litter granulators on the internet. Therefore, many companies and manufacturers sell their machines online. You can check out the websites of those companies and manufacturers to learn more about their machines.

If you are buying your machine online, compare prices and shipping costs of the different online sellers. You can actually find affordable online sellers. They can save you money. And they can deliver your machine punctually. In fact, they already have good customer care, so it is possible to contact them.


A poultry manure pellet machine can assist you turn chicken litter into fertilizers. You should use the fertilizer on your own farm. Or you can sell the fertilizer to make more cash. You, however, want to look to get a high-quality machine available on the market.

The Most Effective Disk Pelletizer For Quality Organic Fertilizer Production

Should you produce a great deal of grain by using an annual basis, you may well be utilizing a disc pelletizer. These are typically granulators, designed such as the pan, that can produce this fertilizer through rotation and agitation of the pan itself. You should use these discs on a continual basis. Depending upon the maker, they can last for what could be provided that several decades. However, in order to produce good-quality organic fertilizer, you will have to get the best disc pelletizer out there so your business can benefit.

Just How Can Disc Pelletizers Work?

The material to the fertilizer that you might be producing will make its way onto the pan. The pan granulator is going to be spinning at the rapid pace, in an angle, so the pellets could be produced. Mainly because it spins, the globules of the material will condense together. This will likely result in the formation from the pellets that you simply make use of for your personal farm. You can also use a refined granulator product of any sort to get higher degrees of productivity in case a single NPK disc pelletizer will not be enough.

How For Top Level Diameter For Your Personal Pellets

You will find a number of settings and measurements to consider when finding an commercial pan granulator for sale. To begin with, you have to think about the diameter from the pan itself. It comes with an adjustable switch for your speed where the pan is going to spin. You can also adjust, typically manually, the angle in the pan. The other thing to consider when attemping to achieve a particular capacity, pellets size, and shape of the pellets, is the type of material that you are using. However, in case you are just looking to get the best diameter, the pace from the pan granulator could affect how wide or narrow the diameter will be.

Further Things To Consider When Using A Pan Granulator

There are additional considerations to produce when attemping to make a specific quantity of fertilizer by means of pellets. You should consider feedstock bulk density, the preconditioning of this material, and simply tell corrosive or abrasive that material will likely be. In fact, the majority of the pan pelletizers that you might use are created using a material called carbon steel. You may want to switch to stainless instead in case you are not getting the high results you are expecting when producing this fertilizer. You might get yourself a larger diameter disc and get a similar purpose.

Pan Type Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

Whether you are creating fertilizer, pesticides, or some other kind of pellets, a disc granulating machine is a good tool to produce these materials. Always consider safety when your main priority when producing these pellets. The fabrication technique itself, plus the measure of dust associated with this process, must be a factor before beginning. To hold everyone safe, simply adhere to the recommended guidelines for the type of material to use and how to set up the complete system. Finally, consider the type of binding material that you may be using using the pellets to ensure that your disc pelletizer can produce organic fertilizer pellets that can be easy to use and package.

What Is the Difference between An Organic Fertilizer Granulator?

A complete organic fertilizer production line is inseparable from the organic fertilizer granulator. When we build the organic fertilizer production line, we will find that there are many types of organic fertilizer granulators. Different types of granulators also have different functions. So what are the differences between different types of organic fertilizer granulators? Let me give you a list below.

Double Roller Powder Granulator

  • Double-roll extrusion granulator: The double-roll extrusion granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novelty and practicality, and low energy consumption. It is matched with corresponding equipment to form a small production line, which can form a continuous and mechanized production with a certain capacity. The roller extrusion granulator adopts eugenic formula, does not need to be dried, and is produced at room temperature. The product is rolled and formed at one time, so that the product quality meets the technical index requirements of compound fertilizer. It is a high-, medium-, and low-concentration special compound fertilizer used for the production of various crops and an updated product for energy saving and consumption reduction in the compound fertilizer industry.

Pan Type Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

  • Disc organic fertilizer granulator: (1) The structure of the disc granulator is novel and reasonable, with reduced weight and height. The process layout is flexible and convenient, suitable for the transformation of the old factory. (2) The tilt angle of the large pan can be adjusted. Angled gaskets are used for flexible and convenient adjustment. (3) Adopting unique unpowered combined scraper integration to reduce auxiliary power consumption. (4) The large plate is composed of a plate body and a plate section. Reduce the power of the main motor. The disc section can be adjusted up and down along the disc body. The end of the disc section is a side flange, which can ensure that the material ball is not strained or torn when it is out of the disc. (5) Brand-new dredging design, with unpowered combined scraper for edge clearing, corner clearing scraper for clearing angle, combined with the unique treatment technology of the disc body, the effect of dredging and ball formation is good, and there will be no large mud masses. The diameter of the ball is 90. % In 3-5mm.

Cow Manure Granulation Machine

  • Organic Fertilizer Stirring Tooth Granulator: This organic fertilizer granulator is widely used for the granulation of organic fertilizer. Due to the high granulation rate, stable operation, sturdy and durable equipment, and long service life, it is selected as the ideal product by the majority of users. The internal rotary tooth granulator developed and produced by FPC has four specifications: Φ400, Φ600, Φ800, Φ1000, and can also develop and produce other specifications of stirring tooth granulators according to user requirements. The shell of the granulator is made of thick seamless steel pipe, which is durable and never deformed. Coupled with a stable base design, it runs more smoothly.

The above is the difference between the several organic fertilizer granulators that we have explained to you. These organic fertilizer granulators are all commonly used varieties of granulators. The above detailed explanation can help you according to your own situation. , And effectively help everyone to set up a suitable organic fertilizer production line.

Classification and Difference of Organic Fertilizer Granulator

The organic fertilizer granulator is the main mechanical facility for granulating the fermented organic fertilizer. There are also a wide variety of organic fertilizer granulators. The well-known ones are extrusion granulators, disc granulators, drum granulators, roller extrusion granulators, flat film granulators, and so on. So how do we distinguish them in our work?

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulating Machine

The drum granulator is suitable for organic and inorganic materials. In addition, the equipment is easy to operate, flexible in work, and convenient to maintain.

The disc granulator relies on water spray to granulate, because the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The pelletizing tray is equipped with three discharge ports, which is convenient for intermittent production operations, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.

Double Rolloer Granulator for NPK Compound Fertilizer Plant

Double Rolloer Granulator for NPK Compound Fertilizer Plant

The particles of the extrusion granulator can be directly bagged. The extrusion granulator is also suitable for metallurgical material particles, refractory material particles, and mineral powder particles. There is no need to add drying equipment when designing an organic fertilizer production line. The investment of the extrusion granulator is small, and the effect is quick, with an annual output of 10,000 to 100,000 tons.

New Developed Goat Manure Compost Pellet Machine

The roller extrusion granulator is a granulating equipment. It is produced by the non-drying process, one-time molding, and the output is 1-1.5 tons/hour and 1.5-3 tons/hour. The organic fertilizer granulator has low investment, quick effect and good economic benefits.

Although there are many types of organic fertilizer granulators, each has its own unique function, and the output will increase if combined with supporting production. After everyone understands these differences, there should be some changes in the use of organic fertilizer granulators.

What Kind of Organic Fertilizer Granulator Is a Good Fertilizer Granulation Equipment?

At present, in the hot organic fertilizer equipment market, there are many kinds of organic fertilizer granulating equipment, and organic fertilizer granulating equipment manufacturers have all over the country. This also makes users choose the organic fertilizer granulator. There are many questions, what kind of organic fertilizer granulator is a good fertilizer granulation equipment? In short, it produces an organic fertilizer granulator with a high qualified rate of granules, good coordination with the overall process of the organic fertilizer production line, and excellent quality. It is a good fertilizer granulation equipment. In detail, a good organic fertilizer pelleting equipment has the following 4 characteristics as a reference basis.

  • The first feature of a good organic fertilizer granulator is: high qualified rate of produced particles and low return rate. The granulation compliance rate of the organic fertilizer granulator can effectively ensure production capacity and save resources and energy. If calculated on the basis of 100% compliance rate, the current compliance rate on the market has several grades in turn, with a success rate of 95%-98%. The product qualified compliance rate is a high-performance granulator, followed by 90%-about 95%. The granulation rate is the first grade, and the granulation rate of 85%-90% is the first grade. Make a comparison of these granulation rates.The organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons has a 98% compliance rate and a return rate of 200 tons per year. The processing time for 200 tons is about 3-4 tons per hour. It takes as little as 50 hours for the material to be returned for processing and granulation. The return rate is high, reaching a return rate of more than 15%. The processing time of return materials a year takes up a lot of time, which is a waste of resources and manpower.
  • The granules produced by a good organic fertilizer pelletizerhave good hardness and moderate roundness. We all know that organic fertilizer raw materials are processed from relatively fluffy organic matter, and the processed particles are relatively fluffy. Especially the organic fertilizer particles processed by the early granulator have poor hardness and are easy to destroy the particle structure. After years of technological improvement, many granulators can now process organic fertilizer granules with moderate hardness and smoothness. Just like FPC new organic fertilizer granulator and organic fertilizer combination granulator, as well as the disc granulator.
  • A good organic fertilizer granulator has good coordination in the coordination of the entire organic fertilizer production line with other organic fertilizer equipment. The granulation process from feeding and feeding will reach a corresponding reasonable level between the upper and lower equipment, so as not to block or cut off the material.
  • A good organic fertilizer granulator also has the characteristics of good quality and performance, convenient and simple operation, and convenient maintenance. As a medium-sized processing equipment, the organic fertilizer granulator is relatively simple to process particles, including the organic fertilizer combination granulator, the new organic fertilizer granulator, and the roller extrusion granulator. The slightly more complicated processing operation is the disc granulation. It is said that the complicated operation of the disc granulator is that it is not easy to control the humidity of the material during the granulation process.

No matter what kind of granulator, the current mainstream granulator includes organic fertilizer compound fertilizer combination granulator, new organic fertilizer granulator, counter-roll extrusion granulator and disc granulator. These include flat die pelletizers, drum pelletizers, ball presses, etc.

FPC organic fertilizer granulator equipment is a good fertilizer granulation equipment worth recommending. The processed organic fertilizer equipment has the advantages of high granulation rate, low return rate, good quality and performance, and simple and convenient operation. Therefore, FPC organic fertilizer pellet manufacturing equipment is a market-recognized pellet organic fertilizer equipment.

What Is the Working Principle of the New Organic Fertilizer Granulator?

Application range of the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine: This machine is especially suitable for the granulation of light and fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles of the fine powder material, the higher the sphericity of the particles, and the better the quality of the pellets. Typical application materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, charcoal, clay, kaolin, etc. This machine is suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, which saves the drying process and greatly reduces the manufacturing cost.

The working principle of the new organic fertilizer granulator

The new organic fertilizer pelletiser uses the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously realize the process of mixing, granulating, spheroidizing, and densification of the fine powder in the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is ≥0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥90%. The particle diameter can be appropriately adjusted by the mixing amount of the material and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the rotation speed The higher the particle size, the smaller the particle size, and vice versa.

Organic fertilizer raw materials (animal manure, domestic garbage, dead branches, rotten leaves, biogas residues, waste bacteria, etc.) are fermented into a semi wet material pulverizer for pulverization, and then elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) to make the contained mineral elements reach the required standard, then a mixer is used to stir, and then enter the new organic fertilizer granulation mechanism to granulate, after it is dried, it is sieved by a sieving machine, and qualified products are packaged , The unqualified return to the granulator for granulation.

Now this new type of organic fertilizer wet granulator is loved by the majority of users. FPC wet organic fertilizer granulator adopts a new production process, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly and trustworthy! Welcome to our website for consultation.


What Is Particle Size Screening Effect of Disc Granulation?

A very important feature of the disc organic fertilizer granulator is the ability to classify the particle size. In layman’s terms, when using a disc granulator, there is a fixed requirement for the size of the product. Because the friction coefficient of the feed powder and the smaller particles is large, the bottom silo where materials are often tumbling in the disk can rise to the highest position of the turntable before falling. The larger agglomerates are often on the surface of the bed, and the flow path is relatively short. When operating continuously, the largest agglomerate or product with the required particle size will overflow out of the disk from the surrounding baffle, while the smaller agglomerates and fine powder will remain in the disk and continue to increase the particle size until the required particle size is reached.

The screening function of disc type pelletizer is an important feature of its own, and this feature plays an important role in industrial production. In many occasions, the required products can be obtained directly through this function, without too many subsequent steps, such as sieving. If the particle size requirements of the product are very strict, then as long as the rotating comb screen discharging machine is assembled on the disc granulation drum, a more uniform particle size product can be obtained.

You can get more information about the disc granulator from our website. Click here for more information.


How Is the New Organic Fertilizer Granulator?

The new type organic fertilizer granulator is composed of many neatly arranged spiral-shaped stirring teeth in its internal structure. It is also called an internal rotating stirring-tooth granulator. It is one of the special equipment for organic fertilizer granulation. Many raw materials with large water content are granulated, so it is also called wet granulator, which is widely used in the granulation of organic fertilizer chemical raw materials. Due to the high rate of granulation, stable operation, the fertilizer granulator machine is durable and long service life.

The internal rotary tooth granulator developed and produced by FPC has more than Φ600, Φ800, Φ1000 specifications. Other specifications of stirring tooth granulator can also be developed and produced according to user requirements. The shell of the granulator is made of thick seamless steel pipe, which is strong and durable without deformation. Coupled with a stable base design, it runs more smoothly.

The working principle of the new organic fertilizer granulator: the new organic fertilizer granulator uses the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously mix the fine powder in the machine, granulate, spheroidize, and compact And so on, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.

The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is ≥0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥90%. The particle diameter can be appropriately adjusted by the mixing amount of the material and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the rotation speed The higher the particle size, the smaller the particle size, and vice versa.

Application range: The new organic fertilizer granulation machine is especially suitable for the granulation of light and fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles of the fine powder material, the higher the sphericity of the particles, and the better the quality of the pellets. Typical application materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, charcoal, clay, kaolin, etc. It is specially used for granulation of urban domestic waste organic fermented fertilizer such as organic fertilizer raw materials, livestock and poultry manure, compost fertilizer, green manure, sea manure, cake fertilizer, grass charcoal, soil and miscellaneous fertilizer, three wastes, microorganisms, etc. The particles are spherulites.

The qualified granulation rate of the new organic fertilizer granulator is as high as 80-90% or more. It is suitable for a variety of different formulas. The compressive strength of organic fertilizer is higher than that of discs and drums, the large ball rate is less than 15%, and the uniformity of particle size. It can be adjusted by the stepless speed regulation function of this machine according to user requirements. This machine is more suitable for the direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, which saves the drying process and greatly reduces the manufacturing cost.

FPC new type organic fertilizer granulation equipment is on sale at best price. Welcome to our website to get the latest price.