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Why Should You Buy An Industrial Composting Machine For Your Cow Farm?

Why should farm manure compost use organic fertilizer toss machine? This is the first time to see a lot of fermentation tossing machine friends will have questions. Will have such doubt, because we use traditional manure composting fermentation method for many years, see mostly put a heap of dung find a do not matter, or dig a pit to put the pit is no matter, but don’t know this is difficult to achieve waste fermentation thoroughly, and was not completely waste fermentation was applied will bring significant damage to crops.

how to make cow dung fertilizer? In the process of composting manure, the farms use tilting machines for the following reasons:

1. Help oxygen enter

It is often said that ventilation, composting fermentation method belongs to aerobic fermentation, the process of composting with cow manure needs a lot of oxygen, and after a period of natural fermentation, the oxygen in the pile will gradually reduce, so that the fermentation speed is slow. The oxygen in the compost can be fully ventilated in the process of flipping by using an industrial composting facilities.

In-vessel composting system for sale

In vessel composting machine for organic fertilizer

2. Lower the temperature

In the traditional fertilizer, once in a while, you will find white smoke coming out of the pile with a shovel. The white smoke is steam, and the water will take the heat away in the evaporation process, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. In the process of converting cow dung to compost manure, reasonable control of temperature is an important technical index, too high temperature will kill the nutrients in organic raw materials. The overstock compost can be evenly stirred inside and outside by using the toss machine, so that the moisture in the compost can evaporate greatly, so as to effectively control the temperature in the compost.

3, promote the fermentation process

Make the beneficial fermentation bacteria evenly and fully contact the fermentation material, promote the cow dung decomposting process.

The process od composting cattle manure

Cattle manure compost turning machine for sale

4, greatly improve work efficiency

The normal manual stacking speed of 2 days, using trough flipping machine can be completed in more than two hours, the uniformity is much better than manual operation.

After a series of treatment of the manure after the cow dung compost making machine, not only can be completely fermented, but also can make the feces from the traditional composting fermentation time of 2-3 months, reduce to only 15 days, greatly improve the efficiency of feces fermentation and processing capacity, so you can make compost and organic fertilizers.

Reasons Why You SHould Buy A In-vessel Composting Machine

In order to build an organic fertilizer plant by using a high production rate, you should make sure that you have every one of the necessary equipment within your production line. The process should start with composting the organic materials that you’ll be employing to create your fertilizer. That’s something you could do by using a fermentation tank.

Tanks Allow You to Prepare Materials for the following Stage of Production

As a way to produce organic fertilizer fast which you can use and sold, you’ll need to prepare the materials you’ll work with for the following stage of the production process. A fermentation tank is a wonderful way to get these materials ready for the following step of the process.

While composting can take too much time, employing a fermentation tank will help streamline the process. With all the right equipment, you’ll have the capacity to accomplish more and utilize enough time you do have as efficiently as is possible.

You May Increase Your Fertilizer

An additional benefit of working with a fermentation tank is that it offers you the opportunity to add materials which will ultimately increase your fertilizer and improve its overall effectiveness. For instance, you could add helpful fungi and bacteria to the mixture.

When you work with a tank, you’ll be in the position to produce animal manure fertilizer quickly. Bacteria can perform a great deal to enhance the overall quality of the fertilizer. You’ll have the ability to try to manufacture organic fertilizer which fits extremely high standards of quality.

In-vessel composting system for sale

In vessel composting machine for organic fertilizer

The Fertilizer Will Probably Be Maintained

A tank will make use of shifts in temperature to quickly decompose the type of material being used in the creation of fertilizer. After the process is complete, the temperature will shift again in order to maintain the fertilizer. This can ensure that the product still meets high standards of quality after it is ready for release.

Composting is surely an efficient way to help make large-scale compost, but because it’s this kind of time-consuming process, it isn’t a good option for big scale operations. A fertilizer tank will help to streamline this important step during this process while ensuring the maintenance in the fertilizer which is produced.

The Tank Prevents Caking

Caking fertilizer is an additional issue you could encounter in most of these production lines. If you’re trying to find a way of preventing these kinds of problems, employing a tank is really a solid option. Caking can prevent proper fermentation, but thankfully, using a tank, you can keep caking from happening to begin with.

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

Should your goal is always to produce quality organic fertilizer in your plant, obtaining the right tools are crucial. Having a tank, you’ll be able to speed up the production process while avoiding many common problems.

Using a fermentation tank in your organic fertilizer production line, you’ll see better results overall. When you’re purchasing essential equipment for the plant, you’ll want to make certain that you put money into the right type of fertilizer tank. Locate a tank that gives you excellent results.

What Is The Dry Granulation Means For Making Fertilizer Granules?

There are numerous kinds of equipment that you can use for creating fertilizer granules. This is basically the most useful strategy for storing fertilizer, perhaps for many years, but you will must have the appropriate equipment for combining materials. By utilizing the dry granulation method, you can expedite their creation of this fertilizer, despite the smallest units that are available. They implement the dry granulation method, enabling you to pelletizer all of the fertilizer you might be produced with the composting process. This is what you may expect if you choose to obtain one of these brilliant machines that can produce fertilizer granules in this manner.

Different Types Of Dry Granulation Equipment

There are 2 very popular types of dry granulating machines that are widely used to form granules for this reason. This can include a slugging machine, together with a roller compactor, each of which have positives and negatives. Each of them can do producing countless pellets every year. However, many of the businesses make use of the roller compactor simply as it is in far more efficient kind of machinery. It might easily use the dry materials that you will be providing and condense it in to the pellets that you just will use as fertilizer.

dry granulating machine for sale

dry granulating machine for sale

How Come Fertilizer Granules Stay Together?

There are additives that you can use in the fertilizer to ensure the full mixture stays together. It depends regarding how you might be categorizing the fertilizers you will be using. Additionally, it is dependent upon the mixture of materials that you will be piecing together. It is extremely common to produce NPK fertilizer. Nitrogen is probably the most critical aspects of any kind of soil you are planting in. Furthermore you will need to use phosphorus and potassium to have that proper balance. This is held together by binders that may interconnect together with the fertilizer. To help make this work, you need to recognize the functions of  drying granulating machines

How Do These Appliances Work?

The main reason they are able to produce fertilizer pellets on the principle of wet granulation is due to a rotating motion. The raw materials are simply clumped into balls. They can also be made into cylindrical pellets which can also be stored. The rate from which the equipment returns will define how fast the pellets might be produced. If you are by using a pan granulator, or rotary drum granulator, the procedure is always the same. Just make sure that you are utilizing a regular power supply to keep up our prime speeds necessity for this method to operate.

Dry granulation is probably the most advantageous way to store fertilizer. By removing the moisture in the mixture that you are increasing the program, you may ensure that the pellets will dry and maintain their integrity. Creating fertilizer granules is just not that hard to do together with the proper equipment. It must take only some hours, from beginning to end, to make many bags of the material. After that you can store what remains, or market it for some other farmers, that can be helped by the fertilizer you will be producing by using these machines.

Nine Processes and Equipment in the Production of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Many customers have asked me before, what processes do organic fertilizer equipment go through in the production? Today, I will answer in unison.

Nine processes and equipment in the production of organic fertilizer equipment:

  1. Pulverize

The raw materials are preliminarily decomposed by materials crushing equipment.

  1. Dry

The moisture in the material (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) is vaporized and escaped by heating to obtain a solid material with a specified moisture content. The purpose of drying is for the needs of material use or further processing.

  1. Cool down

The material obtains high temperature through the drying process, and then needs to be cooled. Because water cannot be used for cooling, cooling equipment is required to isolate the contact between the material and water.

  1. Ingredients

Ingredient is a critical step in fertilizer production. Its main function is to add appropriate ingredients in proportion to improve the quality of fertilizers.

  1. Sieve

Screening is to screen out impurities and fertilizers with poor quality. The drum type screening equipment here has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation.

  1. Granulation

The mixed material is made into the required granules, especially for materials with high viscosity.

  1. Mix and stir

The material of the stirring vessel should meet the requirements of the organic fertilizer production process, such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, medium corrosion resistance, and product cleanliness. Due to the different materials, the manufacturing process and structure of the stirring vessel are also different, so it can be divided into steel stirring equipment, glass-lined stirring equipment and lining stirring equipment.

  1. Lift Conveyor

Conveying is for transporting the finished fertilizer to a higher location for convenient storage.

  1. Quantitative packaging

Packaging is the last link in fertilizer equipment. In order to protect the product during the circulation process, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales, it is the general name of the containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods; Operational activities in which certain technical methods are applied in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials.

This technology uses biological fermentation technology to rapidly ferment livestock and poultry manure, human excrement, and crop straw to achieve the effects of heating, deodorization, and harmlessness, and to make organic fertilizer, which not only achieves waste recycling, but also reduces the cost of waste. The production investment cost of farmers. The above is all the introduction of the nine organic fertilizer production processes, if you want to know more, please contact our manufacturer.

Process Flow of Sheep Manure Processing Organic Fertilizer

Judging from the current information, the sheep manure organic fertilizer making line is still relatively unfamiliar to everyone. In short, it is similar to the production and processing equipment of cow manure, pig manure and chicken manure organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer process:

  1. Mix sheep manure with crop straw, and determine how much to add according to the moisture content of sheep manure. According to the fermentation process, the moisture content is within 45%, that is to say, when the material is kneaded into a mass, water can be seen but the water will not drip. , if you loosen the group, it will disperse. Then, the cornmeal and the required strains are added, because the sugar content can be increased to promote the rapid fermentation of the strains.
  2. Add the configured materials into the material mixing machine for mixing, and the mixing is required to be uniform and transparent without leaving any lumps.
  3. Then, stack the mixed materials in the fermentation tank or fermentation tank with a width of about 2-6 meters and a height of about 1-1.5 meters. throw.
  4. Under normal circumstances, the temperature will rise after 2 days of stacking in the fermentation tank, there will be no odor after 2 days, and it will become fluffy and loose after 3 days, and finally after 2 days, the compost will emit fragrance, usually 10 to 15 days to become fat.
  5. The material moved by the forklift to the crushing process is crushed by the semi and high humidity material crusher, then mixed by the mixer, and transported to the fertilizer granulator by the conveyor for granulation. It is sent to the granules drum dryer by the belt conveyor for drying and drying, and then enters the cooler for cooling, and then the conveyor is sent to the screening machine for screening. More than 95% of the required particles will enter the next process, while about 5% The granules will be transported to the pulverizer to be crushed and re-granulated again, and the granules that meet the standard will enter the coating machine for coating.

Even if the sheep manure is completely processed through the above process, it can be packaged and stored for sale. This is of great benefit to manufacturers and society. Animal manure is not only beneficial to production, but also plays a role in environmental protection.

How to Find a Market for a Personal Organic Fertilizer Factory?

The important thing for an individual to do organic fertilizer is to find a market, but also to find low-cost raw materials. Generally, the price of raw materials is relatively low in places where there are more farms, and even some farms are busy with the farming industry. The problem of manure disposal is difficult to solve. As long as they can help them deal with manure, they are willing to give it to you in vain. In this case, the processing cost of organic fertilizer It’s even lower and the profits are greater. Due to the low cost, the selling price is often lower than the market price. At the beginning, the organic fertilizer produced can be given to surrounding farmers or sold to them at a low price to cultivate market users first. And there is no need to invest a lot of equipment cost at the beginning, just need to mix the raw materials after fermentation and decomposing. Although this kind of organic fertilizer does not look very good, in terms of fertilizer efficiency, it is not much different from the finished organic fertilizer, but it does not seem to have high-quality deep-processed organic fertilizer.

After a period of time, although you don’t earn much, you can still guarantee basic profits, and the surrounding users have a preliminary sense of trust in your product. The reason is simple. Not only is the price cheap, but also produced locally. The visible and tangible products will increase the trust of users. The second stage is to produce powdered commercial organic fertilizer and sell it to more demanding customers, especially the surrounding cash crop growers, whose high added value of crops requires higher fertilizer requirements. At this time, the customer base will be diversified. If the price is cheap, you can sell only fermented products, and if you need high-quality, you can sell powdered organic fertilizers that have been crushed.

complete organic fertilizer production line

The powdered organic fertilizer is further processed into fine granular organic fertilizer, which is more expensive. Generally, large-scale economic crop planting bases will use mechanization when fertilizing, and only fermented organic fertilizer or powdered organic fertilizer cannot be used with fertilizer applicators. Granular organic fertilizer can achieve mechanical fertilization, and the granular organic fertilizer has a higher density, high strength and long fertilizer effect. In the third stage, a complete model of the organic fertilizer processing plant has basically been formed, and the products are diversified to meet the needs of various consumer groups.

The third stage of appeal is very suitable for setting up a private organic fertilizer plant . The important thing is that the initial investment is small and the market is easy to find. As long as qualified organic fertilizer is produced, the market will definitely expand gradually. Even if the investment fails due to objective reasons, it will not cause a lot of losses. The main reason is that when you have no experience, you need to start a business from small to large, and everything needs a process. FPC relies on years of customer experience to write suggestions for you for reference. If you have any other questions, please inquire in detail.

What Factors Will Affect the Price of Pig Manure Turning Machines?

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

When we produce pig manure organic fertilizer, the first equipment we need is the fermentation turning machines, and it is also an indispensable equipment in the organic fertilizer fermentation process. There are many types of pig manure compost turning machines, and of course the prices are different. The factors affecting prices are mainly these aspects.

  • Manufacturer

Manufacturer factors will lead to certain price differences. Generally, large and powerful manufacturers are more standardized when manufacturing equipment. In order to build a good user reputation for their own enterprises, they are often more cautious when selecting raw materials and the quality of raw materials will be screened to a certain extent. . The pig manure compost turner machine produced is of better quality, low failure rate and good use effect. But the price is often a bit more expensive than some second-rate small factories, because small manufacturers are likely to work hard on the cost of raw materials in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

  • Different methods of fermentation equipment

Fermentation methods of organic fertilizers are divided into three categories, windrow-type fermentation, trough-type fermentation, and fermenter fermentation. The fermentation equipment used in each fermentation method is different. The strip type fermentation uses a self-propelled compost turning machines, the trough type fermentation uses a trough type compost turner machine, and the fermentation tank fermentation uses a special organic fertilizer fermentation tank. The prices of the three are generally the most expensive fermentation tanks, followed by self-propelled fermentation, and trough fermentation is the cheapest and most commonly used.

  • Hourly output of equipment

After determining the fermentation method, the selection must be narrowed down to a certain category. Then you have to choose specific equipment specifications based on your predicted annual output, such as trough turning machines, with widths ranging from 3 to 10 meters. The larger the output, the larger the size of the equipment you choose. The price of pig manure turning machine under 5 meters is 5,000-8,000 dollars, and the price of more than 5 meters is more expensive 8,000-17,000 dollars. Therefore, the final equipment price is determined by production capacity and output.

As mentioned above, we have a certain understanding of the price of pig manure composting turner machines. In summary, when selecting equipment, we must find a strong manufacturer. There will be a certain guarantee in terms of equipment manufacturing technology and quality, so as to avoid cheap and expensive equipment. There are a lot of troubles, and then we must determine the fermentation method and output to choose a suitable pig manure turning machine.FPC swine manure compost turner will be your best choice.

The Production Process And Configuration Budget of a Large-Scale 50,000-100,000t/h Organic Fertilizer Making Plant

In recent years, in order to further protect the ecological environment and reduce air pollution, the use of chicken dung, cow dung, pig dung and other poultry and livestock manure has been promoted to replace chemical fertilizers in organic fertilizers. The establishment of a fertilizer processing plant with organic fertilizer equipment has been rewarded with great returns. So, how much does it cost to run a large-scale organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 50,000 to 100,000 tons?

A complete set of large-scale livestock separation organic fertilizer production lines with an annual output of 50,000-100,000 tons include: forklift feeder, composting turner, vertical crusher, drum screening machine, dynamic batching machine, granulator, rounding machine, dryer, cooler, coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging scale.

First, use a solid-liquid separator to control the moisture content of the animal manure below 85%, then add straw, rice bran, corn flour and other auxiliary materials. After fully mixing with a mixer, shovel it into the fermentation groove with a forklift, and use organic fertilizer to turn it. The materials pile is fully fermented and decomposed; using the conveyor belt between the equipment, it is transported to the grinder for pulverization, and then sent to the organic fertilizer granulator for granulation. The produced particles have high water content and are dried by the dryer before entering the cooler cools the pellets and improves the strength of the pellets. Then it is sent to the drum sieving machine to screen out the unqualified particles, and then carry out the secondary granulation. After the qualified, the packaging machine is used for packaging and the finished product is produced.

The complete process of making bio-organic fertilizer:

  • Ground strip pile, use ground turning machine, or put materials in fermentation tank, use trough type turning and throwing machine.
  • Evenly sprinkle the organic fertilizer starter, turn the pile and ferment to reach the temperature, smell, decompose, and pick up the weeds and grass seeds.
  • Fermentation for 7-12 days, depending on the temperature in different places, how many times is it?No the same.
  • Completely fermented and decomposed, out of the pool (the ground type is directly piled up with a forklift).
  • Use a grading sieve for coarse and fine screening (the powdered fertilizer that has been screened can be sold directly).
  • After crushing the sieved large pieces with afertilizer pulverizer, return to the grading sieve.
  • Mix the raw materials, add the quantity of each raw material in strict accordance with the requirements of the technicians, and add various raw materials in the electronic belt scale or batching machine.
  • The crushed raw materials enter the aggregate belt conveyor, and then granulate with a granulator.
  • It is sent to the animal separation organic fertilizer dryer, which adopts the method of cylindrical edge transfer, flange connection and direct heat transfer, which is suitable for drying the compound fertilizer after granulation.
  • Enter the cooler for cooling. The rotary cooler is mainly used to cool the dried compound fertilizer products, and can directly cool the hot granular fertilizer to close to normal temperature.
  • Screening is performed again, and the separated large particles are crushed by the large particle crusher, and enter the return belt together with the separated fine powder, and then return to the granulator for granulation.
  • The finished product is lifted to the material box on the packaging machinethrough the belt conveyor, and discharged into the scale body according to the set weight for automatic weighing operation, and finally the finished product is packaged and sold.

Each type of production line has its own characteristics. What kind of organic fertilizer is suitable for making what kind of organic fertilizer equipment is needed. For example, the disc and rotating gear production line must be equipped with a drying and cooling machine, and use hot air to dry the organic fertilizer, and then use a cold air exhaust system to cool the organic fertilizer, so that the hardness of the particles will be better. Users can customize the appropriate configuration according to their needs. The organic fertilizer production line has different equipment configurations according to different raw materials. You can also make a suitable plan according to the investment budget. The price of the organic fertilizer production line with different yields is also different. The investment in running a large-scale organic fertilizer production line is not small, but the return on profits is also considerable, and the results of the operation are good, and the cost can be recovered within two years.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Chain Plate Turning Machine? How to Install and Debug Chain-Plate Stacker Equipment?

The turning depth of the chain plate turning machine is 1.8-2 meters, and the turning depth of the general rake-tooth turning machine is 0.6-1.5 meters. The chain plate turning machine occupies a small area and is more efficient.

Equipment advantages of chain plate turning machine: this chain type turning pile mixer has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, uniform mixing, thorough pile turning, and long moving distance. New type chain plate compost turning machine has compact structure and advanced technology. It uses some beneficial microorganisms to promote the rapid decomposing of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure. It adopts unique pond continuous aerobic fermentation technology to make organic waste. The materials are quickly decomposed, dewatered, sterilized, and deodorized to achieve the purpose of harmlessness, resource utilization and reduction treatment, low energy consumption, and stable product quality.

Installation and commissioning of chain plate type stacker machine.

  • After all the parts of the chain conveyor equipment are installed and assembled, we need to fix the conveyor chain plates in place to ensure that the legs, columns, and platforms of the conveyor are fixed with chemical anchors. This step is very important. The work is safer only when the equipment is relatively stable, so we must carry out this work well.
  • After the last step of the chain conveyor is completed, we should not slack, but also check all the bolts in general, do a thorough fixation to ensure that each screw is fixed. If there is a screw that we do not fasten well, it may cause safety hazards.
  • The axis of the chain conveyor, the drive roller and the reversing roller must be vertical to the vertical center line of the frame, otherwise it cannot rotate flexibly, so these three items must be checked clearly , This is also a very important one.
  • The chain conveyor should check the tension of the conveyor chain. If the tension to be checked, we need a set of data. The tension should be 1% to 1.5% of the captain. In the meantime, this is more appropriate. We need to keep this data well. If it is out of this range, we have to adjust it in time.
  • The chain conveyor has a rope pull switch to be installed on one side of the equipment, and a steel wire rope should be connected between the two switches, and the tightness can be adjusted by yourself.
  • There is also a switch on the chain conveyor, which is a deviation switch, which can be installed on both sides of the head and tail, and it is also installed in pairs. The specific position can be according to the instructions.

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What a semi wet crusher do for your fertilizer?

Semi wet material crusher is suitable for crushing the mass after fermentation in the process of organic fertilizer production, and is one of the indispensable crushing equipment in the organic fertilizer production line. At the same time, it is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining industry and other industries.

The crusher adopts high strength crack resistant carbide chain plate, and the speed is synchronous during the crushing process. The design of feed and outlet is reasonable, the crushed material is uniform, and it is not easy to stick to the wall and easy to clhatean.

The semi wet material crusher is a single rotor. The main working parts are rotors with steel chains. One end of the chain is connected with the rotor, and the other end of the chain is equipped with a ring chain made of wear-resistant steel. Organic fertilizer crusher is a kind of counter attack crusher, which smashes the block by high speed rotating chain.

Semi wet material crusher always adheres to the high-efficiency development of technology and quality, continuously improves the technical level of the pulverizer, and promotes the market value of the whole equipment industry. The key to the quality of the semi wet material crusher is the quality of the hammer. Hammer head directly contact and impact material, which is most easy to wear.

Therefore, it is of great significance to select the hammer head of semi wet material crusher with good quality for its long-term use. The semi wet material crusher adopts titanium tungsten alloy hammer head. The production technology is based on the production of high manganese steel hammerheads for inlay casting improvement, which greatly improves the toughness and impact resistance of the high manganese steel hammerheads.

Semi wet material crusher plays an important role in shortening the process of organic fertilizer manufacturing and composting, reducing equipment investment and saving operation cost. This machine is an ideal machine for chemical fertilizer production and processing units.

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