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Easy Steps To Make High-quality Organic Fertilizer From Chicken Litter

If you plan to produce large volumes of chicken manure fertilizer, you’ll have to be sure that you’re able to make that fertilizer as quickly as possible. If you would like produce a fast fertilizer production line, you should make sure you retain these pointers in mind.

Purchase the Right Equipment

One of the most essential element of fermenting chicken manure are the device that’s an element of the line. If your line doesn’t have suitable equipment, it’s likely that you just won’t be capable of meet your production goals. It’s a good idea to set specific goals before you begin looking at compost machine industrial to be able to give attention to models that are a great match for you personally.

Spend some time to compare the latest models of before you make one last purchase. In addition, you should think about just how the equipment you’re buying work together. When possible, you’ll desire to select machinery that should be able to work seamlessly.

Poultry manure fertilizer granulaator for sale

machine for making poultry manure fertilizer

Ensure That the Gear Is Properly Maintained

Not only do you want the right manure composting systems, but you’ll also need to make sure that you simply keep all of that equipment in excellent condition. A lack of maintenance might lead to your equipment to destroy down, which may lead to costly delays.

What sort of maintenance will your equipment need? While that may differ in line with the equipment model that you’ve selected, you may use the manual that came with your organic waste composter machine like a point of reference. It’s also smart to visually inspect your equipment just before use to avoid problems.

Consider Investing in a Full Production Line

Obtaining the right gear is important, but you’ll also have to be sure that you’re selecting chicken dryer machine that really works well together with the other equipment that you’ve purchased. You might have a greater experience overall if you opt to get a full production line.

There are many different advantages you’ll have the ability to enjoy if you opt to buy a bio fermentation tank. It’s likely that you’ll can get what you require with a discounted rate, and you will also expect that all your equipment will continue to work along with minimal issues.

Composting machine in organic fertilizer plant

Composting turner for sale

Have a look at Several types of Fertilizer Equipment

When you’re exploring your alternatives, you should think of all types of equipment. Look at the different types of fertilizer you could produce. Would a device that creates pellet fertilizer be your best choice, or would you ultimately improve comes from another type of chicken manure fertilizer machine turkey.

Whatever type of equipment you need to do select, you’ll want complete confidence in your selection. Attempt to compare many different types of equipment before making your final choice. Researching the options will enable you to find high-quality equipment that can perform producing chicken manure fertilizer at a high speed.

The faster it is possible to produce fertilizer, the greater your profits are likely to be. Make sure that you follow this advice to be able to put in place a profitable chicken manure machinery. Use the right approach and maximize the efficiency of the plant.

Do You Know How To Spped Up Composting With A Compost Turner Machine?

The purpose of utilizing a compost turner is usually to accelerate the aerobic process which results in converting organic waste into compost. Should you create a pile on this material, and turn it occasionally, you can still create compost during the period of the month. However, if you would like have this occur at a much quicker rate, a compost turner will be a perfect solution. This can be accomplished manually, or invest in companies that can present you with automated compost turners which will perform work for you. This is the way you may effectively use a compost turner to boost the amount of compost you could produce.


Easy Ways To Employ A Compost Turner

Encumbrancer begins with installing a drum with a platform you could turn. As it rotates, it is going to aerate this material, allowing the aerobic technique of the bacteria in becoming more abundant. This will assist break down the content considerably more quickly. This is certainly better done in case you have a computerized process of chicken coop compost method. It will assist you to save lots of time, and become considerably more efficient, creating the compost. Therefore, if you would like produce the maximum amount possible, you want an automated compost turner.

commercial composting machine for sale

cow dung fertilizer making machine

Where To Find Firms That Sell Automated Systems

Companies that sell automated systems are capable of doing so at different levels. Use a small one for a small garden or business that you have that may be creating a minimal quantity of crops. On the other hand, you may want something which is significantly larger. It enables you to produce tons of this product automatically. Another possibility is that you simply could use a windrow turner that you can drive over the top of the elongated piles in the process of composting cow manure. You will find these firms by in search of automated compost turners.

The Easiest Way To Acquire One For Your Personal Business

If you wish to acquire an bio compost machine for your company, you possibly can make offers with some other businesses. This allows you to spend less, plus get among the best systems in the world. You can get a number of them, or one large factory that is dedicated to methods of cow manure as a fertilizer for you personally instead. The price of operations, and the initial value of purchasing all this, ought to be calculated prior to this investment. Once it is shipped, and has came to your facility, you may then put everything together. It really is a literal factory for organic fertilizers manufacturing procedure using different kinds of organic materials.

the process of composting cattle manure

Windrow compost turner for sale

How to make good compost? A compost turner is one of the most effective to generate compost. If you would like to get the one that is manual, or perhaps is perhaps fully automated, it will probably be super easy to complete. You can expect to soon convey more compost than you will require, and could possibly sell this to other companies. The fast composting methods that you choose ought to be priced affordably and highly efficient. It will accelerate the pace by which you are able to create compost.

Where Can You Buy Commercial Composting Machines?

Once you want to start an organic fertilizer making business, tend not to rush to get started on it. It is actually now the perfect time to look for high-quality equipment for producing organic fertilizers. Getting a quality compost turner can improve your productivity and improve your profits.

It is possible to utilize a compost turner to make agricultural waste and animal manurer into high-quality organic fertilizers. You should use your compost turner to create the type of material more uniform and looser to boost the standard of your compost. It is, therefore, vital to purchase a quality compost turner.

Here is how you can invest in a quality compost turner:

Order from a Manufacturer with A Few Years of expertise

There are numerous supplier of compost making machine. The best manufacturers have already been making compost turners along with other equipment for quite some time. And they usually have a great reputation.

You could buy their compost pile turning machine. These compost turners are more likely to go longer. It is sometimes complicated to trust new manufacturers, especially if they do not have an established reputation.

commercial composting machine for sale

cow dung fertilizer making machine

Read Testimonials Before Purchasing a Compost Turner

It is possible to find online reviews. Online reviews will help you make your right decision. Individuals, who write online reviews, have used these appliances. They search on the internet to discuss their experience.

High-quality compost turners get good reviews. People love making use of them. They strongly recommend these compost turners. It is crucial to purchase commercial compost making system with good testimonials.

Get a Quality Compost Turner Online

Should you not wish to spend your time speaking with different local sellers and manufacturers, you can buy an excellent compost turner on the net. There are many websites selling compost turners.

It can be, however, better to check the reputation of the internet sellers. It is easy to get scammed online. When the online seller has a strong reputation, it means they sell high-quality automatic compost making system.

Be Willing to enjoy More Cash with a Quality Compost Turner

It is easy to find cheap and expensive compost turners out there. Unfortunately, a lot of people purchase the cheapest compost turners to economize.

When you are intent on growing your manure fertilizer production process, you have to buy high-quality compost turners.

It is, however, expensive to find the highest-quality compost turner in the marketplace. Will not be concerned about the fee for a quality compost turner. The compost turner may help you recover money. You are going to make much more money using your compost turner.

Commercial compost making machine for sale

Compost machine for horse manure

Get Recommendations

If you investing in a compost turner for the first time, speak with people who have more knowledge about this equipment for making organic fertilizer. They are able to recommend the proper manufacturer because they might have used compost turners from different manufacturers.

Moreover, they do not recommend certain compost turners because they possessed a bad exposure to these compost turners. Getting recommendations is one of the easiest ways of getting a top quality compost turner.

To Sum It Up

A top quality compost turner not only improves productivity. Additionally, it produces high-quality organic fertilizers. It is actually, therefore, beneficial to invest in a top quality compost turner. It is far better to purchase your bio organic composting machine from your reliable and experienced manufacturer.

How to find a Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line Supplier ?

Once you want to select a bulk blending fertilizer production line, it is now time to find the right supplier. The most effective suppliers are reliable. They may have great customer satisfaction. They give after-sale service. They offer and honor their warranty. They have got reasonable prices. And these people have a good reputation.

You may, however, lose your cash for some suppliers. They mostly work with a bad manufacturers. If you get their bulk blending fertilizer production line, you may spend more money funds on repairs and maintenance. If are looking for the very best supplier, please read on to discover ways to pick one:


It is best to utilize a reliable supplier. It really is, therefore, essential to look for the financial stability of the supplier. If the supplier is financially stable, it may stay in business for very long. They will always be there when you really need them. In the event the supplier is not really financially stable, it could go out of business. You are unable to count on them to help you when you need blender machine for mixing fertilizer.

10 t/h bluk blending fertilizer production for sale

the design of plant for making BB fertilizer


Customer Satisfaction

It is vital to determine the quality of customer support in the supplier. The most effective suppliers have great customer satisfaction. They wish to make their happy. Therefore, they are going to answer their questions. And they will not hesitate to help their customers once they require assistance. Choose a supplier with fertilizer mixing plant.

After-Sale Service

Machines feature different challenges. When you have problems with your machine, need to have the assistance of your supplier. That is why a lot of suppliers provide after-sale services. If your machine stops working in the process of mixed fertilizer manufacurig, your supplier can send a specialist to solve your machine. The supplier may well not even ask you for more cash.


You need to compare the warranties of the different fertilizer plant machinery. You would like to have a long warranty. Additionally, you have to go with a supplier that honors their warranty. In case the supplier does not honor their warranty, they may not honor your warranty in the future.


Comparing the costs of your different suppliers can help you choose an inexpensive supplier. Do exactly pick the cheapest suppliers. They are able to amount to money. You may create your financial allowance before searching for a bagging machine for fertilizer factory. Then, search for a supplier inside your price range. It is better to select a reasonable supplier.

The batching machine for BB fertilizer plant

bulk mixing fertilizer making machine


Do not forget to look at the trustworthiness of the supplier. Reputable suppliers are the most effective. They already have happy and satisfied customers. They focus more about selling the factory for making npk 15-15 fertilizer. If they take care of their customers, they are more likely to take good care of anyone.

Customer References

Last, however, not least, ask multiple suppliers for his or her customer references. The most effective suppliers have customer references simply because they have more happy and satisfied customers. If you can speak to their customers, discover more concerning the supplier. When the supplier refuses to give you their customer references, will not choose them.


A great supplier has affordable prices and high-quality bulk blending fertilizer production line available on the market. The supplier can help you save even more money since they provide after-sale services for granular fertilizer manufacturing. Therefore, you may not spend more money on repairs and maintenance.

Why Should You Buy An Industrial Composting Machine For Your Cow Farm?

Why should farm manure compost use organic fertilizer toss machine? This is the first time to see a lot of fermentation tossing machine friends will have questions. Will have such doubt, because we use traditional manure composting fermentation method for many years, see mostly put a heap of dung find a do not matter, or dig a pit to put the pit is no matter, but don’t know this is difficult to achieve waste fermentation thoroughly, and was not completely waste fermentation was applied will bring significant damage to crops.

how to make cow dung fertilizer? In the process of composting manure, the farms use tilting machines for the following reasons:

1. Help oxygen enter

It is often said that ventilation, composting fermentation method belongs to aerobic fermentation, the process of composting with cow manure needs a lot of oxygen, and after a period of natural fermentation, the oxygen in the pile will gradually reduce, so that the fermentation speed is slow. The oxygen in the compost can be fully ventilated in the process of flipping by using an industrial composting facilities.

In-vessel composting system for sale

In vessel composting machine for organic fertilizer

2. Lower the temperature

In the traditional fertilizer, once in a while, you will find white smoke coming out of the pile with a shovel. The white smoke is steam, and the water will take the heat away in the evaporation process, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. In the process of converting cow dung to compost manure, reasonable control of temperature is an important technical index, too high temperature will kill the nutrients in organic raw materials. The overstock compost can be evenly stirred inside and outside by using the toss machine, so that the moisture in the compost can evaporate greatly, so as to effectively control the temperature in the compost.

3, promote the fermentation process

Make the beneficial fermentation bacteria evenly and fully contact the fermentation material, promote the cow dung decomposting process.

The process od composting cattle manure

Cattle manure compost turning machine for sale

4, greatly improve work efficiency

The normal manual stacking speed of 2 days, using trough flipping machine can be completed in more than two hours, the uniformity is much better than manual operation.

After a series of treatment of the manure after the cow dung compost making machine, not only can be completely fermented, but also can make the feces from the traditional composting fermentation time of 2-3 months, reduce to only 15 days, greatly improve the efficiency of feces fermentation and processing capacity, so you can make compost and organic fertilizers.

Buying Poultry Manure Pellet Machines From A Reliable Supplier

When you have a poultry farm, maybe you are thinking of how to deal with the chicken manure. Do not get rid of the chicken manure. The chicken provides various trace minerals and boron. It really is, therefore, better to use chicken manure to produce fertilizers.

Once you want to turn the chicken manure into fertilizer, you may now get a poultry manure pellet machine. It can be, however, necessary to find the machine from the reputable source. If you choose the incorrect seller or manufacturer, you may lose your hard-earned money.

Continue reading to discover where you can buy poultry manure pellet machines:

Buy Straight from the company

It really is cheaper to purchase a poultry manure pellet machine for sale right from the manufacturer. The issue is selecting the best manufacturer. An excellent manufacturer sells high-quality machines and it has a long period of expertise. You can get a high-quality poultry manure pellet machine through the right manufacturer.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers are unreliable. They may have poor customer care and then sell on low-quality machines. It can be expensive to use and keep their machines. In fact, they generally do not honor their warranty. Do not choose one of these simple manufacturers.

Poultry manure fertilizer granulaator for sale

machine for making poultry manure fertilizer

Buy from a nearby Supplier

If you cannot find domestic manufacturers, you may get poultry litter granulator machine from local suppliers. The local suppliers have their machines from various overseas manufacturers. If you are already aware a reliable overseas manufacturer, you can check should they work together with suppliers inside your country. You can get their machines through the local supplier.

A neighborhood supplier can even assist you to import your chosen poultry manure pellet machine. The neighborhood supplier will pay all of the fees and taxes when importing the machine for your benefit. In case you are paying for everything by yourself, you are more inclined to spend more money to import the device. It can be cheaper to employ a supplier.

Purchase a Second-Hand Machine

It can be expensive to buy a brand granulator machine for poultry manure. If you have a poultry business, you may not have a lot of money to pay about this machine. It really is cost effective for purchase a second-hand machine. The appliance can help you save time and cash, particularly if bought the proper second-hand machine.

It can be, therefore, crucial to discover the condition of the second-hand machine before purchasing. You are able to ask the owner to tell you the service past of the machine. In the event the machine remains to be in great condition, you can use your machine to make more cash.

Organic fertilizer granulator for poultry manure

Poultry manure pellet machine for sale

Get Your Machine Online

Individuals are no more scared of buying poult litter granulators on the internet. Therefore, many companies and manufacturers sell their machines online. You can check out the websites of those companies and manufacturers to learn more about their machines.

If you are buying your machine online, compare prices and shipping costs of the different online sellers. You can actually find affordable online sellers. They can save you money. And they can deliver your machine punctually. In fact, they already have good customer care, so it is possible to contact them.


A poultry manure pellet machine can assist you turn chicken litter into fertilizers. You should use the fertilizer on your own farm. Or you can sell the fertilizer to make more cash. You, however, want to look to get a high-quality machine available on the market.

Reasons Why You SHould Buy A In-vessel Composting Machine

In order to build an organic fertilizer plant by using a high production rate, you should make sure that you have every one of the necessary equipment within your production line. The process should start with composting the organic materials that you’ll be employing to create your fertilizer. That’s something you could do by using a fermentation tank.

Tanks Allow You to Prepare Materials for the following Stage of Production

As a way to produce organic fertilizer fast which you can use and sold, you’ll need to prepare the materials you’ll work with for the following stage of the production process. A fermentation tank is a wonderful way to get these materials ready for the following step of the process.

While composting can take too much time, employing a fermentation tank will help streamline the process. With all the right equipment, you’ll have the capacity to accomplish more and utilize enough time you do have as efficiently as is possible.

You May Increase Your Fertilizer

An additional benefit of working with a fermentation tank is that it offers you the opportunity to add materials which will ultimately increase your fertilizer and improve its overall effectiveness. For instance, you could add helpful fungi and bacteria to the mixture.

When you work with a tank, you’ll be in the position to produce animal manure fertilizer quickly. Bacteria can perform a great deal to enhance the overall quality of the fertilizer. You’ll have the ability to try to manufacture organic fertilizer which fits extremely high standards of quality.

In-vessel composting system for sale

In vessel composting machine for organic fertilizer

The Fertilizer Will Probably Be Maintained

A tank will make use of shifts in temperature to quickly decompose the type of material being used in the creation of fertilizer. After the process is complete, the temperature will shift again in order to maintain the fertilizer. This can ensure that the product still meets high standards of quality after it is ready for release.

Composting is surely an efficient way to help make large-scale compost, but because it’s this kind of time-consuming process, it isn’t a good option for big scale operations. A fertilizer tank will help to streamline this important step during this process while ensuring the maintenance in the fertilizer which is produced.

The Tank Prevents Caking

Caking fertilizer is an additional issue you could encounter in most of these production lines. If you’re trying to find a way of preventing these kinds of problems, employing a tank is really a solid option. Caking can prevent proper fermentation, but thankfully, using a tank, you can keep caking from happening to begin with.

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

Should your goal is always to produce quality organic fertilizer in your plant, obtaining the right tools are crucial. Having a tank, you’ll be able to speed up the production process while avoiding many common problems.

Using a fermentation tank in your organic fertilizer production line, you’ll see better results overall. When you’re purchasing essential equipment for the plant, you’ll want to make certain that you put money into the right type of fertilizer tank. Locate a tank that gives you excellent results.

What Is The Dry Granulation Means For Making Fertilizer Granules?

There are numerous kinds of equipment that you can use for creating fertilizer granules. This is basically the most useful strategy for storing fertilizer, perhaps for many years, but you will must have the appropriate equipment for combining materials. By utilizing the dry granulation method, you can expedite their creation of this fertilizer, despite the smallest units that are available. They implement the dry granulation method, enabling you to pelletizer all of the fertilizer you might be produced with the composting process. This is what you may expect if you choose to obtain one of these brilliant machines that can produce fertilizer granules in this manner.

Different Types Of Dry Granulation Equipment

There are 2 very popular types of dry granulating machines that are widely used to form granules for this reason. This can include a slugging machine, together with a roller compactor, each of which have positives and negatives. Each of them can do producing countless pellets every year. However, many of the businesses make use of the roller compactor simply as it is in far more efficient kind of machinery. It might easily use the dry materials that you will be providing and condense it in to the pellets that you just will use as fertilizer.

dry granulating machine for sale

dry granulating machine for sale

How Come Fertilizer Granules Stay Together?

There are additives that you can use in the fertilizer to ensure the full mixture stays together. It depends regarding how you might be categorizing the fertilizers you will be using. Additionally, it is dependent upon the mixture of materials that you will be piecing together. It is extremely common to produce NPK fertilizer. Nitrogen is probably the most critical aspects of any kind of soil you are planting in. Furthermore you will need to use phosphorus and potassium to have that proper balance. This is held together by binders that may interconnect together with the fertilizer. To help make this work, you need to recognize the functions of  drying granulating machines

How Do These Appliances Work?

The main reason they are able to produce fertilizer pellets on the principle of wet granulation is due to a rotating motion. The raw materials are simply clumped into balls. They can also be made into cylindrical pellets which can also be stored. The rate from which the equipment returns will define how fast the pellets might be produced. If you are by using a pan granulator, or rotary drum granulator, the procedure is always the same. Just make sure that you are utilizing a regular power supply to keep up our prime speeds necessity for this method to operate.

Dry granulation is probably the most advantageous way to store fertilizer. By removing the moisture in the mixture that you are increasing the program, you may ensure that the pellets will dry and maintain their integrity. Creating fertilizer granules is just not that hard to do together with the proper equipment. It must take only some hours, from beginning to end, to make many bags of the material. After that you can store what remains, or market it for some other farmers, that can be helped by the fertilizer you will be producing by using these machines.

How to Improve the Fermentation Efficiency of Animal Manure Organic Fertilizer?

High-temperature composting technology generally uses aerobic tank fermentation to make compost, and uses a tank turning machine to ferment and turn the pile. For large yields, a roulette turning machine can be used to ferment and turn. It can also be decomposed by strip-chop fermentation, using a crawler turning machine or walking type turning machine. It can ensure enough high temperature to kill the parasites and roundworm eggs, and kill the vegetative cells of pathogenic bacteria, and kill weed seeds, and consume the energy such as carbohydrates in the materials as much as possible, so as not to be applied to the soil in the future. After the middle, it causes undesirable phenomena such as burning roots and seedlings. At the same time, the high temperature has the conditions to consume as much as possible the crude fiber in the feces and the hydrocarbons in the straw. If the hydrocarbons in the crude fiber and straw are not removed, after applying this fertilizer to the soil in the future, one will burn the roots, and the other is because the carbon-nitrogen ratio of this fertilizer is too high, which will cause a large number of microorganisms to heat up. At the same time, it will compete for the nitrogen source in the soil to balance the carbon-nitrogen ratio, which will result in an unfavorable situation of competing with plants for fertilizer, resulting in slender roots and seedlings. At the same time, the use of a trough-type compost turner for fermentation and aerobic fermentation can ensure rapid fermentation and keep farmers in the middle of the two crops. In a short period of time, the straw decomposing process is fully completed.

Wheel type Compost Turner for Large Scale Composting

Fermentation of organic fertilizers is to use chain plate type compost turning machines that can process livestock and poultry manure and strip-type crawler turning and throwing machines to ferment and decompose. The second is to use aerobic fecal fermentation tank for fermentation, which has a short operating period and high processing efficiency. The heat generated by the fermentation in the fermenter rises, which can preheat the upper layer of feces and facilitate the flow of air and the supply of oxygen. The fermentation tank is divided into multiple layers, and each layer can be fermented. After the manure is put into the fermentation tank, the manure is transferred and turned over by the turning of the flap. The operation is simple, the energy consumption is low, and the floor space is small and the maintenance is convenient. The third is that the flap is provided with vent holes, and the flap is directly left with fine slits. The bottom of each layer of fermentation chamber is arranged with air pipes, which improves the aeration capacity, reduces the energy consumption of the fan, and makes the air distribution more uniform. However, it is difficult for the staff to understand the processing conditions of high-temperature fermentation of livestock and poultry manure from the outside. The livestock and poultry manure after high temperature treatment can be slowly dropped to the top of the transfer truck or on the receiving conveyor to complete the automation of the device, and the waste gas generated during fermentation is processed by a dedicated waste gas processor. The exhaust gas treated by the processor meets the emission requirements. The fecal material that has been fermented and decomposed needs to be thoroughly decomposed in the aging field. The aging field is also called the secondary fermentation plant. The secondary fermentation generally takes 5-7 days, and the secondary fermentation time can also be determined according to the production volume. The maximum time should not exceed 20 days. The white mycelium inside the fermentation product and the aroma of distiller’s grains will be produced at the same time. The secondary fermentation field can also be used as a raw material storage field. The pellets made of raw materials that are not fermented and decomposed are easy to swell after bagging.

Granular and powder organic fertilizer production line

Next, the fermented raw materials are crushed, and a special crusher can be used to crush to the granulation requirements, generally 0.5-0.08mm (24-50 mesh). At this time, the crushed raw materials are put into a horizontal mixer for mixing, and humic acid can be added or nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, reinforcing powder, and organic matter can be added to meet the requirements of the formula and meet the national standards. The agitated raw materials are crushed by a chain pulverizer and then sent to an organic fertilizer granulator for granulation. During granulation, the angle of the granulator and the pressure of the water supply can be adjusted according to the required particle size to form balls, and the ball formation rate can reach 95%.

fertilizer rotary drum granulator

At this time, the manufactured particles are sent to the dryer for drying. The length and diameter of the dryer are determined according to the output. The retention time of particles in the dryer is generally about 30-40 minutes. The particles are dispersed in the dryer through the lifting device to fully absorb heat. The heat is generated by the hot blast stove and sent to the dryer through the induced draft fan to dry the particles, suck away the moisture, and enter the dust removal room. After the gas entering the dust removal room is processed, it meets the air emission requirements, and then is discharged into the atmosphere. This meets the requirements of air environmental protection. At the same time, the dried semi-finished product is sent to the cooler for cooling. The feed temperature is generally 60-80 degrees, and the temperature of the cooled material is generally about 30 degrees. Then the cooled semi-finished product is sent to the sieving machine for screening For classification, the particle size of the finished product is between 2.5-5.5, and the finished particles after sieving are sent to the coating machine.

complete organic fertilizer production line

Send the large over-standard particles and small particles into the chain-type powder mill after stirring to be crushed and re-granulated. Color to achieve customer satisfaction, and the coating agent contains certain nutrients to achieve slow-release purpose). The particles sent into the finished product warehouse are weighed and packaged by an automatic weighing and packaging machine. When weighing, they are bagged according to their own set weight. After sealing, the finished organic fertilizer can be sent to the finished product warehouse or shipped out of the factory.

What Should Be Paid Attention to When Repairing Organic Fertilizer Equipment?

It is inevitable that machine for making organic fertilizer will have problems when it is used, and if there is a problem, it must be repaired. But there are some things to pay attention to when repairing, otherwise the damage to the machine itself will be very serious. Next, let’s introduce some matters that need to be paid attention to when repairing organic fertilizer equipment.

Cow Manure Granulation Machine


  • The method of supporting the vehicle is improper. For example, when the tire of the organic fertilizer equipment is damaged or replaced, use bricks, stones, wood blocks or a single jack to support it. The correct way is to use jacks and strong wooden piers to pad up the frame at the same time, and the front and rear wheels should be blocked with triangular wood or larger stones to prevent the vehicle from moving forward and backward and the support from falling down and hurting people. This kind of maintenance is best carried out on a solid level ground to prevent it from falling over and hurting people.
  • The tire inflation operation is incorrect. The tire is reinflated after disassembly and assembly, without protection, causing the steel ring to pop out and injure people. The correct method is to lock the tire, lock ring, and retaining ring together with a chain lock before inflation; you can also inflate the side of the retaining ring toward the ground or wall to prevent the rim from popping out and hurting people.

Double Roller Powder Granulator

  • The residual oil is not cleaned from the welding oil container. For welding repair oil containers, the residual oil in the container must be cleaned beforehand, otherwise it will cause an explosion during welding. The cleaning method is to use alkaline water or hot water to add vinegar, repeatedly cleaning 2-3 times, and control and dry before applying welding. It cannot be blown dry with high-pressure air to prevent electrostatic sparks from detonation. When welding, open all box covers first. When cleaning large oil tanks such as organic fertilizer making machinery and agricultural machinery, people who enter the tank must wear long-sleeved clothes, and also wear protective belts and signal ropes. The working time inside the tank should not be too long, and there must be someone to look after it outside the tank. Personnel should wash their faces, hands, and mouth after getting out of the tank, and wash their clothes with alkaline water and then with clean water.
organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

  • Ignore safety when debugging the engine. When debugging the machine, people approach dangerous parts such as fans, transmission belts, or exhaust pipes, or drop tools or parts on the machine to injure people or damage the machine. Stop the machine as much as possible during commissioning. The lower part of the machine must be turned off during commissioning. Special personnel should be sent to guard the operating mechanism if it is on fire to prevent outsiders from operating agricultural machinery such as organic fertilizer equipment. After debugging, check tools and parts before starting, and send out signals.

The above are the matters needing attention in the maintenance of organic fertilizer processing machine. You need to know more about it. After all, the machine will inevitably be damaged if it is used more often. So this is also to remind everyone to pay more attention to the machine when using it.