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Exactly How Much Can It Cost To Create A New NPK Fertilizer Making Plant?

Fertilizer that utilizes nitrogen, potassium plus some numbers of phosphorus is usually thought to be NPK fertilizer. Amongst the most popular kinds of compound fertilizer produced today, it can be something that you can also make yourself. If you have the right equipment, or even an entire fertilizer plant available, your power over the mixture and its production will likely be close at hand. You merely have to have a fertilizer production plant that was created to produce just as much NPK since you need.

Would It Be Expensive Fertilizer Plant?

The fertilizer plant cost is relative to the company. By way of example, the cost of creating the device that is representative of the totality of your fertilizer plant may be more pricey for specific businesses. It often is dependent upon simply how much these are spending inside their country on not simply the constituents but the cost of labor. You need to also consider just how much it is going to cost to transmit it for your location. Overall, these are usually very expensive by comparison to npk fertilizer process technology that have a lower production value. When you have many different quotes from different reputable businesses that produce them regularly, you can often get a substantial discount on one of many latest NPK fertilizer making plants.

Is It Worth It?

For several, it will probably be an incredibly worthwhile investment that may be hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is because they can be already spending a sizable amount of cash on fertilizer for crops annually. However, if you currently have a constant source of manure that you can use from cattle, chickens, as well as other farm animals, this will help you save a large amount of money. You will see the first investment into the npk fertilizer technology that may be costly. However, during the period of time, you will cover itself. Therefore, for larger businesses, this is a certain NPK fertilizer production plant.

Just How Much Does It Cost To Work The Plant?

The expense of maintaining and running one of these simple plants will depend upon three factors. The actual size of the plant, simply how much fertilizer you will be producing, and the fee for labor are factors you must consider. The truth is, NPK fertilizer can even be sold to many other farmers and business owners that are planting crops seasonally. If they cannot get it from the main company produce granulator machine, they will more than likely obtain it of your stuff if you can overproduce the fertilizer that you require.

Roller press granulating machine for bentonite granules

Bentonite granulator for sale

NPK fertilizer production factory are made by many people companies worldwide. It will not set you back just as much as you will imagine. If you can obtain this from the country including India, China, and even Europe, you save money and possess it delivered. Once it is fully operational, you are going to understand why so many individuals make this kind of elaborate investment. It will give you full power over the consistency of your respective NPK fertilizer, and as well, enables you to produce just as much as you want. Throughout quite a few years, you will not regret making this particular investment for your business.

How To Improve The Efficiency Of Disk Pelletizer In The Process Of Making Granular Fertilizer?

Disc granulator (also known as pelletizing disc, disc granulator), with simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance and other characteristics, granulation principle is the same as the rolling round night in southern China, the basic physics in the pulverizer respectively crushed, metered in the mixer mixed well, there is a belt conveyor transmitted to the top of the disc, continuous quantitatively added to the shallow disk, the raw materials in the shallow plate have sprayed down the adhesive bonding, wrapped into granules, with the rotation of the disc in the disc tumbling, gradually increasing.


How to manufacturer granular fertilizer with d disc pelletizer? Due to the ability of the disc to automatically classify during rotation, large particles float on top and are continuously unloaded from under the disc, while small particles continue to bond with the newly added material in the disc and tumble until they are discharged. Disc granulator is more used in the production of compound fertilizer, which greatly affects the production efficiency of the entire compound fertilizer production line. Now although the output of the disc granulator is not low, people have the habit of going high, so the requirements for products will be higher and higher, which is also humanized. Therefore, how to improve the production efficiency of the disc granulator should be very important for fertilizer production plant.


Disk pelletizer for animal manure fertilizer production

Animal manure fertilizer granulator for sale

The main ways to increase the yield of disc granulators are:


First, according to the composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature and other characteristics of the powder, the water content of the powder is controlled at about 30-28%. You can use a manure dewatering screw press to dry your animal manure.


1, the water content is too large, too many balls, the surface of the ball is very sticky, easy to block the surface of the screen;


2, how to initially determine the volume of granular water in the granulation manufacturing process: the simplest and practical method – hand feeling method: grab a material ball from the disc granulator, the hand can be a ball, with the finger touch can be released. In this way, there are many particles, the yield is high, and it is not easy to clog the screen surface.


Second, strictly control the quality of various raw materials such as fertilizers in strict accordance with the compound fertilizer technology.

Pan granulating machine for making fertilizer granules

Fertilizer granulating machine for sale

1. It is strictly forbidden to use iron blocks, stones larger than 10mm, and wooden blocks larger than 10mm. The quality indicators of rice bran and rice sand are also not many, which seriously affects the yield.


2. The particle size of the powder used as compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.


3. Do a good job in technical training to improve the technical quality and operational skills of workers in conversion of organic waste to organic fertiliser.


Third, when selecting a nozzle, it is necessary to grasp the working mechanism of the nozzle: according to the theory of fluid mechanics, it is proved that the greater the pressure, the smaller the through hole, and the larger the droplet diffusion surface. At the same pressure, the nozzle has a small nozzle and a small droplet density; the nozzle is large and the droplet density is large.


1. The smaller the size of the feed droplet (or larger), the lower the yield (or higher).


2. The denser the feed droplets (or the thinner), the more (or less) the amount of feed liquid, and the higher (or lower) of the discharge.


3. In general, B-type spherical spiral or B1 type basic spiral nozzle is the best choice for disc feeder.


Good blade, the particle size is uniform and beautiful, the blade material must be 16m, the blade is divided into two pieces, and there is no gap between the two blades.


Locating the Ideal Design for Your Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The requirement for organic fertilizer continues to be steadily increasing. If you’re in a position to build an efficient production line, it’s likely that you’ll have the capacity to attract substantial profits. With that said, make sure that you use the right approach. Center on locating the ideal design for your organic fertilizer plant.

Take a look at Other Successful Plants

Naturally, you want your plant to thrive. If you need good results, why not look into other plants which may have reached high levels of success? If you examine these plants and check out the machine they’re using, you’ll use a clearer picture of what your very own plant needs.

In the event you don’t have the choice of touring a plant directly, you may want to take a look at video footage of plants. This will help you to start to see the equipment these plants are utilizing, and it will also provde the opportunity to consider the design from the plant.

Consider the Space That You’ll Be Operating In

While other plants can be quite a source of inspiration, the best design for the production line for organic fertilizer will be different in line with the space you’ll work in. You’ll want to make sure that you employ your layout as efficiently as possible.

The volume of space you possess will limit the device you’re able to purchase. Measure your space carefully and strive to utilize the space you might have as efficiently as you can. Make sure that you will have ample space for employees just to walk around and examine the gear as needed.

2 t/h organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line for sale

Find a Vendor That Will Answer The Questions You Have

The proper vendor provides a lot of guidance as you hunt for your ideal plant. Look for a vendor which has strong communication skills and is also greater than prepared to answer inquiries which you may have.

Your vendor might be able to offer you recommendations and assist you towards equipment for organic fertilizer making which is in accordance with what you’re trying to find. Make certain you possess a way to learn more regarding the machinery you’re checking out prior to your purchase.

Decide If Getting a Full Production Lines Are the proper Selection for You

If you wish to be sure that you select equipment that works well well together, you could find that investing in a full production line is your greatest choice. Buying bundled equipment is an easy strategy to acquire equipment which will interact seamlessly, also it can also assist you to find high-quality equipment in a better price.

Commercial organic fertilizer production line for sale

Organic fertilizer production line design

Check out the bundles available from vendors that you simply trust. If you feel that you can make a production line having a better design, you ought to go ahead and do this. However, investing in a complete production line could be a way to save both time and cash.

Make sure that you keep all this advice in mind while you strive to find the ideal design for your organic fertilizer production line. Choose your equipment properly and work to build a fertilizer plant that may exceed your production goals.

What Is The Dry Granulation Means For Making Fertilizer Granules?

There are numerous kinds of equipment that you can use for creating fertilizer granules. This is basically the most useful strategy for storing fertilizer, perhaps for many years, but you will must have the appropriate equipment for combining materials. By utilizing the dry granulation method, you can expedite their creation of this fertilizer, despite the smallest units that are available. They implement the dry granulation method, enabling you to pelletizer all of the fertilizer you might be produced with the composting process. This is what you may expect if you choose to obtain one of these brilliant machines that can produce fertilizer granules in this manner.

Different Types Of Dry Granulation Equipment

There are 2 very popular types of dry granulating machines that are widely used to form granules for this reason. This can include a slugging machine, together with a roller compactor, each of which have positives and negatives. Each of them can do producing countless pellets every year. However, many of the businesses make use of the roller compactor simply as it is in far more efficient kind of machinery. It might easily use the dry materials that you will be providing and condense it in to the pellets that you just will use as fertilizer.

dry granulating machine for sale

dry granulating machine for sale

How Come Fertilizer Granules Stay Together?

There are additives that you can use in the fertilizer to ensure the full mixture stays together. It depends regarding how you might be categorizing the fertilizers you will be using. Additionally, it is dependent upon the mixture of materials that you will be piecing together. It is extremely common to produce NPK fertilizer. Nitrogen is probably the most critical aspects of any kind of soil you are planting in. Furthermore you will need to use phosphorus and potassium to have that proper balance. This is held together by binders that may interconnect together with the fertilizer. To help make this work, you need to recognize the functions of  drying granulating machines

How Do These Appliances Work?

The main reason they are able to produce fertilizer pellets on the principle of wet granulation is due to a rotating motion. The raw materials are simply clumped into balls. They can also be made into cylindrical pellets which can also be stored. The rate from which the equipment returns will define how fast the pellets might be produced. If you are by using a pan granulator, or rotary drum granulator, the procedure is always the same. Just make sure that you are utilizing a regular power supply to keep up our prime speeds necessity for this method to operate.

Dry granulation is probably the most advantageous way to store fertilizer. By removing the moisture in the mixture that you are increasing the program, you may ensure that the pellets will dry and maintain their integrity. Creating fertilizer granules is just not that hard to do together with the proper equipment. It must take only some hours, from beginning to end, to make many bags of the material. After that you can store what remains, or market it for some other farmers, that can be helped by the fertilizer you will be producing by using these machines.

Where Could You Buy A Inexpensive Fertilizer Granule Machine Today?

In case you are converting manure into fertilizer, you may want to prepare it for storage. You may convert this product into pellets that can be placed into bags or containers. This material can be used with time, and in many cases sold for some other companies, to use on his or her crops. These machines come in several forms and sizes. It is also easy to produce both wet and dry versions of these fertilizer granules. This is the way you will find probably the most inexpensive fertilizer granule machines available on the market.

What Exactly Is The Main Objective Of The Machines?

The primary purpose is usually to make granular fertilizer as possible with the existing materials. If you have a farm with animals, and they are producing a large amount of waste material, this can be used for producing fertilizer pellets. This is the conversion process that is simplified when you use these appliances. The capability to rely on them regularly will help you maintain stocks of all the fertilizer required for your small business.

What Do Fertilizer Granule Machines Do?

In general, they are machines made for one purpose. That is certainly for taking raw materials, convert them into a pelletized form, hence they can be used as fertilizing both large and small crops. One of the more popular is NPK fertilizer granules that feature a large abundance of nitrogen. It will contain potassium and phosphorus. These materials can be easily included with the soil, providing the nutrients essential for most crops that happen to be grown today.

Organic fertilizer made by granulator

chicken manure fertilizer granules

Just How Do They Work?

One of the more popular models is really a rotating drum fertilizer granulator. These are designed for both low to high fertilizer production. It really is from the motion in the drum itself how the pellets might be produced. The rotation will make up the material into balls, which will be elongated, and subsequently solidified into pellets. There are various types that you can use including granulator machines that may work with a compost turning device. There is likewise associated screening, cooling, and drying machines. Packing machines will likely be needed once the process is complete.

How To Get The Best Deals About Them

The most effective deals usually result from businesses that are greater than most. Their ability to discount these products is less difficult as opposed to those with much smaller quantities of output. Most larger businesses make their profit based on the amount of sales. That is why employing a large company, preferably one having the ability to produce these machines at a lower price, could be your primary objective. They can save you money, and in addition connect you using the latest granulator machines available.

Disk granulating machine for fertilizer production

fertilizer granulating machine for sale

You can find these businesses online. Speaking to each manufacturer, you can obtain a summary of their latest models. The costs will be stated, along with specifications based on how each of them works. This data is invaluable, providing prospective buyers together with the knowledge they will have to make the right decision. In case your farm is big, or if you simply want another machine at your disposal, you can save money by getting one of these brilliant newer units. It’s always possible to talk to fertilizer granulating machine manufacturers that will give you inexpensive prices around the latest fertilizer granule machines available today.

Six Steps of Chicken Manure Processing Organic Fertilizer Equipment Technology

What equipment is used for processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer? What is the process? FPC is a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer. Today I will share with you what equipment is used for processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer, and what is the treatment process? what.

Long-term use of chicken manure organic fertilizer can make crops and plant rhizomes develop, and plants grow well and shiny, and can also increase the yield of crops. The more feasible way to process chicken manure into organic fertilizer is to use organic fertilizer equipment for process treatment, so that the time for processing into fertilizer is short, which is energy-saving and efficient.

Large Scale Compost Turner

Large Scale Compost Turner for pig manure disposal

  1. Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment for turning over and fermenting chicken manure

Mix the collected chicken manure with some hay or straw powder and add some starter to make compost and ferment. During the fermentation time, the chicken manure is turned over and fermented with a turning machine, and the organic fertilizer is fully fermented only by turning the pile evenly.

  1. The grinder crushes chicken manure organic fertilizer

A wet material crusher can be used for the crushing process. The semi-wet material crusher uses high-speed rotating blades to destroy the fiber with good particle size, high efficiency and high energy. The semi-wet material crusher is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer, and has a good effect on destroying chicken manure, sodium humate and other materials.

  1. Equipment for making organic fertilizer pellets from chicken manure

The chicken manure organic fertilizer is granulated with a disc granulator or a stranded granulator. Make the fertilizer granular, with some weight, not easily dissipated by the wind.

manure rotary dryer machine in organic fertilizer production line

Fourth, use drying and cooling equipment

If it is organic fertilizer particles, cooling equipment can be used for cooling. No drying equipment is needed. If it is powder equipment, it needs to be dried with a tumble dryer first, and then cooled with a cooler.

Rotary Screening Machine for screening unqualified pellets

Five, sieving machine sieving fertilizer

The particles produced in the granulating equipment will have different diameters and need to be sieved and classified by a sieving machine. The large and small granular materials that are unqualified in the screening are transported out by a belt elevator, destroyed from the beginning, and then sent to the granulator for re-granulation.

fertilizer granules coating machine

Sixth, coating equipment coating layer

The coating machine is composed of a screw conveyor, a mixing tank, an oil pump, and a main engine. Powder dusting or liquid coating technology can effectively prevent the agglomeration of compound fertilizers

Step 7: Automatic packaging scale weighing and sealing packaging

Organic fertilizer granular materials are packaged. Fertilizers are actively packaged and weighed to complete quantitative weighing and packaging.

These are the processing methods of chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment processing chicken manure organic fertilizer

What Is the Difference between An Organic Fertilizer Granulator?

A complete organic fertilizer production line is inseparable from the organic fertilizer granulator. When we build the organic fertilizer production line, we will find that there are many types of organic fertilizer granulators. Different types of granulators also have different functions. So what are the differences between different types of organic fertilizer granulators? Let me give you a list below.

Double Roller Powder Granulator

  • Double-roll extrusion granulator: The double-roll extrusion granulator is the key equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novelty and practicality, and low energy consumption. It is matched with corresponding equipment to form a small production line, which can form a continuous and mechanized production with a certain capacity. The roller extrusion granulator adopts eugenic formula, does not need to be dried, and is produced at room temperature. The product is rolled and formed at one time, so that the product quality meets the technical index requirements of compound fertilizer. It is a high-, medium-, and low-concentration special compound fertilizer used for the production of various crops and an updated product for energy saving and consumption reduction in the compound fertilizer industry.

Pan Type Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

  • Disc organic fertilizer granulator: (1) The structure of the disc granulator is novel and reasonable, with reduced weight and height. The process layout is flexible and convenient, suitable for the transformation of the old factory. (2) The tilt angle of the large pan can be adjusted. Angled gaskets are used for flexible and convenient adjustment. (3) Adopting unique unpowered combined scraper integration to reduce auxiliary power consumption. (4) The large plate is composed of a plate body and a plate section. Reduce the power of the main motor. The disc section can be adjusted up and down along the disc body. The end of the disc section is a side flange, which can ensure that the material ball is not strained or torn when it is out of the disc. (5) Brand-new dredging design, with unpowered combined scraper for edge clearing, corner clearing scraper for clearing angle, combined with the unique treatment technology of the disc body, the effect of dredging and ball formation is good, and there will be no large mud masses. The diameter of the ball is 90. % In 3-5mm.

Cow Manure Granulation Machine

  • Organic Fertilizer Stirring Tooth Granulator: This organic fertilizer granulator is widely used for the granulation of organic fertilizer. Due to the high granulation rate, stable operation, sturdy and durable equipment, and long service life, it is selected as the ideal product by the majority of users. The internal rotary tooth granulator developed and produced by FPC has four specifications: Φ400, Φ600, Φ800, Φ1000, and can also develop and produce other specifications of stirring tooth granulators according to user requirements. The shell of the granulator is made of thick seamless steel pipe, which is durable and never deformed. Coupled with a stable base design, it runs more smoothly.

The above is the difference between the several organic fertilizer granulators that we have explained to you. These organic fertilizer granulators are all commonly used varieties of granulators. The above detailed explanation can help you according to your own situation. , And effectively help everyone to set up a suitable organic fertilizer production line.

What Is the Configuration of the Organic Fertilizer Production Line with An Annual Output of 100,000 Tons?

Generally speaking, the use of livestock and poultry manure and industrial waste is 150,000 tons, and the annual production of finished organic fertilizer is about 100,000 tons. What are the configurations of the large-scale livestock and poultry organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons?

Pig Manure Compost Fertilizer Production Line

Large-scale livestock and poultry organic fertilizer production lines with an annual output of 100,000 tons include: forklift feeder, trough type turner, vertical crusher, drum screening machine, dynamic batching machine, granulator, round thrower, dryer, Cooling machine, coating machine, automatic quantitative packaging scales. Users can customize the appropriate configuration according to their own needs.

Each type of production line has its own characteristics. What kind of organic fertilizer is suitable for what kind of organic fertilizer equipment is needed. For example, the disc and rotating gear production line must be equipped with a dryer and cooler, and use hot air to make the organic fertilizer. Dry, and then use a cold air exhaust system to cool the organic fertilizer, so that the hardness of the particles will be better.

Pan Type Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

The angle of the granulating disc of FPC disc granulator adopts an integral arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The pelletizing tray is equipped with three discharge ports, which is convenient for intermittent production operations. The reducer and the motor are driven by flexible belts, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force of the buffer, and improve the service life of the equipment. The bottom of the pelletizing disc is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which is durable and never deformed. Heavier, thicker, and sturdy base design does not require anchor bolts to fix, and runs smoothly. The main gear of the granulator adopts high frequency quenching, and the service life is doubled. The granulation surface plate is lined with high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics, which is anti-corrosive and durable.

How to Distinguish the Size and Investment Cost of Organic Fertilizer Equipment?

What are the large-scale organic fertilizer equipment? The so-called large-scale organic fertilizer production equipment generally refers to organic fertilizer equipment with a large production scale and relatively high investment cost, and can also be called a large-scale organic fertilizer production line. Due to the small production scale of the small-scale organic fertilizer production line, manual auxiliary operations are required in many links, and it is difficult to complete the processing and large-scale production of a large number of raw materials. There are more and more large-scale concentrated breeding areas, which will inevitably cause small-scale organic fertilizer production enterprises to gradually shift to large and medium-sized organic fertilizer production enterprises, and the construction of large-scale organic fertilizer equipment and production lines has also become an inevitable choice. Today, I will talk to you about the topic of large-scale organic fertilizer production equipment.

Granular and powder organic fertilizer production line

First, let’s understand how to distinguish the size of the organic fertilizer equipment and the investment cost

  1. According to the output, the production of 1 ton of organic fertilizer per hour is a small-scale organic fertilizer production equipment (small-scale organic fertilizer production line), and the price is generally between 30,000-60,000 dollars, which can meet the needs of families and small farms.
  2. According to the output, the production of about 5 tons of organic fertilizer per hour is a medium-sized organic fertilizer production equipment (medium-sized organic fertilizer production line), which is the best medium-sized organic fertilizer production equipment in the market and customer evaluations, and it is also in large market demand. The investment price Generally between 60,000-100,000 dollars.
  3. According to the output, the production of more than 10 tons of organic fertilizer per hour is a large-scale organic fertilizer production equipment (large-scale organic fertilizer production line), which is an essential equipment for large-scale organic fertilizer production and processing enterprises, and is generally used in large-scale fertilizer processing enterprises. The investment price is more than $100,000.

The Difference Between Powdery Organic Fertilizer Equipment and Granular Organic Fertilizer Equipment

As the process part of the granular organic fertilizer production equipment, the main technical means of the powdered organic fertilizer equipment are: fermentation, decomposition, crushing and mixing of organic raw materials, livestock and poultry manure or domestic garbage, sludge, distiller’s grains, biogas residue and other raw materials ,Package.

The basic process configuration of organic fertilizer equipment is dehydration, drying, fermentation, crushing, mixing, and packaging. This completes the processing of powdered organic fertilizer. Compared with the simple process of powdered fertilizers, granular organic fertilizers require further processing.

The basic process configuration of granular organic fertilizer equipment is dehydration, drying, fermentation, crushing, stirring, granulation, cooling, and packaging. Equipped with organic fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer dryer, organic fertilizer coating machine. After the pellets are mechanically cooled, they can be packaged, stored or sold.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line Flow Chart

Process system equipment of organic fertilizer production process flow

  1. Fermentation system: The fermentation system of the organic fertilizer equipment process is composed of a feed conveyor, a biological deodorizer, a stirring mixer, a special lifting dump truck and an electrical automatic control system.
  2. Drying system: The main equipment includes belt conveyor, rotary dryer, cooler, induced draft fan, hot air stove, etc.
  3. Deodorization and dust removal system: consists of a sedimentation chamber, a dust removal chamber, etc.
  4. Crushing system: including a new type of semi-wet material crusher, LP chain crusher or cage crusher, etc.
  5. The batching system is composed of an electronic batching system, a disc feeder, and a vibrating screen. It can be equipped with 6-8 kinds of raw materials at a time.
  6. The mixing system consists of optional horizontal mixer or pan mixer, vibrating screen, mobile belt conveyor, etc.
  7. Granulation equipment required for organic fertilizer granulation system. Optional granulation equipment includes: organic fertilizer compound fertilizer combined granulator, drum extrusion granulator, disc granulator, special granulator for organic fertilizer, rounding machine, etc.
  8. Drying system: The organic fertilizer drying system consists of a drum dryer and a cooler.
  9. Screening and coating system: It is mainly completed by a drum screening machine, which can be equipped with a one-stage screening machine and a two-stage screening machine, with high yield and good granularity; after the screening machine, coating can be used to prevent the fertility from being dispersed.
  10. The finished product packaging system generally includes electronic quantitative packaging scales, silos, automatic sewing machines, etc., to realize the automatic non-intermittent production of organic fertilizer equipment, and the conveying system mostly uses belt conveyors and screw conveyors.