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Do You Know How To Spped Up Composting With A Compost Turner Machine?

The purpose of utilizing a compost turner is usually to accelerate the aerobic process which results in converting organic waste into compost. Should you create a pile on this material, and turn it occasionally, you can still create compost during the period of the month. However, if you would like have this occur at a much quicker rate, a compost turner will be a perfect solution. This can be accomplished manually, or invest in companies that can present you with automated compost turners which will perform work for you. This is the way you may effectively use a compost turner to boost the amount of compost you could produce.


Easy Ways To Employ A Compost Turner

Encumbrancer begins with installing a drum with a platform you could turn. As it rotates, it is going to aerate this material, allowing the aerobic technique of the bacteria in becoming more abundant. This will assist break down the content considerably more quickly. This is certainly better done in case you have a computerized process of chicken coop compost method. It will assist you to save lots of time, and become considerably more efficient, creating the compost. Therefore, if you would like produce the maximum amount possible, you want an automated compost turner.

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Where To Find Firms That Sell Automated Systems

Companies that sell automated systems are capable of doing so at different levels. Use a small one for a small garden or business that you have that may be creating a minimal quantity of crops. On the other hand, you may want something which is significantly larger. It enables you to produce tons of this product automatically. Another possibility is that you simply could use a windrow turner that you can drive over the top of the elongated piles in the process of composting cow manure. You will find these firms by in search of automated compost turners.

The Easiest Way To Acquire One For Your Personal Business

If you wish to acquire an bio compost machine for your company, you possibly can make offers with some other businesses. This allows you to spend less, plus get among the best systems in the world. You can get a number of them, or one large factory that is dedicated to methods of cow manure as a fertilizer for you personally instead. The price of operations, and the initial value of purchasing all this, ought to be calculated prior to this investment. Once it is shipped, and has came to your facility, you may then put everything together. It really is a literal factory for organic fertilizers manufacturing procedure using different kinds of organic materials.

the process of composting cattle manure

Windrow compost turner for sale

How to make good compost? A compost turner is one of the most effective to generate compost. If you would like to get the one that is manual, or perhaps is perhaps fully automated, it will probably be super easy to complete. You can expect to soon convey more compost than you will require, and could possibly sell this to other companies. The fast composting methods that you choose ought to be priced affordably and highly efficient. It will accelerate the pace by which you are able to create compost.

Tips To Get A Fresh Organic Fertilizer Machine Within Your Fertilizer Production Factory

A fertilizer production factory can accelerate the whole process of producing organic fertilizer for your personal business. There are actually different kinds of organic fertilizer that you can create. The type of fertilizer production equipment that you are currently using can alter how much you are able to produce. A lot of people create a great deal of organic fertilizer using compost turning machines. Others are going to make use of a commercial compost windrow turner. For those that have to have the maximum quantity of compost available, compost fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer manufacturing factory would be the best.

How You Can Produce Organic Fertilizer

If you accomplish this without machinery, just collect raw materials and reduce it right down to size. You might place piles with this material, along with water, to make organic compost. You could potentially cover this with some type of plastic, and add organic waste including rice husks, sawdust, and many others. You may then turn this pile occasionally, ensuring the aerobic process occurs, leading to the roll-out of compost. However, this can be a very slow process. What you will need to use windrow compost turner which will help you get this done.

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Machinery For Producing Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer granulation machines are some of the most in-demand. These could be very elaborate and therefore are sometimes called a variety of factory. This is because of the numerous components which are portion of the system. This often starts off with a crusher, then a mixer, having a chicken manure conveyor belts leading towards the granulator. This may be a very long drum with a wide diameter where material will be placed. It can turn the fabric for yourself, throughout a few days, producing the compost. After that, the fabric is going to be placed in to a dryer, connected to a cyclone dust collector. The compost is going to be hot, as a result of aerobic process, which is the reason it needs to be placed right into a cooling machine. Once you set up a compost making plant, it is simple to produce a considerable amount of compost.

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How To Find Factories That Will Produce Compost To Suit Your Needs

Businesses in China are very known for producing quality machinery for this particular process. Everything will likely be connected together once it arrives. This will are the conveyor belt system, compost screener, and packing machines to the final product. Granular organic fertilizer production equipment could be expensive. However, you can always find multiple businesses offering very similar chicken waste pellt machine. These factories may be sold to you, helping you to cut costs, and get started as quickly as possible.

If you need to make the largest amount of fertilizer possible, you may use one of those factories to acquire the task done. After all things are connected, and you will have tested the full system, it will likely be easy to create a lot of compost. This is perfect for firms that are usually large that require a substantial amount of this material. You might also be selling it to other companies. You can easily find businesses that can provide a good deal on machine for making fertilizer pellets by searching online.

What Does A Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine Bring To You?

Cow dung can be used as many purposes and when you make fertilizer from this you can make a ton of money and do something best for the environment. The cow dung fertilizer machine permits you to make fertilizer quickly from almost any cow dung. Continue reading for more information on this machine and exactly how it can be used to generate money to your business.

The fertilizer production line can help you produce every one of the fertilizer you want. The machines can produce using cow dung as fertilizer, based on the dimensions of the appliance you purchase. There are actually multiple sizes to pick from and you will have the equipment customized for your business needs which means you get exactly what you would like.

The equipment is proper for businesses of any size. Whether you have a large business or perhaps a small one, you will find a piece of equipment that actually works just right for manure production from waste cow dung. The machines are great for environmental surroundings plus they help remove cow dung from your environment.

the process of composting cattle manure

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The first step to making quality fertilizer is composting cow dung. You could make compost naturally or use equipment to speed the method along. By using this tools are the easiest method to make compost since it is a great deal faster. The faster you could make the compost the faster you may make the fertilizer.

The manure dewatering machine is a superb investment as it is the organic composting turner. This equipment will allow you to produce compost in record time as well as ensure you make the most benefit from the fertilizer you produce. When you begin making compost from cow dung you should make certain you remove much of the water through the dung. The dung ought to be at most fifty percent water after you dewater it.

As soon as the manure is dewatered you can start to turn it into compost. Grass, straw or leaves will need to be combined with the dung so it can ferment properly. The cow manure are going to ferment as long as it is actually kept with the right temperature. The benefit of the commercial composting machines is that it will automatically turn the manurer which speeds up the procedure. Rather than taking months, you may have finished compost in 2 weeks with this particular machine.


When the manure is changed into compost it could be converted into fertilizer. The machine can take the compost and change it into many different types of fertilizer. The crushing machine is going to take the compost and turn it into a fine powder then a materials are added that turn the compost into fertilizer. With all the pellet making machine you may turn the compost into fertilizer pellets you can sell for high profits.

Making cow manure as a fertilizer is not hard if you choose the proper machines. It will save you money and do something great for environmental surroundings using a cow dung fertilizer machine. It really is a great accessory for any fertilizer operation and is particularly beneficial to the surroundings. This machine is an excellent investment.

How To Dispose Of Your Poultry Manure?

Should you own a farm, and you will have access to a good amount of animal manure, you really should consider producing your own fertilizer pellets. It’s a wonderful way to fertilizer soil without needing to spend a great deal of money fertilizer. Other businesses may provide this for you personally, yet it will almost always be a lot more expensive than when you produce it all by yourself. In case you are ready to invest in an inexpensive animal manure pellet machine, there are many the latest models of to choose from.

How Do These Machines Work?

A commercial business associated with farming will usually require a large amount of fertilizer. In some instances, these same businesses may also be raising animals including sheep, cattle, goats, as well as other animals that people consume. Whenever you get a granulator, you may use the manure that is made by animal manure as organic fertilizer. They may be produced as spherical pellets, or elongated pellets, depending on the appliance you might be using. Furthermore you will require a way of storing the pellets as soon as they are designed, or transporting them if you are intending to market them to other businesses.

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Four Different Types Of Manure Pellet Machines

Possibly the most recognizable manure pellet machine is the pellet disc. This is caused by its unique design and size. It might be added quickly to your production line for the development of fertilizer pellets. Very compact in design and size, it uses a very simple working process. The mixture water, the fertilizer, and the rotating disc, allows these pellets to get produced. The three other manure pellet machines incorporate a rotary drum churning granulator, a granulator machine for fertilizer, as well as a standard rotary drum granulator.

How Do These Machines Work?

Many of pan granulator design are in the same manner. They use centrifugal force to create the pellets. The spinning motion in the drum, or even the pan, can offer this kind of rotation. You will find different components based upon one that you want to use. There will definitely be a rolling belt, driving mechanism, gears, along with the machine body itself. As being the powdery manure agglomerate, coupled with water, begins to rotate, the pellets can be created in the process of preparation of organic fertilizers. Once they have dried and solidified, they are often stored or used for your crops.

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Where Can You Locate These Available For Purchase?

It really is easy to obtain more than one of these systems from many reliable businesses. In case you are willing to pay more money, you may have one delivered quickly by working with your local business. Another choice is to have one coming from a company which is outside of your. Foreign businesses have been producing these for several years. It will enable you to produce just as much in the fertilizer pellets as you have in the exact consistency required for your soil. By combining these materials each and every day, you can feel positive that you will never need to worry about needing fertilizer for your crops.

Whether you are employing a pan granulator, or even a rotary drum granulator, these are typically unique systems for produce organic fertilizer from manure. If you absolutely have access to plenty of manure from farm animals, you will likely never run out of fertilizer for your personal business. No matter the kind of animals that you raise, each one of that can be used with this process. Once done, you may trust the standard and quantity of the fertilizer you might be producing to improve your crops every single year.

Considering Different Kinds of Fertilizer Granule Machines to create Organic and Compound Fertilizer

If you’re comparing different kinds of fertilizer granule machines to generate organic and compound fertilizer, you’ll desire to make sure you’re focusing on the proper factors. You should ensure you’re able to measure the equipment in your own cost range so that you can come up with a smart purchase.

Consider the Design of Your Production Line

To start out, you’ll want to consider the design and design of your production line. In case you have a clearer picture of the organic granulator may be like and the way it will operate, you’ll manage to find granule machines that work well well in that line.

It’s best to test out different layouts before purchasing any equipment. Doing this, you can try various layouts without needing to move heavy equipment. It is possible to select your ideal layout and possess the equipment place appropriately once it arrives.

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Buy from a Vendor and Brand You Trust

You’ll want to ensure that you have total confidence in the caliber of the machinery that you’re purchasing. It’s crucial that you know you can trust the vendor you’re buying organic fertilizer granulating equipment from, and you’ll would also like to make sure you buy equipment that had been manufactured by a manufacturer you already know you can be determined by.

You won’t want to suffer from complications with your equipment later down the line. You must be able to inquire and gather valuable information before your purchase. You must also recognize that the producer behind your equipment features a good reputation for quality.

Center on Newer Models

You don’t necessarily must purchase one of several latest models of organic fertilizer granulating machines on the market, but you can find distinct benefits to buying newer equipment. While the base purchase price may be higher, you may even realize that you’re getting better value in the equipment you’re buying overall.

Newer models tend to be more energy-efficient than older models. In addition to that, many newer models come with features that make them easier to work with. With a new model, you can also imagine that maintenance won’t be the maximum amount of of the issue.

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Estimate Operating Costs

What will it cost to keep your fertilizer production line working? You must do your best to estimate these costs prior to your purchase. If there are high expenses associated with a specific granule machine that you’ve been looking at, you’ll want to make certain that you’re aware about these costs upfront.

Your operating costs can have a direct impact on your profits, which explains why you’ll want to make certain that the fee for running your production line is very manageable. Don’t overlook the fee for future repairs when you’re making these estimates.

By comparing and contrasting different varieties of organic fertilizer granule machines to make organic and compound fertilizer, it is possible to weigh your choices and look for the optimal equipment to your production line. Whatever form of machinery you ultimately choose, you’ll have the capacity to gather plenty of valuable information in front of your purchase.

Significance Of Selecting The Best Production Line For Making Fetilizer From Animal Manure

Do you have entry to horse, pig, or chicken manure? Do you wish to put in place a company making organic fertilizer from this manure? Organic fertilizer is huge demand and it will be produced from a number of raw materials including several types of manual from cattle, goat, chicken, or other animals.

Doing the work manually is simply unachievable as it takes plenty of effort. That is why serious companies select a production line created to make animal manure fertilizer by means of pellets or powder from different kinds of animal manure. There are actually several types of production lines to make organic fertilizer from animal manure. The main difference between various production lines is within their design and the caliber of materials useful for making various components.

With regards to selecting a animal manure production line, there are particular parameters which should be carefully considered to get the best value for your money. Will not purchase the first production line you find. Also, claims made about the manufacturer’s website concerning the machine’s efficiency or production capacity or any other parameters should be taken with a grain of salt. You need to do your own research to make sure you are not buying something that will heighten the operational costs and put you with a disadvantage.

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Animal manure fertilizer production line for sale

In addition to the main parameters like processing capacity of organic fertilizer production line, kind of the production line, its design, and excellence of materials useful for making the development line, an important thing you need to consider is the trustworthiness of the manufacturer. Product quality is everything. You can’t possess a successful business when you have to regularly stop production because of the sub-standard of machinery utilized in the development process.

Poor quality machinery stops working frequently. Frequent breakdown not simply hurts production but additionally adds to the production cost and someone has to fund those repairs.

When it comes to checking the trustworthiness of a selected company, start with searching their name online. It must allow you to discover numerous reviews from real clients who have plenty of experience while using equipment. When you might struggle to find reviews on popular review websites but there are plenty of forums and groups on popular social networking platforms where users in the market converge and discuss various things. The truth is, it can be better for you to become an integral part of these communities as you can obtain a lot of ideas from experienced users over these communities.

Commercial animal manure fertilizer production line for sale

The design of animal manure fertilizer production

When you are checking the reputation of a business, don’t forget to inquire about about their after-sales service. Many companies are perfect at making sales but don’t really care about their customers once the sale continues to be completed. You may not are interested to buy from such a company.

You are likely to need the assistance of their engineers for normal servicing and maintenance. Also, you may want replacement parts once in a while. In the event the company lacks strong after-sales support, you could have to cover an increased than expected price for replacement parts.

Overall, various types of production line for making animal manure fertilizer is you can purchase to make organic fertilizer from animal manure. However, not all the development lines are of similar quality. You should buy one only after checking the standing of the brand along with their after-sales support to set up a strong foundation for your business.

Nine Processes and Equipment in the Production of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Many customers have asked me before, what processes do organic fertilizer equipment go through in the production? Today, I will answer in unison.

Nine processes and equipment in the production of organic fertilizer equipment:

  1. Pulverize

The raw materials are preliminarily decomposed by materials crushing equipment.

  1. Dry

The moisture in the material (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) is vaporized and escaped by heating to obtain a solid material with a specified moisture content. The purpose of drying is for the needs of material use or further processing.

  1. Cool down

The material obtains high temperature through the drying process, and then needs to be cooled. Because water cannot be used for cooling, cooling equipment is required to isolate the contact between the material and water.

  1. Ingredients

Ingredient is a critical step in fertilizer production. Its main function is to add appropriate ingredients in proportion to improve the quality of fertilizers.

  1. Sieve

Screening is to screen out impurities and fertilizers with poor quality. The drum type screening equipment here has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation.

  1. Granulation

The mixed material is made into the required granules, especially for materials with high viscosity.

  1. Mix and stir

The material of the stirring vessel should meet the requirements of the organic fertilizer production process, such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, medium corrosion resistance, and product cleanliness. Due to the different materials, the manufacturing process and structure of the stirring vessel are also different, so it can be divided into steel stirring equipment, glass-lined stirring equipment and lining stirring equipment.

  1. Lift Conveyor

Conveying is for transporting the finished fertilizer to a higher location for convenient storage.

  1. Quantitative packaging

Packaging is the last link in fertilizer equipment. In order to protect the product during the circulation process, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales, it is the general name of the containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods; Operational activities in which certain technical methods are applied in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials.

This technology uses biological fermentation technology to rapidly ferment livestock and poultry manure, human excrement, and crop straw to achieve the effects of heating, deodorization, and harmlessness, and to make organic fertilizer, which not only achieves waste recycling, but also reduces the cost of waste. The production investment cost of farmers. The above is all the introduction of the nine organic fertilizer production processes, if you want to know more, please contact our manufacturer.

What Equipment does Chicken Manure Need to Make Fertilizer

Process for Making Powdery Organic Fertilizer from chicken Manure

  • What equipment does fresh chicken manure need to make fertilizer? Generally speaking, the complete equipment of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is mainly composed of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system, It consists of a screening system and a finished product packaging system.
  • After the fermented and decomposed chicken manure is sent to the pulverizer by the conveyor for pulverization, the material with a fineness of 80 mesh accounts for more than 65%, and is sent to the organic raw material warehouse through the conveyor belt, and enters together with other raw materials (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) after electronic measurement. The raw material pulverizer performs secondary pulverization and mixing, and the pulverized and mixed materials are sent to the drum fertilizer granulator through the belt conveyor. The self-viscosity is stimulated. Under the continuous rolling of the drum granulator, the material gradually rolls into a ball, which flows out from the tail of the granulator and is sent to the disc granulator through the belt conveyor. In the long-distance granulation area, the granules are continuously lifted to a high place and rolled down under the action of gravity. The cycle is repeated, the strength of the granules is further strengthened, and the appearance of the granules is more rounded. As the number of particles in the disc fertilizer granulator gradually increases, the finished product The granules overflow out of the granulation tray, and are sent to the dryer through the belt conveyor. The hot air in the hot blast stove is introduced into the dryer through the induced draft fan, and fully contacts the organic fertilizer granules entering the dryer, and the moisture in the granules is quickly removed. After the exchange, a large amount of water vapor is introduced into the dust chamber by the induced draft fan, and then emptied after dust removal and water washing.

fertilizer rotary drum granulator

  • The temperature of the particles after drying is about 70 degrees. It flows out through the tail of the dryer and then enters the cooler for cooling. The normal temperature air introduced by the induced draft fan is fully contacted with the high-temperature particles in the cooler, and the temperature of the high-temperature particles is gradually cooled. When it reaches normal temperature, the hot and humid air in the cooler is introduced into the dust chamber by the induced draft fan, and then emptied after dust removal and water washing. The organic fertilizer particles cooled to room temperature flow out from the end of the cooler and enter the screening machine. Under the continuous rolling action of the granules screening machine, the unscreened organic fertilizer passes through the fine screen section of the screening machine (pore size 2.5*2.5) and the finished product screen in turn. In the mesh segment (pore size 4.5*4.5), the organic fertilizer is divided into three specifications: fine return material, finished pellets and large pellets. The fine return material and the crushed large pellets are returned to the granulator through the return belt conveyor for re-making. The finished granules are sent into the coating machine through the belt conveyor, and are fully contacted and mixed with the coated oil or functional bacteria that are metered into the granular fertilizer coater. The coated oil or functional bacteria are evenly wrapped and adsorbed on the surface of the organic fertilizer particles. , and then enter the finished product warehouse, after being measured by the electronic measuring&packaging machine, it is sent to the packaging machine for packaging and sealing, and then enters the finished product warehouse for storage.

What Are the Methods for Making Organic Fertilizer on a Small Organic Fertilizer Production Line?

Detailed production process

Speaking of the small-scale organic fertilizer production line, many people may think that it is the farmer’s homemade organic fertilizer processing method that pollutes the surrounding air and groundwater, but this is not always the case. The reason for this concept is that people’s classification of large, small, and medium-sized organic fertilizer production lines is not clear. According to the general classification standard of organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers. Organic fertilizer production lines with an annual output of less than 20,000 tons are all small-scale organic fertilizer production lines. However, the small-scale organic fertilizer processing technology that pollutes the air and groundwater in the family workshop is only used for small-scale farms or family breeding, and the output is more than 3,000 tons a year. It is caused by no professional rancid treatment and anti-seepage pollution groundwater measures. This will gradually be eliminated. The qualified small-scale organic fertilizer production line covers an annual output of 3,000 tons-an annual output of 20,000 tons, and requires investment in professional organic fertilizer equipment-organic fertilizer turning machines, grinders, granulators, etc. Let’s talk about the production method of this environmentally friendly small-scale organic fertilizer production line.

Powder organic fertilizer production line

The small-scale organic fertilizer production line has the characteristics of convenient materials, low cost, fast recovery cost, low energy consumption, good income-generating efficiency, no pollution, and high organic content. It is an ecological fertilizer processing equipment. Create conditions for improving the soil environment, improving the living environment of farmers and soil water pollution.

The process of the environmentally friendly small-scale organic fertilizer production line generally uses tank fermentation or trough fermentation, and the other is advanced biogas production, which is then fermented into organic fertilizer. This is a relatively common advanced technology for organic fertilizer processing in the market.

Granular and powder organic fertilizer production line

The advanced process methods of the small-scale organic fertilizer production line are as follows:

  1. Pile livestock and poultry manure and other materials, household garbage, sludge and other fertilizer base materials on a flat ground in a chopped shape. (The trough turning machine directly puts the material into the trough), the pile width is equal to the turning pile width of the equipment, the height is as high as possible, and the length is as long as possible, such as 50 meters, 100 meters, etc., the ground should be flat, cement, The land can be used (as long as it is level and has a certain degree of hardness), 5-6 acres of space is required for every 10,000 tons produced, and the area ofthe trough turning machine will be relatively small).
  2. Sprinkle the piled up livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge and other fertilizer base materials on the biological fermentation inoculants (this unit provides technology and fermentation inoculants).
  3. Use a windrow or trough turning machine to mix straw, livestock and poultry manure and other materials, household garbage, sludge, (water content should be 50%-70%), fermentation bacteria, etc., and mix, 3- It can deodorize in 5 hours. In 16 hours, the temperature is raised to 50 degrees. When the temperature reaches 55 degrees, the pile will be turned again to increase oxygen. Afterwards, whenever the temperature of the material reaches 55 degrees, it will start to stir, which has the effect of uniform fermentation, oxygenation and cooling. Repeat the latter process until completely decomposed.
  4. If the moisture content of livestock manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc. is too high, you can add organic, relatively dry auxiliary materials that can absorb moisture or use the method of recirculation to put the last dried fertilizer underneath to form a chop. Put the livestock and poultry manure and other materials, domestic garbage, sludge, etc., with a large water content in the middle, so that the water on the top can seep to the bottom before being dumped.
  5. The general fertilizer process takes 7-10 days. Due to the different climates in different regions, it may take 10-15 days before the material will be completely decomposed, achieving no odor, no germs, eggs, weed seeds, and high humus content. , Increased potassium content, etc. Powdered organic fertilizer is made.
  6. The powdered organic fertilizer can then be put into storage and sold by crushing, sieving, screening, automatic fertilizer packing machine and other equipment.

Self Propelled Windrow Compost Turner For Sale

If it is to make powdered organic fertilizer, it can be sold on the market after the above-mentioned preliminary process is completed. As a commodity sales, considering the inventory time and fertilizer efficiency maintenance, etc., it needs to be further processed in the above process and processed into granular organic fertilizer.

When processing granular organic fertilizer, the process of the small-scale organic fertilizer production line adds the following process flow to the above description: ① Use the organic fertilizer granulator to process the particles into 3mm-5mm-8mm and other particles; ② Screening by the sieving machine; ③ After screening, the particles that meet the specifications enter the lower-level process, and those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the pulverizer for reprocessing and re-granulation; it should be noted that the first-time granulation rate of FPC organic fertilizer granulator reaches more than 95%; ④ meets the requirements Transfer to the dryer and cooler for drying and cooling; ⑤ In order to maintain fertilizer, the particles need to be coated, which is the coating process of the film coating machine; ⑥ The coated particles are transported to the automatic weighing and packaging machine for packaging; ⑦ Storage.

Cow Manure Granulation Machine

The above is the current process of organic fertilizer processing that meets environmental protection requirements and meets the organic fertilizer standard, and has undergone a fully decomposed and harmless organic fertilizer processing process. The small organic fertilizer production line has been improved through many years of production practice, with advanced technology, stable production capacity, reliable quality, and excellent equipment performance. It is not only the darling of the domestic market, but also a sweet pastry in the international organic fertilizer production line market.

How to Deal with Cow Dung on Small Cattle Farms?

We all know that beef is a good thing. It not only tastes good but also contains rich nutrients. It also sells well in the agricultural market. But what can everyone know about the cow dung produced by cows? Cow dung is also a valuable resource brought to us by cows. If cow dung is mixed with crop straw, mushroom residue, sawdust and other paving materials in a certain proportion (dung accounting for 80-90%) , The others account for 10-20%), and then the raw materials for making cow manure organic fertilizer can be produced after fermentation. The specific situation will be explained by FPC.

The cow dung organic fertilizer equipment is a whole production line developed by the FPC company after more than 15 years of technological precipitation and technological reform. The specific conditions of the raw materials of cow dung organic fertilizer are as follows:

Wheel type Compost Turner for Large Scale Composting

1) Control of the moisture content of cow manure organic fertilizer raw materials: when fermenting cow manure, the moisture control content should be 40%-65%. The method of judging is to hold a handful of materials tightly, the best condition is that the materials do not drip when they see water between the fingers, and the materials will disperse when they fall on the ground. During the fermentation period, less water will lead to slow fermentation, and more water will affect the ventilation of the material, so we must control the moisture.

2) Control of fermentation temperature of cow manure organic fertilizer: the initial temperature of cow manure organic fertilizer raw material fermentation can be controlled above 15 ℃, which is more appropriate (operable in four seasons, not affected by the season, try to ferment indoors or in a greenhouse in winter). The fermentation temperature should be controlled below 70-75℃.

Self Propelled Windrow Compost Turner For Sale

3) Oxygen supply measures for cow manure organic fertilizer: During the fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials, cow manure requires aerobic fermentation. Therefore, we need 2-3 days to use turning equipment for turning during fermentation (turning equipment: trough composting turner machine, mobile compost turning machine) in order to achieve the purpose of oxygen supply. If this situation is not taken seriously, it is likely to cause anaerobic fermentation and produce odor, which will affect the effect of fertilizer.

4) Fermentation time of cow dung raw materials: The fermentation of cow dung organic fertilizer raw materials is generally stacked for 48 hours, and the temperature rises to 50-60 ℃, and can reach 65 ℃ or more on the third day, and the fermentation of the whole raw material is completed within 15-30 days. When the material is dark brown and white mycelium appears on the surface, it indicates that the fermentation has been completed.

Moving type compost turning machie

The above is the fermentation process of cow manure organic fertilizer raw materials, and the complete set of small-scale cow manure organic fertilizer production line equipment is generally within $30,000-$90,000. Since all our equipment can be customized, each customer’s needs are different and the customized organic fertilizer production line is also different. Therefore, the price of a complete set of cow manure organic fertilizer equipment ranges from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The main configuration principle is set according to the customer’s site selection and the personal capital chain supply situation.