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How Much Is a Chicken Manure Turner

How Much Is a Chicken Manure Turner

The price of a chicken manure turner varies, including the different models and specifications produced by each manufacturer, and the price is different. The actual detailed price can be based on your business scale and necessary specifications. , depending on the total annual output.

The chicken manure dumper adopts a four-wheel walking design scheme, which can move forward, backward, and turn. It is operated by one person to drive safely. It is a server in the special mechanical equipment for the production of organic fertilizer. On the long fertilizer base, the rotating spiral bevel gear hanging on the wall under the sound card rack performs mixing, bulking, and stacking of the fertilizer base raw materials. It can perform work both in a wide area and in a greenhouse in the production workshop.

self propelled compost turner

Features of Chicken Manure Composting Turner:

  1. The overall configuration of the equipment is reasonable. The entire equipment has good rigidity, balanced support, simplicity, firmness, reliable characteristics, easy operation, and strong acceptability to the place. Except for the thick sound card rack, the parts are all standard parts, and the application and maintenance Convenient.
  2. The excellent fermentation process adopts the oxygen consumption fermentation of microbial strains. The design scheme is based on the basic principle of oxygen consumption fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have an indoor space where they can fully utilize their functions.
  3. It is more suitable for microbial strains to ferment poultry manure into fertilizer, the principle and processing technology, which can reasonably mix thick poultry excrement with microbial strains of traditional Chinese medicine preparations and straw powder. It creates a stronger aerobic natural environment for material fermentation. Under the characteristics of this kind of loose material, sheep manure can be fermented at 60-70 degrees Celsius for 3-4 days.
  4. The driving force of the whole equipment is balanced and suitable, the energy consumption is low, and the production is large, which reduces the cost of bio-organic fertilizer products. According to the performance parameters of the equipment, the small machine can turn 400-500 cubic meters of chicken manure per hour (equivalent to 100 people and work tirelessly. amount of labor). The maximum number of factory workers is 4-5. Make the finished fertilizer have a significant brand advantage.

Wheel type Compost Turner for Large Scale Composting

Chicken manure compost turner is a major technical improvement of FPC, which depends on the integration of the crushing effect in the middle and late stages of material fermentation. The price of a chicken manure turner, along with the slow drying of the material, the modification of the spiral bevel gear of the crushing equipment can reasonably crush the plates produced by the fertilizer during the fermentation process, which not only saves a crusher, but more importantly Further improve the high efficiency of crushing, reduce costs, and more

On the one hand, the problem that the total output is restrained by the crusher has been dealt with.

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