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Organic Fertilizer Granulator Internal Structure and Maintenance Method

Organic Fertilizer Granulator Internal Structure and Maintenance Method

Organic fertilizer granulator internal structure

The roller extrusion fertilizer granulator machine is a kind of granulation equipment in the organic fertilizer equipment. Synchronized, opposite work.

The material is added from the feeding hopper, extruded by the rollers, demolded into balls, and passed through a pair of chains, sent to the crushing screen working room, screened and separated the finished particles, and then the returned material is mixed with the new material, and then granulated . With the continuous rotation of the motor and the continuous entry of materials, mass production can be realized.

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  1. The frame part of the roller extrusion granulator:

All the working bodies of the fertilizer press pelleting machine are all installed and fixed on the frame. The frame of the machine is made of medium carbon steel plate and channel steel welded. Through strict quality control and specific process requirements, the purpose of this machine is achieved. There are hoisting holes in the middle of the four corners of the rack for use in loading and unloading transportation.

  1. The transmission connection part of the fertilizer roller extrusion granulator:

The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer to make the machine head work. In addition, the sprocket and the chain form the transmission chain and transmit it to the crushing and separation working part. Among them, the transmission reducer and the working part of the machine head are meshed with nylon pin couplings to transmit and drive.

Second, the maintenance of organic fertilizer granulator

The pressing wheel of the organic fertilizer granulator is divided into two types: flat pressing wheel and inclined pressing wheel. Whether it is a flat pressure roller or an inclined pressure roller, the key points of maintenance are reasonable oil injection, timely cleaning, and clearance adjustment. The rationality of the oil injection of the pressure roller of the organic fertilizer granulator determines the use of the pressure roller and the pressure roller bearing. Life. The oil filling of the pressure roller is mainly reflected in the selection of lubricating grease, the oil filling method and the order of oil filling time.

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Good lubricating grease, correct oil injection method and accurate oil injection time are the key to the maintenance of organic fertilizer roller press granulator press wheel. Since the organic fertilizer granulator press roller is in direct contact with the material, adhesion and penetration are inevitable. Once the material enters the press roller, it will cause excessive wear and increase the probability of damage. The damage of the pressure roller and the bearing of the pressure roller becomes an effective means.

Maintaining a proper clearance with the equipment in the stopped state during the production process can reduce the wear caused by friction. Different materials and different density requirements also require a reasonable and cost-effective clearance.

The above maintenance of the organic fertilizer granulator press wheel must be strictly followed in the practical application of the organic fertilizer granulator. In addition, effective maintenance measures can also enable the pressure roller of the organic fertilizer granulator to exert a higher use energy. Generally speaking, the flat pressure roller can be repaired and used, and the cost of the inclined surface pressure roller is slightly higher.

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