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How to Deal with Manure in Cattle Farm?

How to Deal with Manure in Cattle Farm?

As a large livestock animal, cows also produce a lot of manure. Large-scale cattle farms can produce hundreds of tons of cow manure every day. It is difficult to handle such a large amount of cow manure. Although cow dung belongs to organic waste, it will cause air pollution and environmental pollution if it is not disposed of in time. How to deal with cow dung can turn waste into treasure and make the best use of it? Here are a few ways to deal with cow dung.

  1. Make cow dung organic fertilizer

Large-scale cattle farms make cow dung organic fertilizer. There is too much cow dung. It needs to be processed by organic fertilizer production line equipment. You can choose a large organic fertilizer production line or a small organic fertilizer production line according to your budget, and use organic fertilizer equipment production line equipment. The processing of cow dung organic fertilizer can satisfy the production of two forms of organic fertilizer: granular organic fertilizer and powder organic fertilizer.

Granular and powder organic fertilizer production line

  1. Use cow dung to grow Agaricus bisporus

After the cow dung is separated from solid and liquid and fully fermented, it can be used with cottonseed husks, corn cob, etc. as bacterial material to grow mushroom products such as Agaricus bisporus.

  1. Use cow dung to generate electricity

Using cow dung fermentation to generate biogas power generation, using cow dung as fermentation raw material, mixing with corn stalks in different proportions and concentrations, in suitable temperature, pH environment, and isolating oxygen, biogas is generated through anaerobic reaction. Conditional Or local cattle farms with project indicators can build biogas digesters to consume part of the cow dung, and the biogas obtained can be used for the daily production of the cattle farms. This method is generally suitable for small cattle farms.

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