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What Is the Function of Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment?

What Is the Function of Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment?

The production line of organic fertilizer not only effectively solves the environmental pollution caused by organic wastes in livestock and poultry breeding, but also reduces the eutrophication of surface waters caused by pollution. It is also conducive to improving the safety and quality of agricultural products and providing green food and food for humans. Organic food has laid a good foundation, and the ecological and environmental benefits are extremely significant.

The raw materials of organic fertilizer come from livestock manure, animal and plant residues or agricultural production wastes, and contain a large amount of organic matter, which can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops. The organic fertilizer production line is a special processing equipment for organic fertilizer, which is widely used in agricultural development and has gradually become an indispensable machine for agricultural development.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line Flow Chart

The organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer production line can improve the soil, increase organic matter, and have good fertilizer efficiency. Not only can it increase soil organic matter and improve soil physical and chemical properties, but it can also be used as feed to return to the field. To improve the poor soil physical and chemical properties, the soil nutrient content is low, the nutrient is unbalanced, and the water, air, and heat conditions in the soil are not coordinated, and the soil biological condition is poor.

Powdery organic fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer production line has realized the circular development of agricultural resources, not only solving environmental pollution, but also turning waste into treasure by using renewable resources. The organic fertilizer production line technology gradually promotes the combined use of decomposed substances and chemical fertilizers in a planned way, with decomposed substances as the mainstay, and chemical fertilizers as the supplement. Then slowly reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and increase the amount of decomposed substances. In the end, the effect of using only decomposed substances and using no or as little chemical fertilizer as possible is achieved. The bio-organic fertilizer production line realizes true circular agriculture and green agriculture.

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