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The Organic Fertilizer Granulator Manufacturer Tells the Characteristics of the Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The Organic Fertilizer Granulator Manufacturer Tells the Characteristics of the Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The emergence of organic fertilizer production lines has greatly improved the efficiency of organic fertilizer production. Nowadays, many manufacturers have established organic fertilizer production lines in order to speed up the production of organic fertilizers. So today, organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers will talk about organic fertilizer production. Features, let everyone know more about the organic fertilizer production line.

organic fertilizer pan granulation line

The organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer summarizes the characteristics of the six organic fertilizer production lines:

(1) Fully automatic. The organic fertilizer production line is composed of three parts: an automatic batching system, a mixing system, and a quantitative packaging machine. It is controlled by a computer and is fully automated. Greatly reduce the staff and labor intensity.

(2) High precision. The batching system is computer controlled, electronic weighing, and the ratio is strictly controlled. For various ingredients, the error after electronic quantitative packaging is less than one thousandth.

(3) Large output. The designed output of organic fertilizer production line is 8T~30T per hour, and there are three specifications to choose from. This fully solves the contradiction of organic fertilizers due to the strong seasonal concentration of ingredients.

(4) New technology.

(5) Easy to manage. The main control room of the production line can monitor the running status of each component equipment, high-speed 485 or 232 communication interface, convenient to connect with printers and computers, can store 20 kinds of formulas, and truly modernize production management.

(6) Strong adaptability. Suitable for a variety of harsh site environments, including alpine and humid areas.

Cow dung organic fertilizer production line

The above is the explanation of the organic fertilizer production line by the organic fertilizer pelletizer manufacturer. Only by understanding the organic fertilizer production line can we produce high-efficiency and high-quality products.

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