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Operational Requirements And Maintenance of Ground Wheeled Compost Turner

Operational Requirements And Maintenance of Ground Wheeled Compost Turner

The ground wheeled compost turner equipment is a device that uses modern technology to convert agricultural wastes, livestock and poultry manures and organic household garbage into bio-organic fertilizers. Its processing objects are stacked materials stacked on cement roads. It is the dry material of livestock and poultry manure after solid liquid separation. It is turned back and forth through the ground wheel turning machine to increase the contact area between the material and oxygen and shorten the time for organic fertilizer to become fertilizer!

The ground-wheeled compost turner adopts a four-wheel walking design, which can be driven forward, backward, and turned by one person. During driving, the whole vehicle rides on the long strip of fertilizer that was piled up in advance, and the rotating knife shaft hung under the frame performs the mixing, fluffing, and shifting of the fertilizer-based raw materials. Shaped piles. It can be carried out in an open field or in a workshop.

The ground wheeled compost turner is a turning compost device for ground stacking and fermentation. Under the right conditions of the feed moisture, the materials can be heated quickly and produce high temperature fermentation. The high temperature above 55 ℃ can be maintained for several days.

4-wheel type windrow compost turner

The specific operation requirements of the ground wheeled compost turner:

  • The compostingground must be flat and solid, and there must be no uneven surface larger than 50mm in the operation area. The length is not limited, and the width should ensure that the machine can turn around.
  • The width of the raw fertilizer to be mixed shall not exceed 2000mm, and the height shall not exceed 800mm, and it shall be stacked in a straight line.

efficient parts of SX compost turning equipment

Maintenance and maintenance of ground wheeled compost turner:

  • General maintenance (working for 10 hours) check, tighten the connecting bolts and nuts, and check whether the oil drain plug is loose.
  • Check the cotter pins at all parts and see if there are any defects. If necessary, replace the cotter pins with new ones. The cotter pins shall not be replaced by other objects.
  • Check whether the changing knife is defective and whether the fastening bolts are loose, and if necessary, make up and tighten them.
  • Clean the hardened attachments on the ground wheel type compost turner.
  • After the ground wheeled compost turnerhas been working for one season, replace the gear oil of the reduction box, check the bearings of all parts, disassemble and clean, apply new butter, install it, and replace it if it is severely worn.
  • Check whether the scimitar is worn to different degrees, and replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • The ground wheel type compost turner will not work for a long time, and all exposed parts should be oiled to prevent rust, and should be covered when placed outdoors.

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