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What Factors Will Affect the Price of Pig Manure Turning Machines?

What Factors Will Affect the Price of Pig Manure Turning Machines?

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

When we produce pig manure organic fertilizer, the first equipment we need is the fermentation turning machines, and it is also an indispensable equipment in the organic fertilizer fermentation process. There are many types of pig manure compost turning machines, and of course the prices are different. The factors affecting prices are mainly these aspects.

  • Manufacturer

Manufacturer factors will lead to certain price differences. Generally, large and powerful manufacturers are more standardized when manufacturing equipment. In order to build a good user reputation for their own enterprises, they are often more cautious when selecting raw materials and the quality of raw materials will be screened to a certain extent. . The pig manure compost turner machine produced is of better quality, low failure rate and good use effect. But the price is often a bit more expensive than some second-rate small factories, because small manufacturers are likely to work hard on the cost of raw materials in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.

  • Different methods of fermentation equipment

Fermentation methods of organic fertilizers are divided into three categories, windrow-type fermentation, trough-type fermentation, and fermenter fermentation. The fermentation equipment used in each fermentation method is different. The strip type fermentation uses a self-propelled compost turning machines, the trough type fermentation uses a trough type compost turner machine, and the fermentation tank fermentation uses a special organic fertilizer fermentation tank. The prices of the three are generally the most expensive fermentation tanks, followed by self-propelled fermentation, and trough fermentation is the cheapest and most commonly used.

  • Hourly output of equipment

After determining the fermentation method, the selection must be narrowed down to a certain category. Then you have to choose specific equipment specifications based on your predicted annual output, such as trough turning machines, with widths ranging from 3 to 10 meters. The larger the output, the larger the size of the equipment you choose. The price of pig manure turning machine under 5 meters is 5,000-8,000 dollars, and the price of more than 5 meters is more expensive 8,000-17,000 dollars. Therefore, the final equipment price is determined by production capacity and output.

As mentioned above, we have a certain understanding of the price of pig manure composting turner machines. In summary, when selecting equipment, we must find a strong manufacturer. There will be a certain guarantee in terms of equipment manufacturing technology and quality, so as to avoid cheap and expensive equipment. There are a lot of troubles, and then we must determine the fermentation method and output to choose a suitable pig manure turning machine.FPC swine manure compost turner will be your best choice.

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