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Design of Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Design of Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line


Overview of powdery organic fertilizer equipment

Powder organic fertilizer equipment is one of the traditional organic fertilizer production equipment. Powder organic fertilizer is relatively easy to produce. The main production process is to produce semi-finished products through traditional fermentation of livestock and poultry manure, and then crush it to reach 30-40 mesh, and the moisture content reaches 30%, organic matter reaches 30%, and total nutrients reach 5% or more. If the total nutrients are not up to the standard after fermentation, some chemical fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be added appropriately. Therefore, the equipment for producing powder organic fertilizer is relatively simple.

What are the main powdered organic fertilizer equipment

According to the production steps of powder organic fertilizer, the main equipment is mixer, composter, and crushing equipment, but such a simple design is relatively simple and requires more labor. If you want to have a high degree of mechanization, the detailed part of the subdivision is more re-examined, that is, after the first fermentation and the second fermentation, the organic raw materials are directly loaded into the multi-functional silo with a forklift, and the multi-functional silo is broken by mixing and then loaded. Screener, the under-screen material of the screener reaches 30-40 meshes and then is directly transported to the powdery organic fertilizer packaging machine for packaging finished products. The relatively large materials in the screener are crushed by the semi-wet material crusher and returned to the silo.

Production technology of powder organic fertilizer

The production technology of powder organic fertilizer mainly masters these key points. One is to combine several high-nitrogen organic raw materials and several high-carbon organic raw materials according to the formula standard of organic fertilizer fermentation, that is, carbon to nitrogen ratio, carbon to phosphorus ratio, and carbon to nitrogen ratio. Potassium ratio, PH value, moisture, and strains are mixed in proportion. The mixed forecast is directly pushed into the fermentation tank with a forklift for 10-12 days of aerobic fermentation. This process is a high-temperature fermentation process. After the fermentation process is completed, the aging process is carried out, that is, the second fermentation, the second fermentation. It takes 10-12 days. This process belongs to low-temperature fermentation. After the second fermentation is completed, the purpose of maturation is basically achieved. The purpose of these two processes is to decompose the macromolecular materials of organic raw materials into small molecular materials that can be absorbed and utilized by crops, which can also be said to be the process of transforming the organic state into an effective state. The fermented organic raw materials are tasteless, have a refreshing color and lower viscosity. After these two processes are completed, the following crushing-screening-packaging is completed, and the entire powder organic fertilizer production is completed.

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