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Function of granular organic fertilizer production line

Function of granular organic fertilizer production line

The technology of granular organic fertilizer production line is to smash the fermented and decomposed livestock manure and then process it into pellets in granulator. Livestock manure is made of fresh chicken, pig, cattle, sheep manure, municipal solid waste, agricultural and sideline products and organic matter, which does not contain any chemical components.

Chicken and pig have poor digestion ability and can only consume 75% of the nutrients, while the other 25% of the nutrients in the feed are discharged with the manure, so that the dry product contains hydrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter and protein.

The content of organic matter in fermented material is more than 45%, and the total content of hydrogen, phosphorus and potassium is more than 4%. It is suitable for a variety of crops and fruit trees. The production of organic fertilizer has not only created economic benefits for enterprises, but also made great contributions to human environmental protection projects.

With the rapid development of livestock and poultry industry, a large number of feces and sewage are produced. The harmful elements in these feces are seriously over standard, so it is difficult to deal with them by the traditional way of returning them to the field. In view of this situation, people have developed an organic fertilizer production line with mobile, solid-liquid separation technology as the core, integrated with fertilizer production equipment such as mixer, tipping machine, granulator, etc,.

The research and development of livestock manure organic fertilizer production line and sterilization system will help to promote the formation of livestock manure harmless treatment, resource utilization and commercialized production chain, achieve the goal of industrialization, marketization and large-scale production, and effectively promote the development of ecological agriculture and circular economy in the city. Granulated organic fertilizer production line is granulated on the basis of powdered organic fertilizer, which is convenient for commercial sale, storage, transportation, and prolongs fertilizer fertility retention time.

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