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Maintenance of Flat Die Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Maintenance of Flat Die Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Flat die organic fertilizer granulator is broadly utilized in enormous, medium and little hydroponics, grain and feed preparing plants, domesticated animals ranches, poultry ranches, singular ranchers and little and medium-sized homesteads, ranchers or huge, medium and little feed handling plants. use. To assist everybody with bettering keep up and expand the administration life of the flat type fertilizer granulator, we will share the upkeep strategy for the flat die organic fertilizer granulator.

Upkeep strategy for flat die organic fertilizer granulator:

  1. Before the beginning of the level bite the dust natural manure granulator, it is important to carefully check whether the establishment of different pieces of the machine meets the prerequisites. In the event that the screw fasteners are free, you can utilize the hand to tenderly draw the belt to test the pivot, regardless of whether there is a wonder, for example, shelling. Simultaneously, check the course of revolution. It is carefully prohibited to smash combustible and touchy materials to stay away from mishaps.
  2. Notwithstanding continually focusing on check the detachment of each part, it is important to focus on the wear of the wearing pieces of the flat die organic fertilizergranulator. On the off chance that the wear is not kidding, it should be supplanted so as to stay away from harm to the principle parts. What’s more, take the fundamental fire anticipation measures.
  3. Due to the rapid of the level shape natural manure granulator, notwithstanding the right establishment, it is important to keep up great oil to guarantee the typical activity of the machine. Under typical conditions, the bearing temperature doesn’t surpass 70 degrees is ordinary. The primary bearing is once added with margarine and molybdenum disulfide once every week.

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