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Pan Granulator Organic Fertilizer Making Factory

Pan Granulator Organic Fertilizer Making Factory

Making organic fertilizer is a great project to get profits from useless organic wastes. As a professional organic fertilizer equipment supplier, we designed pan granulator organic fertilier making plant. So what are the advantages of making organic fertilizer with disk granulator?

  1. The fertilizer has a significant stretch of legitimacy, enduring richness, gentle and contamination free, and is a sort of top notch compost for the creation of natural, green and contamination free food.
  2. Containing an assortment of minor components, expanding soil natural issue content, free soil, improving soil and framing exclusive requirement farmland are the main significant and essential manure (more conspicuous in the nursery creation) that can keep on improving yield after the utilization of composts.
  3. It won’t cause ecological contamination, and utilizing trade can assume a function in ensuring the climate.
  4. Diminish energy utilization brought about by compost creation and successfully advance plant development.
  5. Transforming waste into treasure lessens family squander.

Preferences of Disk Granulator Fertilizer Production Line:

  1. Embrace semi-wet material smasher, having solid versatility to the dampness content.
  2. Granule cleaning machine makes round granules with uniform size, smooth surface and high strength. Reasonable for associating with different granulator.
  3. Belt transport and other supporting gear are utilized to interface the entire line.
  4. Minimal structure, stable execution, simple activity and upkeep.
  5. The hardware is discretionary as per your real prerequisite.

We can organize our specialist to go to the client industrial facility or workshop site for checking circumstance, and afterward, make the creation format planning drawing for client.

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