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Vinasse Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

Vinasse Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

1. Vinasse Composting

Add raising specialist to strong vinasse and heap it in septic tank subsequent to blending. And afterward it very well may be in high-impact maturation. Put the crude material of 1: 1 volume proportion on the ground or septic tank, blending with a manure turner. Fertilizing the soil tallness isn’t under 1 m and width at least 2 meters.

Turn the material consistently. Use cellulose, corrupting catalyst, protein or rhizopus as starter culture. Starter represents 1-10% of the complete combination. It takes up 6-15 days to mature crude materials. Make temperature of maturation between 50℃to 80℃. Also, quicklime can be added to change intensity of hydrogen. For the most part, keep pH esteem somewhere in the range of 6 and 7.

2. Vinasse Mixing

Add 3% of ammonium sulfate, 6.6% of ammonium bicarbonate, 2% of calcium magnesium phosphate, 1% of potassium sulfate and 10% of humic corrosive. And afterward mix the blend with manure blender.

3. Vinasse Crushing

In the wake of blending crude materials, use manure fasten smasher to make blended materials broken. As indicated by qualities of vinasse, this sort of manure vinasse organic compost particles smasher is the most ideal decision for squashing vinasse. It can abstain from staying and hindering. Chain-hammar smasher can improve pulverizing execution.

4. Vinasse Organic Fertilizer Granulation

In the wake of squashing the materials. It tends to be granulated through compost belt transport to new sort organic manure granulator. Since vinasse is semi dampness crude material, it is reasonable to utilize this sort organic manure granulator. It utilizes the attributes of developing particles under a specific power. The delivered particles are solid, decreasing energy utilization for drying. And afterward it tends to be screened straightforwardly.

5. Vinasse Organic Fertilizer Drying and Cooling

Essential feed is shipped off drying framework by belt transport. The substance innovation is applied while drying the feed. The water substance ought to be under 30% prior to drying. Subsequent to drying, make the temperature of compost chill off.

6. Vinasse Organic Fertilizer Packing

Subsequent to testing review, send the up-to-standard items to bundling framework. As per pressing detail, bundle and seal the items via programmed compost bundling machine. And afterward convey completed items to completed products distribution center.

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