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What are the Advantages of Stirring Tooth Granulator?

What are the Advantages of Stirring Tooth Granulator?

Granular organic fertilizer is now widely used in the market, whether it is directly applied in the field, or used as a fertilizer, mixed fertilizer production, are more extensive.

Wet Organic Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

The production process of granular organic fertilizer is diversified. Disc granulation is a more widely used production method now, and it is also a relatively early granulation method. This kind of granular organic fertilizer production method consumes a lot of energy, because the disc granulation requires too much water in the raw material, (50% – 60%) because the moisture is too high, this will cause a certain load on the equipment, and the raw material is easy to be pelleted in the disc adhesion, the direct impact is the yield, and quality of the decline.

Fertilizer Granulating Machine For Sale

Agitator granulator is a kind of equipment developed by Agricultural Machinery Research Institute based on years of experience in organic fertilizer processing equipment design and production. It is used for granulating various organic fertilizers after fermentation, breaking through the conventional granulation process of organic fertilizers. Before granulation, the raw materials need not be dried. After the raw materials are crushed, spherical particles can be directly processed, which can save a lot of energy. The organic content is 100% to realize the granulation of pure organic fertilizer. The organic micro particles can be inlaid with each other and grow up under certain action.

When granulating, there is no need to add adhesive. The particles are solid and can be screened after granulation. The material moisture of this granulator is only about 20% – 40%, which greatly reduces the energy consumption for our later drying treatment. Especially for some raw materials that are not easy to granulation, such as sheep manure, pig manure, etc., the raw materials with more crude fiber and unable to be granulated by disc granulation can be well pelletized.

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