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Cleaning Requirements of Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Cleaning Requirements of Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for weighing and packaging powder, granular, small pieces and other bulk materials. It is highly automatic and can realize the precise weighing in the process of bag clamping, bag lifting, blanking, measurement, bag dropping and bag removing, so as to realize the high-end automatic and accurate production process of enterprises.

After the automatic fertilizer packaging machine stops working, it is necessary to clean the metering part in time. For some packaging materials that can adhere to the equipment, they should be cleaned in time after each use, so as not to affect the next use. The sealing lines of the bag mouth of the packaging products are clear.

It needs to regularly clean the dust objects in the electric control box, so as to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact, keep all parts of the machine clean, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Maintenance of automatic fertilizer packing machine

  1. Check the screws of all parts of the equipment frequently to avoid loosening and affecting the work.
  2. Particle packaging scale and other packaging equipment are electrical equipment. The electrical part should do a good job of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion to prevent personal accidents caused by electric leakage.

Characteristics of automatic fertilizer packaging machine

  1. High control requirements

Due to the complex structure and high requirements of packaging process, its automatic control directly affects its structure, working stability, packaging product quality, production efficiency and operating environment. Therefore, the control requirements of packaging machine are fast and high.

  1. Fast update

Due to the continuous high-speed development of particle packaging scale, mechanical parts are easy to fatigue, and with the social progress, the requirements of packaging machine are increasingly strict, in order to meet the market needs, packaging machines should be replaced in time.

  1. Environmental protection

Fully automatic control, each bin has dust bunching equipment, packaging machine is also remote operation, greatly conducive to the achievement of environmental indicators.

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