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Chicken Manure Pelleting Process

Chicken Manure Pelleting Process

Through harmless treatment and resource utilization of feces, the green development of animal husbandry was implemented to realize the circulation of agriculture and animal husbandry and zero emission, and the pollution problem of livestock and poultry breeding was solved. Organic fertilizer comes from nature, and its nutrient release is uniform. It can obviously improve crop quality. It is an ideal fertilizer for producing high-quality agricultural products and engaging in ecological agriculture.

Some characteristics of chicken manure:

Chicken manure is rich in nutrients, especially nitrogen, because it contains urine.
They are more acidic than most fertilizer sources and are therefore particularly suitable for acid loving plants.
They are also often very hot and burn plants if applied fresh.
Cooling the composting chicken dungs and reducing the risk of pathogens is strongly recommended.
Chicken manure releases most of its nutrients into the soil in the first year of application.
By making chicken manure into granules, we can bring more nutrients with less load over a longer distance, thus providing value to farmers.
In addition to concentrated nutrients, chicken manure particles are easy to handle and store, making them a viable breeding option for almost any scale operation.

Chicken manure treatment method:

  1. The chicken manure was directly dried by a chicken manure drying machine;
  2. In traditional fermentation, it usually takes 1-3 months to reach the maturity of traditional fermentation (open-air). The odor around it is bad, and there are a large number of mosquitoes and flies. With the development of rapid fermentation with fermentation agent at home and abroad, it shows that adding specific microbial flora to chicken manure can effectively promote the degradation of organic matter, accelerate the decomposition rate of chicken manure, and help to eliminate the odor causing harmful bacteria substances and reduce the environmental pollution. The main fermentation bacteria and organic fertilizer fermentation and throwing equipment and organic fertilizer equipment play a key role in the fermentation of chicken manure, including chicken manure organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, organic fertilizer grinder, organic fertilizer mixing equipment, organic fertilizer granulating equipment, organic fertilizer dryer, organic fertilizer cooler, organic fertilizer drum screening machine, organic fertilizer coating machine, organic fertilizer packaging machine, etc

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