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Cow Manure Fertilizer Granules Making Machine

Cow Manure Fertilizer Granules Making Machine

We hope to draw your attention to our new type of cow manure pellet machine for organic fertilizer. These machines are easy to use and efficient. You may think, why not directly deal with organic matter through granular press, but directly treat organic matter. If organic fertilizer is not treated, its economic value will not be fully utilized. Our machines will provide you with economic value to become farmers or investors.

How to make fertilizer granules with cow dung?

Dung drying: due to the high moisture content of cow dung. Therefore, the first step in the granular fertilizer plant is drying. The drying process of animal manure is different from that of biomass. Otherwise, high moisture content will block the crusher. During this process, the moisture content of fecal waste should be dried to less than 40%.

Fertilizer crushing: fertilizer will become loose after drying. Then the vertical crushing machine can crush it into powder with diameter of 2-5mm.

Manure granulation: after crushing, feces can be granulated. In the fertilizer granulator, fertilizer will be extruded into granular products, called fertilizer granules or fertilizer granules.

Pellet cooling: a cooler is required to cool hot fertilizer pellets. Particles can then be stored or used.

If you are interested in purchasing our fertilizer granule manufacturing machine, or building cow dung granule production line. You can provide us with specifications based on the organic materials to be used, the source of power, the expected production of fertilizer granules per hour and the budget requirements. With this information, high quality talents in ShunXin Company are able to design and deliver efficient granulators customized to your specifications. No matter what kind of livestock or poultry manure you choose, they will provide your soil with organic matter, beneficial microorganisms and the benefits of essential nutrients.

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