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How to choose machines for compost production business´╝č

The processing technology of livestock manure organic compost production line is a kind of multifunctional organic compost with livestock manure, municipal solid waste, crop straw, agricultural and sideline products and food processing organic waste as raw materials.

Fermenting bacteria agents for rapid deodorization, decomposition and dehydration, and then through mixing and granulation, organic compost is collectively referred to as organic compost.

Our company’s composting granulators include disc granulator, drum granulator, roller granulator, two in one granulator, flat mold granulator and ring mold granulator.

How to choose granulating equipment for organic composting production line?

According to the particle shape of organic compost, the composting granulator was selected. Organic composting production line can be made into: spherical particles, cylindrical, flat spherical. Due to different particle shape, the granulator equipment used is also different.

The materials produced by disc granulator, rotary granulator and two in one granulator are spherical; The organic compost produced by roller granulator is flat and spherical, the organic compost produced by plate granulator and annular membrane granulator is cylindrical, and so on. There are many kinds of granulators for you to choose from.
According to the output of organic compost, compost granulator was selected. Users can choose different models according to their own production needs. For example, the annual output of thousands of tons or tons generated in one hour can determine the size of granulating equipment.