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Advantages And Maintenance Points of Wet Material Crusher for Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Organic fertilizer equipment-wet material crusher is also indispensable in the organic fertilizer processing industry. In the process of organic fertilizer processing, both the pre-treatment stage and the deep processing stage of the organic fertilizer wet material pulverizer equipment are inseparable. In the early stage, there are organic fertilizer grinders for the particle size control of large-sized raw materials that are difficult to crush or powdered organic fertilizer. In the later stage of deep processing, the particle size processed by the organic fertilizer equipment crusher has a close influence on the granulation rate and hardness. The importance of the performance of the organic fertilizer crusher equipment is evident. So what are the specific performances, and what points should be taken during maintenance, we will describe them one by one.

Small size semi-wet organic fertilizer powder making machine

The advantages of organic fertilizer equipment material shredder and the points of attention for maintenance

The characteristics of wet material grinder for organic fertilizer equipment

  • The scope of application is wide. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which can meet multiple industry standards. The crushing chamber is equipped with a water-cooled jacket to meet the crushing requirements of most heat-sensitive materials.
  • No pollution, low noise, separate collection room and dust collection room, so that the dust can be fully collected, which can meet the user’s requirements for cleanliness. The whole maneuvering balance is good, and the noise is greatly reduced.
  • Strong production capacity, which can meet the output requirements of most users.

high moisture materials cruhser effect

Use and maintenance of wet material grinder for organic fertilizer equipment

  • Before using the wet material grinder for organic fertilizer equipment, check the appearance of the machine for damage caused by transportation, and whether the random information is complete.

Before connecting the grinder to the power supply, please confirm whether there are iron foreign objects in the machine cavity to prevent the knife from being hit, and manually rotate the flywheel more than one circle. It is forbidden to carry movable knives by hand to ensure safety. Make sure that the main engine of the wet material grinder of the organic fertilizer equipment rotates correctly, and then the motor can be started and put into production.

  • According to the characteristics of the material, the wet material grinder cutter of the organic fertilizer equipment has different lengths of normal use time. If there is wear, please promptly knife the blade. When installing the knife, the rotary knife must be tightened. After the fixed knife is slightly fixed, adjust the 4 adjusting screws to ensure that the gap between the rotary knife and the fixed knife is 0.2-0.3mm. Then tighten the fixed knife screw and tighten the adjusting screw to complete the tool installation.

semi wet material crusher details

The pulverizer has been running for about 500 hours. Please check the left and right main bearings, clean them if necessary, and add proper amount of grease or replace all the grease.

The organic fertilizer equipment wet material grinder has a heavy workload, and the tightness of the transmission triangle belt must be checked frequently to ensure that the moving knife is only smoothly and reliably transmitted.

  • The wet material grinder and power unit of the organic fertilizer equipment should be installed firmly. If the coal gangue grinder is fixed for long-term operation, it should be fixed on the cement foundation.If the grinder is mobile operation, the unit should be installed on a frame made of angle iron, and the power engine (diesel engine or electric motor) should be guaranteed to smash the gangue. The pulley groove of the machine is in the same plane of rotation.
  • After installing the wet material grinder for organic fertilizer equipment, check the fastening of each part of the fasteners, and tighten them if they are loose. At the same time, check whether the belt tightness is appropriate.
  • Before starting the wet material grinderfor organic fertilizer equipment, first turn the rotor by hand to check whether the claws, hammers and rotor are running flexibly and reliably, whether there is any collision in the shell, and whether the rotation direction of the rotor is in the direction pointed by the arrow of the machine. Consistent, whether the lubrication of the power machine and coal gangue grinder is good.
  • Do not change the belt pulley casually, in case the speed is too high to cause explosion in the crushing chamber, or the speed is too low to affect the working efficiency of the coal gangue grinder.

semi wet material crusher fine parts

  • The wet material grinder for organic fertilizer equipment should be idling for 2~3min after starting, and then feed the material after there is no abnormal phenomenon.
  • Pay attention to the operation of the wet material shredderat all times during work, and feed evenly to prevent blocking the car. Don’t overload your work for a long time. If there are vibrations, noises, excessive temperature of the bearings and the machine body, or spraying materials, the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately, and the work can be continued after troubleshooting.

It can be seen from the above that the organic fertilizer equipment wet material crusher plays an irreplaceable role in the processing of the organic fertilizer production line. At the same time, it has the advantages of wide practicability, environmental protection and pollution-free, high efficiency, and simple operation. On the other hand, as long as the above six requirements are followed during maintenance, the service life of the organic fertilizer equipment pulverizer can be extended.