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Methods for Fertilizer Production and Application

Pay attention to the time of fertilization

Organic fertilizer is slow to use, so it should be applied as early as possible. It is usually used as the base fertilizer before sowing or sowing, and fermentation will be better before use. The latter is less effective than the basic fertilizer.

Fertilizer has a quick effect, and should be used as base fertilizer one week in advance. Fertilizer should be applied before the critical period of crops or during the peak period of nutrient absorption to meet their needs.

How to make organic fertilizer, here are complete systems for your reference,

Biological fertilizer plays an important role in inhibiting bacteria in soil. Therefore, under the premise of bacteria having reproductive growth time, it should be applied early, which can be applied with organic fertilizer for soil or during implantation or implantation before application.

NPK Drum Granulation Line

NPK Drum Granulation Line

Second, pay attention to the application method

The main function of organic fertilizer is to improve the soil and provide nutrients, which is usually used as the basic fertilizer in the soil. Therefore, the organic fertilizer and soil should be mixed evenly with the deep plough to achieve the purpose of improving the soil. It can also be used in combination with microbial agents for acid-base reproduction, which will improve the soil environment, balance nutrition and increase the structure of soil aggregates. To make fertilizer met the requirements, it is necessary to select a realiable organic fertilizer machine manufacturer.

In the basic fertilizer, because the nutrients in the organic fertilizer are mainly nitrogen, it can reduce the nitrogen fertilizer in the organic fertilizer, the base fertilizer can use 30%, the rear fertilizer can use 70%. Phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer can be paid off as base fertilizer at one time. The fluidity of phosphate fertilizer is poor, and the recovery effect is poor in the later stage. Therefore, the phosphate fertilizer should be applied to the soil as the base fertilizer.

To make compound fertilizer, here are machines for your reference:

The best way to apply the fertilizer is to use the full solution quick acting fertilizer, such as the source Bank of P and K, which can be absorbed quickly after the decomposition of vegetables, which has little influence on the soil. Biomass fertilizer can be concentrated in planting sites or based on organic fertilizer because of its small quantity. The latter can be used to produce long bacteria by using the same kind of biological fertilizer to improve the removal ability and disease prevention effect of phosphorus and potassium solution.

Finally, pay attention to the dose

Different crops have different growth stages. The amount of fertilizer is different, so the amount of fertilizer should be controlled, and the fertilizer should be applied according to the different needs of plants, and the content of nutrient elements in soil should be considered comprehensively
Reasonable collocation of chemical fertilizer.

We can arrange engineers to go to the customer factory or workshop to check the situation on site, and then make the production layout drawings for the customers.

We provide installation and maintenance for overseas engineers.
For the construction of customers, we can provide construction drawings for free.

When customers visit China to check our factories, we can take our machines to our fertilizer plants, including roller pressing granulation production line, organic fertilizer production line, NPK compound fertilizer production line.

How to choose machines for compost production business´╝č

The processing technology of livestock manure organic compost production line is a kind of multifunctional organic compost with livestock manure, municipal solid waste, crop straw, agricultural and sideline products and food processing organic waste as raw materials.

Fermenting bacteria agents for rapid deodorization, decomposition and dehydration, and then through mixing and granulation, organic compost is collectively referred to as organic compost.

Our company’s composting granulators include disc granulator, drum granulator, roller granulator, two in one granulator, flat mold granulator and ring mold granulator.

How to choose granulating equipment for organic composting production line?

According to the particle shape of organic compost, the composting granulator was selected. Organic composting production line can be made into: spherical particles, cylindrical, flat spherical. Due to different particle shape, the granulator equipment used is also different.

The materials produced by disc granulator, rotary granulator and two in one granulator are spherical; The organic compost produced by roller granulator is flat and spherical, the organic compost produced by plate granulator and annular membrane granulator is cylindrical, and so on. There are many kinds of granulators for you to choose from.
According to the output of organic compost, compost granulator was selected. Users can choose different models according to their own production needs. For example, the annual output of thousands of tons or tons generated in one hour can determine the size of granulating equipment.