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How Can I Choose the most Suitable Organic Fertilizer Turning Equipment?

Organic fertilizers are now playing an increasingly important role in the agricultural field, gradually replacing chemical fertilizers to provide nutrients for crop growth. In the process of producing organic fertilizers, organic fertilizer turning equipment is one of the indispensable equipment in the production line, which plays an important role in turning the materials over. Throwing treatment plays an important role in promoting the fermentation and decomposing of materials. Nowadays, the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers on the market are mixed, and the quality is uneven, so how to choose the most suitable organic fertilizer turning equipment? Today, FPC organic fertilizer composting turner manufacturer will take you to find out.

Self Propelled Windrow Compost Turner For Sale

First, choose organic fertilizer turning equipment according to the annual organic fertilizer output. Different types of organic fertilizer turning equipment are suitable for organic fertilizer manufacturers of different scales. Therefore, before purchasing equipment, you must first understand your annual organic fertilizer output, the quantity and moisture content of raw materials, etc. Only with a full understanding of these issues, it will be easier to do when purchasing organic fertilizer compost turning equipment.

Second, it is necessary to understand the types of organic fertilizer turning equipment. Now organic fertilizer turning machines are mainly divided into trough type and self-propelled turning machines, because the trough type composting turner machine needs to be constructed manually before operation, and due to The structure of the trough dump truck is special, and the oxygen supply is not as good as that of the self-propelled dumper. Therefore, most organic fertilizer manufacturers prefer to purchase the self-propelled dumper. In fact, the trough turner also has advantages. It will save more land than the self-propelled turner. It can be installed with an organic fertilizer granulation production line to achieve continuous production.

Wheel type Compost Turner for Large Scale Composting

The self-propelled turning equipment adopts the design of four-wheel walking system, which is convenient and simple to operate. It can turn forward and backward. During the driving process, the whole vehicle rides on the pre-stacked long strip of fertilizer base, and uses the lower auger of the rack. The stirring knife flips, fluffs and moves the material, and after passing the car, it forms a new strip stack. The machine modification work needs to be carried out in open and outdoor venues that can be open-air, or in the greenhouse in the production workshop for homework. The self-propelled pile turner is economical and practical, equipped with a cab, the rear shaft adopts a universal joint shaft, and the auger transmission method adopts double chains to realize the transmission. The equipment is durable and safe.

Moving type compost turning machie

After you have a full understanding of your own annual output and the types of organic fertilizer turning equipment, you can have a clear idea and a clearer purpose when choosing organic fertilizer equipment. When purchasing, it is best to choose products from regular manufacturers and look at the reputation of the manufacturers in the industry, so that the quality of the purchased equipment and after-sales service will be more guaranteed.

How Much does It Cost to Put into Production a Set of Organic Fertilizer Equipment?

For friends who are preparing to start production of organic fertilizers, there are many things that need to be done, such as project establishment, production plan, process selection, equipment purchase, plant construction, and there may be bidding matters. Since 2020, due to the rising price of raw materials, which has a greater impact on the price of equipment, many friends are very concerned about how much it costs to put into production an organic fertilizer equipment?

First of all, in the case of equipment purchase alone, the price of a set of organic fertilizer production equipment may range from tens of thousands to several million. There are many factors that affect the price of organic fertilizer equipment. Production capacity, raw materials, and equipment selection must also consider the rise and fall of equipment raw materials. Today, I will use two different customer production cases last year to explain the price of the equipment in detail and see which situation is suitable for you.

  1. Simple configuration of organic fertilizer equipment to produce fermented organic fertilizer

If the organic fertilizer is produced on a small scale, commercial sales are not required, only the pre-fermentation process is required, and the subsequent deep processing is not required. At present, there are three forms of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment:

  1. Choose an organic fertilizer fermentation tank.

Fermentation tank processing organic fertilizer is suitable for the conditions of strict environmental protection requirements and high fermentation aging requirements. At present, the use of fermentation tanks to process organic fertilizer can produce raw materials within 48 hours. The fermentation tank can be equipped with a deodorization system to completely solve the environmental pollution problem. It is not affected by the external temperature and environmental terrain, and can be produced at any time.

  1. Adopt small trough type compost turning machine.

The trough-type manure compost turning machine runs stably, and can be changed by one turning-and-turning machine. It can handle multiple trough materials with large output and uniform turning and polishing. Most organic fertilizer processing plants are used. The small 2-meter trough-type turning and polishing machine is only priced at 5 thousand dollars.

  1. Use self-propelled compost turning machine.

The self-propelled manure composting machine is divided into wheel type and crawler type. It is characterized by large processing capacity and free movement. It is suitable for organic fertilizer dumping operations in a wide area, and is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants that do not want to carry out a large amount of civil engineering. The price of the type turning machine is about 10,000 dollars.

  1. Simple configuration of equipment for producing powdered organic fertilizer

The production of powdered organic fertilizer is finely pulverized after the fermentation of organic fertilizer. The required equipment: fermentation dumper, forklift silo, semi-wet material shredder, drum screening machine, automatic packaging is called powder organic fertilizer. This low-end configuration of powder organic fertilizer production equipment can be realized at a price of about 30,000-90,000 dollars.

  1. Equipment for producing granular organic fertilizer

The production process of granular organic fertilizer is relatively complete and complicated at present, and it is also based on continuous fermentation process and powder organic fertilizer processing. Therefore, the required equipment is relatively more, including fermentation machine, forklift silo, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, fertilizer film coating machine and automatic packaging machine. When the process has special needs, dynamic ingredients are also needed. The price of a small complete set of equipment is about $100,000-$140,000.

For professional fertilizer processing enterprises, the production capacity requirements are relatively large. For an organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 50,000 tons, the equipment price is between $90,000 and $150,000. Such a price range is a reasonable range that takes into account the different needs of different customers.

The above is the approximate price of organic fertilizer production equipment. Since 2021, the price of metals has soared, pushing up the price of equipment, and the specific situation should be based on real-time quotation.

However, in the actual process design, because the production capacity requirements of each project, the ground processing site, and the configuration of the entire set of organic fertilizer production equipment are not fixed, there are often many different situations, so the specific price depends on the situation. FPC will generally provide customers with process design, equipment processing and installation, and production training for free according to the actual situation of the customer. Let customers achieve mass production without any worries.

Introduction of FPC Trough Type Fermentation Equipment

The trough type fermentation equipment mainly refers to the trough type compost turning machine. The trough compost turning machine is a kind of turning and polishing equipment matched with the fermentation tank. Rails are installed on the tops of both sides of the fermentation tank, and the turning compost machine can run back and forth on the rails. Generally, the trough-type turning machine is equipped with one machine and multiple tanks, and the transfer of the turning machine between the fermentation tanks can be realized by a moving machine. The groove type turning compost machine is mainly composed of a frame, turning and polishing device, walking mechanism, cable reel device, electric control system, etc. It is mainly driven by electric power.

Groove type compost turner

The trough fermentation system has the advantages of small footprint, high composting depth (0.8-2.5 m), fast temperature rise and large processing capacity. During the trough fermentation process, it can maintain and ensure the formation of an alternating state of medium temperature-high temperature-medium temperature-high temperature, which effectively shortens the fermentation cycle. A device for adding bacteria is installed on the turning compost machine, which can spray evenly and proportionally during the fermentation process. At the same time, a ventilation pipe can be laid at the bottom of the tank to increase ventilation. There are also groove composting equipment using electricity, no exhaust pollution, odor and water seepage can also be effectively controlled. The trough turning machine is suitable for refined and large-scale production, which is conducive to production management and production cost control.

Installed groove type compost turning machine

The trough turning composter machine can improve the safety of walking, the reliability of the turning system, the adaptability of composting materials and the degree of automation of operation. It produces products with high efficiency, stable and reliable operation, sturdy and durable, uniform turning and polishing, and is well received by the market.

Does Sun-Dried Chicken Dung and Cow Dung Need to Be Fermented?

Sun-dried chicken manure and cow manure need to be fermented. The fermented chicken manure and cow manure belong to the category of farmyard manure. Fermentation is a key step in the production of organic fertilizer. The purpose is to deodorize, sterilize, and increase beneficial bacteria. Unfermented raw materials contain a lot of heavy metals, insect eggs, weed seeds, and other harmful bacteria. If they are directly applied, it will not only consume fertilizers but also increase the probability of crop diseases and insect pests.

The method of fermenting chicken manure and cow manure in a large-scale organic fertilizer processing plant:

There are three common fermentation methods: fermentation tank fermentation, strip fermentation, and tank fermentation.

Chicken Manure Fermentation Tank

Fermentation tank fermentation uses a new type of fermentation equipment to put raw materials into the fermentation tank for fermentation. The equipment has a deodorizing system, a ventilation system, a stirring system, and an auxiliary heating system. The characteristic is that it is not affected by the environmental temperature, can be produced at any time, and the fermentation speed is fast.

Self propelled windrow compost turner on site

Pile fermentation, using an open field for fermentation, is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants where the site is limited and does not want to invest heavily in civil engineering. Features: The operation of the fermentation site is flexible and changeable, and the self-propelled windrow compost turning machine is easy to walk.

Wheel type compost turner machine

Trough fermentation, build a fermentation tank in the factory area, install a track on the upper part of the enzyme pool wall, a trough type compost turner walks on the track, the raw materials are put into the tank, the turning machine walks back and forth to turn the material, and it is characterized by stable equipment operation , Suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants with larger output and mass production.

If you want to know the specific ingredients and methods of fermentation, please feel free to inquire.

How Does the Groove Type Fermentation Turning Machine Work?

Trough type fermentation turning compost machine, also known as track type turning machine, is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks, and transfer machines. It can be used with the transfer machine to realize the function of one machine with multiple slots. The matching fermentation tank can continuously or batch fermentation production materials. The trough turning compost machine produced by FPC has the advantages of high efficiency, stable operation, sturdiness and durability, and uniform fermentation. Trough-type fermentation compost turning machine is an indispensable equipment for pig farms to achieve zero emissions. In order to meet the qualified evaluation criteria of the environmental impact of the pig farm, this equipment is needed. It can not only meet the needs of the pig house, but also bring additional income to the pigs, convert the manure into organic fertilizer for sale, and increase the manure. the value of.

Groove type compost turner in stock

The use of animal manure compost turning machine can give full play to the function of mixing materials. In the fermentation process of organic fertilizer raw materials, a certain amount of organic fertilizer starter needs to be added to meet the requirements of water, acid and alkali. The turning compost machine can make the mixing operation uniform and achieve the purpose of thorough mixing. It can also improve the air permeability of the raw materials, make the raw materials fluffy and disperse, can absorb oxygen in the air, and accelerate the increase of the temperature of the fertilizer pile. If the temperature is too high, the temperature can be lowered even if the turning and polishing machine is used to control the temperature, thus forming an alternating state of medium, high and low temperature, which is beneficial to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

on-site groove type compost turning machine

The groove-type compost turning machine is composed of driving device, lifting device, walking device, turning and polishing gear, transfer machine and other main components. The motor directly transmits the power to the cycloid reducer, and then turns and rolls through the sprocket. The mixing blades on the main shaft are distributed in a spiral shape. The materials in the fermentation tank can be rotated and stirred to a distance of 1m, which has the effect of rapid rotation and uniform mixing, realizing full contact between the materials and the air, and making the fermentation effect of the materials better.

Detailed Technical Info on Compost Turner Machine

In the complete set of equipment required for biological fertilizer production, fermentation stacker has gradually become a convenient tool to replace labor and forklift to deliver materials, and is the mainstream product of composting development trend with important influence.

According to the characteristics of organic fertilizer dumper, the characteristics used in composting production are: when making fertilizer, the dumper needs to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio, pH and water content of raw materials, and some auxiliary materials must be added. add to. Depending on the lathe, the main raw materials and various auxiliary materials which are roughly stacked together in proportion can be evenly mixed to achieve the ideal granulating effect suitable for the granulator.

In the traditional stacker operation, the raw material particles are fully contacted and mixed with the air, and a large amount of fresh air can be cultivated in the stacker, which helps the aerobic microorganisms to produce spontaneous combustion fermentation heat and increase the stacking temperature.

When the temperature is high, adding fresh air to the reactor can reduce the temperature of the chimney. It forms the shape of high temperature exchange, and all kinds of beneficial microorganisms develop and reproduce in the appropriate temperature range.

The stacker system can process the material into small lumps, make the dense material pile loose and elastic, and form the appropriate porosity to promote the entry of oxygen.
After proper moisture fermentation, the moisture content of organic fertilizer is less than 40%. In the fermentation process, the biochemical reaction will produce new water, and the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will gradually release water as carrier.

Therefore, in the process of fertilizer production, the water content is reduced in time. In addition to the evaporation caused by heat conduction, the raw materials are shifted from the stacker to form a forced water vapor distribution.

Our new organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment includes transverse device, walking device and stacking steering device. The stacking turning device consists of two reducers fixed on the frame, which are connected to the corresponding reducers through couplings and fixed with spiral blades. The utility model has the characteristics of improving the fermentation rate, rapidly decomposing the compost, preventing the generation of peculiar smell, and shortening the fermentation time.

eIt is usually applied to: farm, fertilizer fermentation, fertilizer factory, brewery, food factory and sugar factory fermentation of raw materials in fermentation waste fermentation and sugar residue crushing.