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What Are the Structure And Principle of Flat Die Extrusion Granulator?

The flat mode extrusion granulator is mainly composed of a feed hopper, a pressing roller, a die plate, a gearbox, a motor and a frame. The electric motor transmits the power to the gearbox and is driven by a set of bevel gears to change the direction of rotation and drive the flat die or the pressure roller to rotate to realize the relative movement of the pressing roller and the flat die. The powder material is squeezed into the die hole of the flat die, and the cutting knife rotates at low speed under the flat die hole to cut the extruded columnar fertilizer according to the required length. The flat die extrusion equipment has simple structure and strong adaptability.

The granule composition is uniform and the shape is neat, which is suitable for granulation of carbon-based fertilizer with a lot of fiber.

The moisture content in the material has a greater impact on the pressure effect of the flat mode. The study found that the moisture in the mixture should be controlled between 8% and 10%. It is appropriate to control the moisture content in the mixture. The surface is rough, the strength is not high, the output is low, and the load of the main machine is large. If the moisture content is too high, the particles are easy to deform and squeeze into agglomerates, which will cover the entire granulation chamber in severe cases. The production capacity of the flat die fertilizer granulator is generally 0.5~7.0th, and the power consumption is 18.5~110.0kw. From the stand-alone point of view, the unit energy consumption is higher than that of roller compactor dry granulator.

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