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Six Steps of Chicken Manure Processing Organic Fertilizer Equipment Technology

What equipment is used for processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer? What is the process? FPC is a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer. Today I will share with you what equipment is used for processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer, and what is the treatment process? what.

Long-term use of chicken manure organic fertilizer can make crops and plant rhizomes develop, and plants grow well and shiny, and can also increase the yield of crops. The more feasible way to process chicken manure into organic fertilizer is to use organic fertilizer equipment for process treatment, so that the time for processing into fertilizer is short, which is energy-saving and efficient.

Large Scale Compost Turner

Large Scale Compost Turner for pig manure disposal

  1. Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment for turning over and fermenting chicken manure

Mix the collected chicken manure with some hay or straw powder and add some starter to make compost and ferment. During the fermentation time, the chicken manure is turned over and fermented with a turning machine, and the organic fertilizer is fully fermented only by turning the pile evenly.

  1. The grinder crushes chicken manure organic fertilizer

A wet material crusher can be used for the crushing process. The semi-wet material crusher uses high-speed rotating blades to destroy the fiber with good particle size, high efficiency and high energy. The semi-wet material crusher is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer, and has a good effect on destroying chicken manure, sodium humate and other materials.

  1. Equipment for making organic fertilizer pellets from chicken manure

The chicken manure organic fertilizer is granulated with a disc granulator or a stranded granulator. Make the fertilizer granular, with some weight, not easily dissipated by the wind.

manure rotary dryer machine in organic fertilizer production line

Fourth, use drying and cooling equipment

If it is organic fertilizer particles, cooling equipment can be used for cooling. No drying equipment is needed. If it is powder equipment, it needs to be dried with a tumble dryer first, and then cooled with a cooler.

Rotary Screening Machine for screening unqualified pellets

Five, sieving machine sieving fertilizer

The particles produced in the granulating equipment will have different diameters and need to be sieved and classified by a sieving machine. The large and small granular materials that are unqualified in the screening are transported out by a belt elevator, destroyed from the beginning, and then sent to the granulator for re-granulation.

fertilizer granules coating machine

Sixth, coating equipment coating layer

The coating machine is composed of a screw conveyor, a mixing tank, an oil pump, and a main engine. Powder dusting or liquid coating technology can effectively prevent the agglomeration of compound fertilizers

Step 7: Automatic packaging scale weighing and sealing packaging

Organic fertilizer granular materials are packaged. Fertilizers are actively packaged and weighed to complete quantitative weighing and packaging.

These are the processing methods of chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment processing chicken manure organic fertilizer

Pan Granulator Organic Fertilizer Making Factory

Making organic fertilizer is a great project to get profits from useless organic wastes. As a professional organic fertilizer equipment supplier, we designed pan granulator organic fertilier making plant. So what are the advantages of making organic fertilizer with disk granulator?

  1. The fertilizer has a significant stretch of legitimacy, enduring richness, gentle and contamination free, and is a sort of top notch compost for the creation of natural, green and contamination free food.
  2. Containing an assortment of minor components, expanding soil natural issue content, free soil, improving soil and framing exclusive requirement farmland are the main significant and essential manure (more conspicuous in the nursery creation) that can keep on improving yield after the utilization of composts.
  3. It won’t cause ecological contamination, and utilizing trade can assume a function in ensuring the climate.
  4. Diminish energy utilization brought about by compost creation and successfully advance plant development.
  5. Transforming waste into treasure lessens family squander.

Preferences of Disk Granulator Fertilizer Production Line:

  1. Embrace semi-wet material smasher, having solid versatility to the dampness content.
  2. Granule cleaning machine makes round granules with uniform size, smooth surface and high strength. Reasonable for associating with different granulator.
  3. Belt transport and other supporting gear are utilized to interface the entire line.
  4. Minimal structure, stable execution, simple activity and upkeep.
  5. The hardware is discretionary as per your real prerequisite.

We can organize our specialist to go to the client industrial facility or workshop site for checking circumstance, and afterward, make the creation format planning drawing for client.

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Solid Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Having a superior comprehension of the compound fertilizer creation line measure assumes exceptionally huge part for the clients speculation and compound compost producing. Presently the fundamental creation techniques for granular compound compost are slurry strategy, strong grinding strategy, liquefying strategy, and so on Presently we will give a short presentation of the most generally utilized strong crushing strategy.

Brief Introduction of Solid Fertilizer Granulating Method

The strong grinding technique utilizes single base compost like urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride, and so forth as crude materials as indicated by a specific extent to blend together(mainly controlled by the neighborhood market interest and soil discovery results).

At that point consistently blends the very much dispensed crude materials with our compost blending machine, and pounds them to a specific fineness. Next is the major and fundamental advance—pulverizing, here you need the rotary drum grinding machine. The materials are ship off the crushing machine by the belt transport, and through a progression of humidifying, warming cycle to agglomerate and shape particles. Here the particles are only the semi-completed items, they additionally require further preparing including drying, screening, cooling and bundling. At last after every one of these techniques, you can get the top notch compound manure items.

Advantages of Solid Granulating Method

  1. The crude materials are anything but difficult to get by receiving the strong pulverizing technique, and the preparing is moderately straightforward.
  2. Progressed and develop innovation for modern compound compost creation.
  3. Less speculation, low creation cost and exceptional yields.
  4. Has a place with second preparing of the base compost, so practically no ecological contamination issues existed.

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