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How to Increase the Output of Organic Fertilizer Granulator?

It is well known that the organic fertilizer granulator is a special equipment for the production of organic fertilizer granules, and there are many problems or failures in the organic fertilizer granulation opportunity. As an organic fertilizer granulator manufacturer, we will face the user of the organic fertilizer granulator during the three guarantees service period. Summarize the problems or failures encountered, and draw the following points of maintenance and use for readers and users.

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First, do a good job of heat preservation. Due to the climate and environment, the drive parts of the organic fertilizer granulator will start slowly or fail to start due to freezing. This requires that the workplace of the organic fertilizer granulator or the organic fertilizer granulator itself must have certain insulation measures. The raw materials used in the work of the organic fertilizer granulator must also be antifreeze treatment. The moisture content of the organic fertilizer raw materials is low, and the antifreeze treatment is also critical for the winter use of the organic fertilizer pellet machine.

Second, use special lubricants. Low temperature and skillful use frequency will cause the lubricating oil to encounter condensation and freeze retention, which will affect the lubricating oil supply of the organic fertilizer granulator. It can be maintained by adding lubricating oil to the affected organic fertilizer granulator in time. Better use effect.

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Third, reasonable maintenance. Every time the work is completed, the organic fertilizer granulator must be inspected and maintained. The main focus is on the transmission part, the lubrication part and the cleaning of residual materials. Maintenance and repair are the basis for the use of the organic fertilizer granulator in winter. And replace the faulty parts of the organic fertilizer granulator in time to avoid the operation of the organic fertilizer granulator and reduce the production and use costs caused by the machine failure. Reasonable maintenance also needs to be completed regularly to ensure the maintenance and attention of each component. Make the organic fertilizer granulator show better results.

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As long as you pay attention to the main points of the use and maintenance of the organic fertilizer granulator and take corresponding measures, the quality-guaranteed organic fertilizer granulator will better serve our production and production of organic fertilizer particles. The benefit of granulator, drum granulator, disc granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, fertilizer granulation equipment is maximized.