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Introduction of FPC Trough Type Fermentation Equipment

The trough type fermentation equipment mainly refers to the trough type compost turning machine. The trough compost turning machine is a kind of turning and polishing equipment matched with the fermentation tank. Rails are installed on the tops of both sides of the fermentation tank, and the turning compost machine can run back and forth on the rails. Generally, the trough-type turning machine is equipped with one machine and multiple tanks, and the transfer of the turning machine between the fermentation tanks can be realized by a moving machine. The groove type turning compost machine is mainly composed of a frame, turning and polishing device, walking mechanism, cable reel device, electric control system, etc. It is mainly driven by electric power.

Groove type compost turner

The trough fermentation system has the advantages of small footprint, high composting depth (0.8-2.5 m), fast temperature rise and large processing capacity. During the trough fermentation process, it can maintain and ensure the formation of an alternating state of medium temperature-high temperature-medium temperature-high temperature, which effectively shortens the fermentation cycle. A device for adding bacteria is installed on the turning compost machine, which can spray evenly and proportionally during the fermentation process. At the same time, a ventilation pipe can be laid at the bottom of the tank to increase ventilation. There are also groove composting equipment using electricity, no exhaust pollution, odor and water seepage can also be effectively controlled. The trough turning machine is suitable for refined and large-scale production, which is conducive to production management and production cost control.

Installed groove type compost turning machine

The trough turning composter machine can improve the safety of walking, the reliability of the turning system, the adaptability of composting materials and the degree of automation of operation. It produces products with high efficiency, stable and reliable operation, sturdy and durable, uniform turning and polishing, and is well received by the market.

Compost Turner for Fertilizer Production

In the production of biological fertilizer, the first thing is to compost manure. Why do we use a dumper for manure composting? This is a problem that many friends who see the fermenter for the first time will encounter. The reason why there is such a doubt is that we have been using the traditional manure composting fermentation method for many years. Most of them see a pile of feces where they are not in the way, or dig a pit and put it in the pit. However, it is not known that this treatment method is difficult to achieve complete fermentation of feces, and the application of incomplete fermentation feces will cause great harm to crops.

The following is a summary of the reasons for using fermentation dumper in fecal composting in organic fertilizer production:

1. Help oxygen enter

It is often said that the method of ventilation and compost fermentation is aerobic fermentation. The aerobic fermentation process requires a lot of oxygen. After a period of natural fermentation, the oxygen in the pile will gradually decrease, making the fermentation speed slow down. With the car dumper, the oxygen in the compost can be fully ventilated during the car dumper.

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

2. Reduce the temperature

For traditional fertilizers, when the shovel is turned every other time, white smoke will be found. This white smoke is water vapor, which takes away heat during evaporation, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. In the process of manure composting, reasonable temperature control is an important technical index. If the temperature is too high, it will kill the nutrients in the organic raw materials. Using the turnover machine, the accumulated compost can be evenly stirred inside and outside, so as to evaporate a large amount of water in the compost, so as to effectively control the temperature in the compost.

3. Promote the fermentation process

Beneficial fermentation bacteria are in uniform and full contact with fermentation materials to promote the fermentation process.

4. Greatly improve work efficiency

The normal manual stacking speed of 2 days can be turned over by using the trough throwing machine for more than two hours. Uniformity is much better than manual operation.
After a series of treatment, the feces can not only be completely fermented, but also the feces can be shortened from 2-3 months of traditional composting fermentation to only 15 days, which greatly improves the efficiency and treatment capacity of fecal fermentation and makes the original fecal waste into reusable and efficient organic fertilizer.

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New developed compost machines in 2021

Twin screw turnover machine SX is a new type of high-yield organic fertilizer composting fermentation turnover machine in the organic fertilizer production line.

The double screw turnover machine can complete the deep turnover of organic fertilizer composting materials. Including livestock manure, sludge, sugar mill filter sludge, residue cake and straw scraps.

Large Scale Compost Turner

Large Scale Compost Turner

Twin screw turning machine is used for fermentation and dumping of organic waste. It is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, horticultural farms and BIS mushroom plants for fermentation and water removal.

Dumper is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting. As a new type of machinery, it is still unknown in the national product catalog, but it spreads rapidly in the series of fertilizer machinery and equipment.

It is the main product in the development trend of composting industry to replace handheld devices and handheld devices. Mobile phone for storing materials. It can be used in bio organic fertilizer production line and chicken manure organic fertilizer production line with high yield.

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Detailed Technical Info on Compost Turner Machine

In the complete set of equipment required for biological fertilizer production, fermentation stacker has gradually become a convenient tool to replace labor and forklift to deliver materials, and is the mainstream product of composting development trend with important influence.

According to the characteristics of organic fertilizer dumper, the characteristics used in composting production are: when making fertilizer, the dumper needs to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio, pH and water content of raw materials, and some auxiliary materials must be added. add to. Depending on the lathe, the main raw materials and various auxiliary materials which are roughly stacked together in proportion can be evenly mixed to achieve the ideal granulating effect suitable for the granulator.

In the traditional stacker operation, the raw material particles are fully contacted and mixed with the air, and a large amount of fresh air can be cultivated in the stacker, which helps the aerobic microorganisms to produce spontaneous combustion fermentation heat and increase the stacking temperature.

When the temperature is high, adding fresh air to the reactor can reduce the temperature of the chimney. It forms the shape of high temperature exchange, and all kinds of beneficial microorganisms develop and reproduce in the appropriate temperature range.

The stacker system can process the material into small lumps, make the dense material pile loose and elastic, and form the appropriate porosity to promote the entry of oxygen.
After proper moisture fermentation, the moisture content of organic fertilizer is less than 40%. In the fermentation process, the biochemical reaction will produce new water, and the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will gradually release water as carrier.

Therefore, in the process of fertilizer production, the water content is reduced in time. In addition to the evaporation caused by heat conduction, the raw materials are shifted from the stacker to form a forced water vapor distribution.

Our new organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment includes transverse device, walking device and stacking steering device. The stacking turning device consists of two reducers fixed on the frame, which are connected to the corresponding reducers through couplings and fixed with spiral blades. The utility model has the characteristics of improving the fermentation rate, rapidly decomposing the compost, preventing the generation of peculiar smell, and shortening the fermentation time.

eIt is usually applied to: farm, fertilizer fermentation, fertilizer factory, brewery, food factory and sugar factory fermentation of raw materials in fermentation waste fermentation and sugar residue crushing.