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What Is Particle Size Screening Effect of Disc Granulation?

A very important feature of the disc organic fertilizer granulator is the ability to classify the particle size. In layman’s terms, when using a disc granulator, there is a fixed requirement for the size of the product. Because the friction coefficient of the feed powder and the smaller particles is large, the bottom silo where materials are often tumbling in the disk can rise to the highest position of the turntable before falling. The larger agglomerates are often on the surface of the bed, and the flow path is relatively short. When operating continuously, the largest agglomerate or product with the required particle size will overflow out of the disk from the surrounding baffle, while the smaller agglomerates and fine powder will remain in the disk and continue to increase the particle size until the required particle size is reached.

The screening function of disc type pelletizer is an important feature of its own, and this feature plays an important role in industrial production. In many occasions, the required products can be obtained directly through this function, without too many subsequent steps, such as sieving. If the particle size requirements of the product are very strict, then as long as the rotating comb screen discharging machine is assembled on the disc granulation drum, a more uniform particle size product can be obtained.

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bio organic composting from animal manure

The organic compost production line is a streamline production operation, which is mainly composed of a new type of organic compost granulator. Each of them is important.

Especially in the production process, the idler determines whether the production is running effectively. Traditionally, there are production lines using organic compost equipment. These characteristics add luster to people, and people generally know what kind of performance they have.

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

Bio compost production

Animal manure and other raw materials undergo fermentation and decay, and animal manure and other raw materials undergo fermentation and decay.

However, chicken manure is a good choice, bio organic compost production will be used for animal manure.

Due to different materials, the production process and structure of mixing vessels will be different. Therefore, it can be divided into steel mixing equipment, enamel glass mixing equipment and lining mixing equipment.