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Buying Poultry Manure Pellet Machines From A Reliable Supplier

When you have a poultry farm, maybe you are thinking of how to deal with the chicken manure. Do not get rid of the chicken manure. The chicken provides various trace minerals and boron. It really is, therefore, better to use chicken manure to produce fertilizers.

Once you want to turn the chicken manure into fertilizer, you may now get a poultry manure pellet machine. It can be, however, necessary to find the machine from the reputable source. If you choose the incorrect seller or manufacturer, you may lose your hard-earned money.

Continue reading to discover where you can buy poultry manure pellet machines:

Buy Straight from the company

It really is cheaper to purchase a poultry manure pellet machine for sale right from the manufacturer. The issue is selecting the best manufacturer. An excellent manufacturer sells high-quality machines and it has a long period of expertise. You can get a high-quality poultry manure pellet machine through the right manufacturer.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers are unreliable. They may have poor customer care and then sell on low-quality machines. It can be expensive to use and keep their machines. In fact, they generally do not honor their warranty. Do not choose one of these simple manufacturers.

Poultry manure fertilizer granulaator for sale

machine for making poultry manure fertilizer

Buy from a nearby Supplier

If you cannot find domestic manufacturers, you may get poultry litter granulator machine from local suppliers. The local suppliers have their machines from various overseas manufacturers. If you are already aware a reliable overseas manufacturer, you can check should they work together with suppliers inside your country. You can get their machines through the local supplier.

A neighborhood supplier can even assist you to import your chosen poultry manure pellet machine. The neighborhood supplier will pay all of the fees and taxes when importing the machine for your benefit. In case you are paying for everything by yourself, you are more inclined to spend more money to import the device. It can be cheaper to employ a supplier.

Purchase a Second-Hand Machine

It can be expensive to buy a brand granulator machine for poultry manure. If you have a poultry business, you may not have a lot of money to pay about this machine. It really is cost effective for purchase a second-hand machine. The appliance can help you save time and cash, particularly if bought the proper second-hand machine.

It can be, therefore, crucial to discover the condition of the second-hand machine before purchasing. You are able to ask the owner to tell you the service past of the machine. In the event the machine remains to be in great condition, you can use your machine to make more cash.

Organic fertilizer granulator for poultry manure

Poultry manure pellet machine for sale

Get Your Machine Online

Individuals are no more scared of buying poult litter granulators on the internet. Therefore, many companies and manufacturers sell their machines online. You can check out the websites of those companies and manufacturers to learn more about their machines.

If you are buying your machine online, compare prices and shipping costs of the different online sellers. You can actually find affordable online sellers. They can save you money. And they can deliver your machine punctually. In fact, they already have good customer care, so it is possible to contact them.


A poultry manure pellet machine can assist you turn chicken litter into fertilizers. You should use the fertilizer on your own farm. Or you can sell the fertilizer to make more cash. You, however, want to look to get a high-quality machine available on the market.

What Is Particle Size Screening Effect of Disc Granulation?

A very important feature of the disc organic fertilizer granulator is the ability to classify the particle size. In layman’s terms, when using a disc granulator, there is a fixed requirement for the size of the product. Because the friction coefficient of the feed powder and the smaller particles is large, the bottom silo where materials are often tumbling in the disk can rise to the highest position of the turntable before falling. The larger agglomerates are often on the surface of the bed, and the flow path is relatively short. When operating continuously, the largest agglomerate or product with the required particle size will overflow out of the disk from the surrounding baffle, while the smaller agglomerates and fine powder will remain in the disk and continue to increase the particle size until the required particle size is reached.

The screening function of disc type pelletizer is an important feature of its own, and this feature plays an important role in industrial production. In many occasions, the required products can be obtained directly through this function, without too many subsequent steps, such as sieving. If the particle size requirements of the product are very strict, then as long as the rotating comb screen discharging machine is assembled on the disc granulation drum, a more uniform particle size product can be obtained.

You can get more information about the disc granulator from our website. Click here for more information.


Price for chicken manure composting

The construction scale of equipment configuration of organic composting production line is generally 100000 to 100000 tons per year. Local resources, market capacity and market coverage should be considered comprehensively. The cost of organic composting plants ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The manufacturer of organic composting equipment will design the production line scheme according to the actual situation of customers, such as investigating the characteristics of raw materials, local soil conditions, planting structure, factory site conditions, automation requirements, etc.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The low configuration organic composting production line only needs fermentation equipment, pulverizer, mixer, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine. This is a basic configuration, according to the actual needs and requirements of customers to add equipment. Complete sets of equipment: fermentation equipment, grinder, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, belt conveyor and other equipment.

Technological process of organic composting of chicken manure

  • The first is fermentation and decomposition of raw materials such as livestock manure. The whole fermentation process will destroy the number of harmful bacteria inside. Killing bacteria is also a crucial step in the whole organic composting production line.
  • Secondly, organic compost crushing equipment and semi wet material crusher are used to decompose raw materials.
organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

  •  Matching raw materials is one of the most important processes in organic compost production. The main purpose is to add appropriate auxiliary materials according to a certain proportion to improve the composting quality.
  • The preparation is evenly mixed and stirred, and then sent to the composting granulator for granulation, which is also an important aspect of the whole organic composting process.
Vertical Fertilizer Material Crushing Machines

Vertical Fertilizer Material Crushing Machines

  •  After the raw material is dried to obtain high temperature energy, the next step needs low temperature cooling. Since water cannot be used for cooling, a cooler is needed to separate the contact between material and water.
  • Screening is to screen unqualified granular compost. The screening device here has the advantage of simple operation.
  • Apply qualified products to increase the brightness and roundness of particles.
  •  Finished product packaging: package the coated particles, i.e. the finished product, in a ventilated place.

bio organic composting from animal manure

The organic compost production line is a streamline production operation, which is mainly composed of a new type of organic compost granulator. Each of them is important.

Especially in the production process, the idler determines whether the production is running effectively. Traditionally, there are production lines using organic compost equipment. These characteristics add luster to people, and people generally know what kind of performance they have.

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

Bio compost production

Animal manure and other raw materials undergo fermentation and decay, and animal manure and other raw materials undergo fermentation and decay.

However, chicken manure is a good choice, bio organic compost production will be used for animal manure.

Due to different materials, the production process and structure of mixing vessels will be different. Therefore, it can be divided into steel mixing equipment, enamel glass mixing equipment and lining mixing equipment.

How to make compost from chicken litter?

The process of compost production in the production of biological compost.

(1) The mixture of strains based on microbial fermentation was prepared.

In order to produce bio organic compost, the fermentation substrate must be used as the strain. We use HM fermentation base here. In order to make more evenly contact with chicken manure, 10 kinds of beneficial microorganisms, such as nitrogen fixing bacteria, nitrogen fixing bacteria, potassium decomposing bacteria, phosphate decomposing bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, Bacillus Giganticus and Bacillus subtilis, are more evenly contacted with chicken manure, and 100g HM fermentation base material is divided into five equal parts. Every 20 grams, about 1-1.6 kg wheat bran or soybean meal and soybean meal are added to each HM fermentation base Other auxiliary materials, which are well mixed, are called plants. In this way, each bacterial mixture can ferment about 200 kg of chicken manure.

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

organic fertilizer large fermentation pot

(2) Two manufacturing methods:

The production of bio organic compost used in livestock and poultry manure can be divided into static processing and dynamic processing.

Bio compost production line

  1. static processing and manufacturing technology of bio organic compost:

Static treatment of bio organic compost is a kind of self-made bio organic compost produced by farmers in the field. The method is simple, easy to operate, and has less investment, which is suitable for small-scale professional farmers.

(1) Prepare chicken manure and accessories.

Choose an open space of about 30 square meters, flat ground, no water, and separate chicken manure from auxiliary materials.

In order to mix the mixture of strain and chicken manure evenly, we divided 1000 kg chicken manure into five equal parts. About 200 kg per serving.

Pan Granulation Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Pan Granulation Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Generally, the grain or powder wheat bran, peanut shell powder and other main auxiliary materials, such as corn straw, cotton stalk, etc., must be cut into 5-10 cm long, too long will cause inconvenient mixing. The purpose of adding auxiliary materials is to regulate the water content and carbon nitrogen ratio of chicken manure and improve the permeability of fermentation materials.

(2) Fermentation platform construction.

After chicken manure and auxiliary materials are ready, fermentation platform shall be built according to the actual situation of environment and farmers.

When establishing fermentation platform, please select places with sufficient sunshine, flat, high terrain, avoiding opening of air outlets and easy to operate. First, some parallel ventilation ditches are excavated, with the width of 30 cm, depth of 30cm and width of ditch beam of 20cm. The branches, bamboo strips, straw and so on are spread on the ditch beam to form a fermenting platform with permeable bottom, which is convenient for ventilation and oxygen supply. Because the beneficial biota in HM fermentation base belongs to aerobic strain, the fermentation products can decay better only when there is enough oxygen.

After the fermentation platform is completed, we can continue to produce the bio organic compost which is still processed.

(3) Operation steps.

Evenly spread the mixture of the strain on the prepared chicken manure and mix well. During the mixing process, the moisture content of chicken manure should be adjusted to about 60%, namely holding several chicken manure in hand, holding tightly, and paying attention to the water between fingers, but not dripping water. Release your hand and gently touch to expand it. That’s enough water. If the water content is too high, add wheat bran, corn straw and other auxiliary materials to reduce the water content in chicken manure; if the water content is too low, add fresh chicken manure or sprinkle some water. Pile the mixed chicken manure on the fermentation platform.

The other four piles of chicken manure were treated in the same way, all piled together. At this time, the height is about 1-1.2m, the length and width are 1.5-2 meters, and the composting amount is generally 1.5 cubic meters.

(4) Management of fermentation process.

In the process of fermentation, temperature control is very important. If the temperature is too low, the mature standard cannot be met; if the temperature is too low, it cannot be reached. If the temperature is too high, the nutrients of compost are easy to lose. The temperature inside compost is from outside to within 30 cm. Therefore, the metal rod of thermometer used for measuring temperature must be longer than 30 cm. When measuring, it must be inserted into compost for more than 30 cm to accurately reflect the fermentation temperature of compost.

Fermentation temperature and time requirements:

After composting, chicken manure entered the first fermentation stage. It will automatically heat to above 55 ° C for 5 to 7 days, and then kill most parasite eggs and harmful bacteria to be harmless