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Turnkey solutions on rabbit manure composting

Rabbit manure is a kind of high quality organic fertilizer. According to statistics, adult rabbits can accumulate about 100 kg a year, while 10 adult rabbits have manure equivalent to the fertilizer amount of a pig. The contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and clock in rabbit feces were higher than that of other livestock.

According to the experiment, the nitrogen content in poultry feces is about 77 times of cow manure, 3.8 times of pig manure, 3.3 times of sheep feces, 1.5 times of chicken manure, and 7.7 times of that of cow manure. The content of potassium is 4 times of cow manure, twice of pig manure, 2.7 times of sheep manure and 1.6 times of chicken manure.

Rabbit feces, urine, urea, potassium and phosphorus in the atmosphere can be used fresh, and can be absorbed and utilized by plants. However, undigested organic matter (such as protein) in feces can be absorbed and transformed into ammonium plants after fermentation. So what is rabbit manure granulator? How much is the production line of rabbit manure organic fertilizer?

The equipment needed for the production line of granular rabbit manure organic fertilizer is: turnover machine forklift feeder New Type Vertical Pulverizer drum sieve separator dynamic batching machine double axis continuous mixer organic fertilizer granulator shot blasting machine dryer cooling machine coating machine particle packing machine.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Due to different equipment configuration scheme, different production line process design and different production requirements, the capital required for rabbit manure organic fertilizer production line will also be different. The specific equipment quotation depends on the actual configuration.

However, it can be confirmed that the configuration is more scientific, more reasonable and more suitable for actual production. The cost-effective investment in equipment price will be more effective. If you want to know more about the production line of rabbit manure organic fertilizer, or you want to know and buy a complete set of production equipment. Please contact us.

Simple composting turning equipment

Organic fertilizer equipment is essential in NPK fertilizer production line. The series of fertilizer machines can use simple composting machine to ferment raw materials, which will be equipped with fermentation composting machine. Then, fertilizer crusher, fertilizer mixer and fertilizer crusher will be equipped to deal with the raw materials. We can use chain crusher and horizontal mixer to deal with organic raw materials. Next, in the production of organic fertilizer granulator, it must be equipped with fertilizer granulator in the manure fertilizer production process.

Zhengzhou SX Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with the best organic fertilizer machinery solutions and the most favorable prices. The production of organic fertilizer mainly includes organic fertilizer granulating machine, organic fertilizer mixer, drying and cooling equipment, etc. The equipment of organic fertilizer granulation mainly includes a pair of double roller granulator, drum granulator, organic fertilizer two in one granulator and fast.