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How to Set up a Chicken Dung Fertilizer Making Factory?

Small organic manure production lines can be directly established without much money. Some chicken farms can directly build small organic fertilizer production lines on their own farms. In this way, livestock manure can complete decomposition to produce organic fertilizer.

With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of food quality, the use of organic fertilizer is increasing, which has brought unprecedented opportunities to organic fertilizer production enterprises. The equipment of organic fertilizer production line makes livestock manure into organic fertilizer, which effectively realizes the recycling of waste, reduces environmental pollution and greatly saves resources.

Small scale organic fertilizer production line is designed for users who are just starting the business. Considering that some users are worried about the high price of organic fertilizer equipment due to the lack of economic capital, but the manure of their own farms has no place to deal with, which pollutes the environment and has a bad smell. Therefore, Shunxin has designed a set of small-scale chicken manure organic fertilizer production line, which has the advantages of less investment, quick return effect, and no need to worry about the sales (self use or local sales). The whole set of fertilizer production line is about 15000 dollars. The low cost investment not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also increases the income.

The equipment of small chicken manure organic fertilizer production line includes: organic fertilizer compost mahines, semi wet material crusher, disc mixer (optional for adding auxiliary materials), drum screening machine, belt conveyor (belt length depends on the site), and automatic packaging machine.

According to the above organic fertilizer production line equipment process, and the proportion of production technology formula, you can produce high-quality chicken manure organic fertilizer and obtain good economic benefits.