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How Can I Choose the most Suitable Organic Fertilizer Turning Equipment?

How Can I Choose the most Suitable Organic Fertilizer Turning Equipment?

Organic fertilizers are now playing an increasingly important role in the agricultural field, gradually replacing chemical fertilizers to provide nutrients for crop growth. In the process of producing organic fertilizers, organic fertilizer turning equipment is one of the indispensable equipment in the production line, which plays an important role in turning the materials over. Throwing treatment plays an important role in promoting the fermentation and decomposing of materials. Nowadays, the organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers on the market are mixed, and the quality is uneven, so how to choose the most suitable organic fertilizer turning equipment? Today, FPC organic fertilizer composting turner manufacturer will take you to find out.

Self Propelled Windrow Compost Turner For Sale

First, choose organic fertilizer turning equipment according to the annual organic fertilizer output. Different types of organic fertilizer turning equipment are suitable for organic fertilizer manufacturers of different scales. Therefore, before purchasing equipment, you must first understand your annual organic fertilizer output, the quantity and moisture content of raw materials, etc. Only with a full understanding of these issues, it will be easier to do when purchasing organic fertilizer compost turning equipment.

Second, it is necessary to understand the types of organic fertilizer turning equipment. Now organic fertilizer turning machines are mainly divided into trough type and self-propelled turning machines, because the trough type composting turner machine needs to be constructed manually before operation, and due to The structure of the trough dump truck is special, and the oxygen supply is not as good as that of the self-propelled dumper. Therefore, most organic fertilizer manufacturers prefer to purchase the self-propelled dumper. In fact, the trough turner also has advantages. It will save more land than the self-propelled turner. It can be installed with an organic fertilizer granulation production line to achieve continuous production.

Wheel type Compost Turner for Large Scale Composting

The self-propelled turning equipment adopts the design of four-wheel walking system, which is convenient and simple to operate. It can turn forward and backward. During the driving process, the whole vehicle rides on the pre-stacked long strip of fertilizer base, and uses the lower auger of the rack. The stirring knife flips, fluffs and moves the material, and after passing the car, it forms a new strip stack. The machine modification work needs to be carried out in open and outdoor venues that can be open-air, or in the greenhouse in the production workshop for homework. The self-propelled pile turner is economical and practical, equipped with a cab, the rear shaft adopts a universal joint shaft, and the auger transmission method adopts double chains to realize the transmission. The equipment is durable and safe.

Moving type compost turning machie

After you have a full understanding of your own annual output and the types of organic fertilizer turning equipment, you can have a clear idea and a clearer purpose when choosing organic fertilizer equipment. When purchasing, it is best to choose products from regular manufacturers and look at the reputation of the manufacturers in the industry, so that the quality of the purchased equipment and after-sales service will be more guaranteed.

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