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Organic Fertilizer Production Line Manufacturers Tell You How to Process Cow Dung

Organic Fertilizer Production Line Manufacturers Tell You How to Process Cow Dung

With the rapid development of the cattle industry, fecal pollution has become a major problem. According to relevant data, in some places, the pollution of cow dung to the environment is more than 2 times, which has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution. In fact, cow dung has many uses. In the past, it was directly fermented as the base fertilizer for crops. Now, manure can be turned into treasure and processed into organic fertilizer to obtain higher benefits. So how to process cow dung into organic fertilizer?


  1. Make 1 pack (200 grams) of cow dung compost starter with 3 kg of rice bran (straw powder, sawdust, wheat bran and rice bran are all acceptable) to make a strain mixture for later usewith compost screening machine.
  2. Sprinkle the above strain mixture evenly into 2-3 cubic meters of composted cow dung. The moisture of the whole material is kept at about 50-60%. Judging the moisture standard of the material: knead it into a ball, with watermark, no dripping, and it will disperse when you let go. , During the fermentation process, you should pay attention to shelter from the rain. If conditions permit, you can set up a canopy above the material pile, or cover it with a layer of plastic film to prevent the rain from getting wet.
  3. Be sure to turn the pile evenly and thoroughlywith the manure composting machine, and turn the low-level special materials into the middle and upper part of the pile as much as possible, so as to fully decompose. After turning the heap once, it must be turned once a week in the future, but when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, it must be turned immediately, otherwise the beneficial microorganisms and fermentation bacteria will be killed in large quantities, which is not conducive to fermentation and decomposing.

Pig Manure Compost Fertilizer Production Line

Processing cow dung into organic fertilizer can effectively reduce the pollution caused by it, and to a certain extent, it is also of great help to production. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out organic fertilizer treatment on cow dung to play a greater role.

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