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The Working Principle of Organic Fertilizer Pulverizer

The Working Principle of Organic Fertilizer Pulverizer

The organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation equipment, granulation equipment, crushing equipment, stirring equipment, screening equipment, cooling equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment, automatic packaging equipment and other technological processes.

semi wet material crusher details

The new semi-wet material crushing machine, the semi-wet material pulverizer is a professional pulverizing equipment for pulverizing high humidity and multi-fiber materials. The semi-wet material pulverizer uses high-speed rotating blades to pulverize fibers with good particle size and high efficiency. The semi-moist material pulverizer is mostly used for the pulverization of biologically fermented high-humidity materials such as bio-organic fermentation compost, urban domestic waste composting, grass peat, rural straw waste, industrial organic waste, and livestock and poultry manure.

The organic fertilizer pulverizers use the weight of the material itself to fall into the high-speed rotating chain in the crushing cavity of the vertical pulverizer through the feeding port, and throws the material to the inner wall of the cylinder with the help of the centrifugal force of the rotor of the vertical pulverizer, so it rebounds. Under the combined action of force and gravity, the crushed material rotates rapidly in the inner cavity of the vertical pulverizer.

At the same time, the material falls down, collides violently with the impact plate installed on the inner wall of the vertical mill and collides with the material, causing the material to break or produce a large number of cracks; then the material enters the primary grinding chamber of the vertical mill, and the material It falls in a spiral shape. After punching and extrusion, the cracked materials are further broken, and then the refined materials continue to migrate downward and enter the second-layer grinding area of the vertical pulverizer.

The material has undergone both impact crushing and grinding crushing. Due to the resistance generated by the inlet and outlet of the grinding area, the powder is in a closed grinding state in this area, so that the fineness of the material is below the millimeter level. When the material is discharged through the discharge port, the average particle size can reach about 1mm.

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